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Color Palette Challenge: Flint by ZiBaricon Color Palette Challenge: Flint :iconzibaricon:ZiBaricon 11 2 Drawing Fast Again by ZiBaricon Drawing Fast Again :iconzibaricon:ZiBaricon 5 1 Locke by ZiBaricon Locke :iconzibaricon:ZiBaricon 6 0 Riley Zinc by ZiBaricon Riley Zinc :iconzibaricon:ZiBaricon 8 5 It Him. by ZiBaricon It Him. :iconzibaricon:ZiBaricon 7 2 Fabulous by ZiBaricon Fabulous :iconzibaricon:ZiBaricon 6 3 Lynch Cruor by ZiBaricon Lynch Cruor :iconzibaricon:ZiBaricon 8 0 Redefining Sanity 23 by TheSkull31 Redefining Sanity 23 :icontheskull31:TheSkull31 4 0 Redefining Sanity 15 by TheSkull31 Redefining Sanity 15 :icontheskull31:TheSkull31 4 0 Redefining Sanity 33 by TheSkull31 Redefining Sanity 33 :icontheskull31:TheSkull31 3 0 Malcolm Redesign by ZiBaricon Malcolm Redesign :iconzibaricon:ZiBaricon 4 5 Dr. Kate Zinc by ZiBaricon Dr. Kate Zinc :iconzibaricon:ZiBaricon 4 0 Redefining Sanity 32 by TheSkull31 Redefining Sanity 32 :icontheskull31:TheSkull31 4 3 Redefining Sanity 38 by TheSkull31 Redefining Sanity 38 :icontheskull31:TheSkull31 3 0
Mandrake's Day Out (A.L.T. Fanfiction Redo)
The story begins with Dr. Riley Zinc, an anorexic musician and supposed scientist, tossing and turning violently in his bed while having visions of his mother and father, Elizabeth and Cyrus Zinc. The nightmare starts with a routine visit to their graves during the afternoon, followed by dark clouds rolling in above him as a storm was on the horizon.
"These two people meant everything to me," he said to himself, shedding a tear as he looks down on their graves, "And now I'll never get to see them again." Just as he was about to walk away, the thunder bellowed, stopping him temporarily in his tracks before resuming his saunter home. Seconds later, two bolts of lightning struck the tombstones of his mother and father, blowing him several yards back in the process. As Riley slowly got back to his feet, he twitched and froze in fear, especially as his mother and father, both dressed in concert attire, rose from the ground, obviously to deliver a message.
"Riley," a seemingly unchanged Eliz
:icontheskull31:TheSkull31 3 2
Redefining Sanity 39 by TheSkull31 Redefining Sanity 39 :icontheskull31:TheSkull31 3 0 Mini Lynch by ladyju-san Mini Lynch :iconladyju-san:ladyju-san 3 4 Redefining Sanity 12 by TheSkull31 Redefining Sanity 12 :icontheskull31:TheSkull31 3 0 Request:Flint Dartson by RaichuGirl2017 Request:Flint Dartson :iconraichugirl2017:RaichuGirl2017 3 2 Troy Redesign by ZiBaricon Troy Redesign :iconzibaricon:ZiBaricon 3 2 Redefining Sanity 21 by TheSkull31 Redefining Sanity 21 :icontheskull31:TheSkull31 3 0 Redefining Sanity 16 by TheSkull31 Redefining Sanity 16 :icontheskull31:TheSkull31 3 0 Redefining Sanity 18 by TheSkull31 Redefining Sanity 18 :icontheskull31:TheSkull31 3 0