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My Hero Academia - Crybabies by Uru1 My Hero Academia - Crybabies :iconuru1:Uru1 339 28
Yagi Toshinori/FemReader - Sweet Kisses
Yagi Toshinori/All Might x Female Reader. This was after the students moved into the dorms at UA, following the manga. 

Soft lips pressed themselves against his bruised skin, placing sweet kisses there multiple times without rest. Gentle hands held his sunken in cheeks, almost as though he were a precious gem to the person holding him. 
“I’m so glad you’re safe Toshi.” She spoke through kisses, not caring that the others were watching with wide eyes. Some feeling uncomfortable, others looking away in embarrassment at their public display of affection, and many finding this situation amusing. 
It was not every day that they saw the great All Might looking weak and enjoying the kisses of a pretty woman who was more than just a fan of his. “I’m fine [y/n],” he tried to tell her, not really pushing her away nor wanting her to stop. “It was just a miscalculation.” The woman stopped her kiss
:iconyamibaki:YamiBaki 172 12
Izuku Midoriya vs All Might - Alternative Ending by BlueWolfArtista Izuku Midoriya vs All Might - Alternative Ending :iconbluewolfartista:BlueWolfArtista 80 12 Allmight Halloween by Kamel21 Allmight Halloween :iconkamel21:Kamel21 83 10
Moments With You (All Might x Reader)
He met you at the Kamino Ward incident.
A gathering of top pros chosen to carry out the delicate rescue operation, you were one such hero. An underground hero, he'd only briefly heard of you before, your skills said to be on par, if not greater, than those of Eraserhead's.
He'd never really been one to pay much thought to rumors, but the moment Toshinori saw you he knew everything he'd heard was true, more or less.
You were a warrior, a huntress, in every sense of the word. From the confident set of your shoulders to your silent footsteps, everything about you screamed hero by night, the gleam of underlying power in your eye sending a shiver down his spine.
Even though he should've been calm and composed in the hours before the plan was put into motion, Toshinori couldn't help the excitement that buzzed through his veins at the thought of seeing you in action.
When everything was over, his true condition exposed to the world, you were the first to approach him. Though you were bruised
:iconlordsister:LordSister 67 36
Like old times... by Ikky-senpai Like old times... :iconikky-senpai:Ikky-senpai 84 2 AllMight (color) by Kerkikerk AllMight (color) :iconkerkikerk:Kerkikerk 96 5 Bnha Halloween by Azurphore Bnha Halloween :iconazurphore:Azurphore 301 91 All Might by MayurSingh007 All Might :iconmayursingh007:MayurSingh007 58 3 Boku no hero academia|HBD x2: -Mirio and Midoriya- by LaliChan94 Boku no hero academia|HBD x2: -Mirio and Midoriya- :iconlalichan94:LaliChan94 86 9 All Might by HoshiNoDestiny All Might :iconhoshinodestiny:HoshiNoDestiny 79 9 Toshi Ask 3 by Ilovekidbuu Toshi Ask 3 :iconilovekidbuu:Ilovekidbuu 75 9 All Might Body Study by MsRoseRed All Might Body Study :iconmsrosered:MsRoseRed 33 3 Ashido-chan by The-JR Ashido-chan :iconthe-jr:The-JR 59 20 Tender Is The Night by HoshiNoDestiny Tender Is The Night :iconhoshinodestiny:HoshiNoDestiny 100 13 Halloween Dance by HoshiNoDestiny Halloween Dance :iconhoshinodestiny:HoshiNoDestiny 82 8 I'll call you later by SceptiX I'll call you later :iconsceptix:SceptiX 45 1 Toshi by Kamel21 Toshi :iconkamel21:Kamel21 62 5 Toshi Ask 4 by Ilovekidbuu Toshi Ask 4 :iconilovekidbuu:Ilovekidbuu 63 12 All Might by BugStep All Might :iconbugstep:BugStep 23 0 Toshinori by Kerkikerk Toshinori :iconkerkikerk:Kerkikerk 80 3