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Human Transmutation Circle
The CIRCLE!! its basic layout is composed of a circle inscribed with a hexagon (which represents balance, perfection and unity) which inturn is inscribed with the triangle representing FIRE. There are nine other alchemic symbols. I would have put the actuall symbol on the picture... but it would have been rather difficult to explain exactly which element goes with whitch symbol!
The # on the Circle above corresponds with the # below:
1 bismuth
2 mercury
3 white arsenic
4 magnesium
5 gold
6 (not sure will find)
7 sal armonic
8 copper
9 platinum
[I'll be putting up a short descripiton of each element (alchemy-wise) soon]
Now on to the writing and its explanations
BLUE WRITING- this is the outer circle. the inner and middle circles are exactly the same, only they break off - it'll be marked where in the passage:
Pale white and black with false citrine  imperfect white and red. The peacock  s feather in bright colours, the rainbow in (End Inner Circle) the sky above.  The spotted pan
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Standards (Roy Mustang x Reader)
      His eyes trailed up, tracing the curvature of your legs. Silky stockings reaching under your skirt, hiding their lace edges. Your skirt was riding delicately up your thigh, leaving Roy to openly drool.
   You were oblivious to his hungry eyes, chatting away on the phone. Your provocative seat on the edge of your work desk was unintentional, a simple action to alleviate your sore high-heeled feet. Your dark lips formed unintelligible words, laughing occasionally on something said on the other end.
   Roy was, for once, desperately trying to work. A thick manilla folder of documents still needed to be checked over, and crumpled handfuls of forms swamped his in-box. He couldn't even raise his ink pen, frozen with his hand perched half-way to the paper.
   Your eyes flickered over to him, puzzled at his gaping features. You glanced down, then giving a soft giggle. You modestly adjusted your skirt to its normal length.
   "Like wh
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