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Akeno Himejima by Shinoharaa Akeno Himejima :iconshinoharaa:Shinoharaa 449 34 Throne of Lust (ID Tag) by ecchiartist Throne of Lust (ID Tag) :iconecchiartist:ecchiartist 102 14 [Stamp] Akeno Himejima by Forsakengamer [Stamp] Akeno Himejima :iconforsakengamer:Forsakengamer 91 3
Akeno x M!Werewolf Reader Ch.1
You sat your desk during the final minutes of your class, Ms. Rossweiss was a great teacher and you enjoyed her classes. Kouh Academy would be a much better school if all its teachers were as well-mannered and enthusiastic with their students like her.  
“All right everyone, I have the results of last week’s test! Since it’s already the end of the day, you can leave as soon as you get your test back. If you have any questions, please wait until I have passed them all back.” Her cheerful voice canceled any of the whining that normally bust out when a teacher announced they had finished grading the classes test.
The students who knew they did badly couldn’t even complain about her as she truly did go above and beyond to help all of you as much as she could. She held extra classes after school and passed out as many handouts as she could for anyone who needed the help. If someone did fail it was their own fault and not hers’.
“Good job (Y/n)!
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HSDxD Born Rias Gremory by Ric9Duran HSDxD Born Rias Gremory :iconric9duran:Ric9Duran 183 17 Akeno Himejima by salim202 Akeno Himejima :iconsalim202:salim202 501 25 Akeno by Galakushi Akeno :icongalakushi:Galakushi 312 6 High School DxD - HD Wallpaper pack by DrCornwallace High School DxD - HD Wallpaper pack :icondrcornwallace:DrCornwallace 195 5 Highschool DxD Cowgirls - Wild Wild West by LaDdraig Highschool DxD Cowgirls - Wild Wild West :iconladdraig:LaDdraig 266 5 Rias+Akeno (High School DxD) by Deuzlul Rias+Akeno (High School DxD) :icondeuzlul:Deuzlul 134 26 Rias and Akeno in Bunnysuit by LaDdraig Rias and Akeno in Bunnysuit :iconladdraig:LaDdraig 239 2
King of Gods: Cheater Akeno x Male Reader
Backstabber Rewrite!
(Male Reader x Cheater Akeno)
Chapter: Introduction
I took a deep breath before I looked at myself in the mirror, I was wearing my best clothes for this special occasion. I was about to propose to my girlfriend Akeno Himejima, we've been together for three years, I was nervous but also excited.
"Its OK Y,N. Your about to ask the love of your life to marry you." I told myself.
I smiled as I walked to the door and grabbed the little box on the table, I kissed it before I made my way out.
"What a beautiful day." I told myself as I walked out of the apartment.
Le Time Skip
I smelled the flowers and smiled as I paid the cashier the money for then and the chocolates, I gave him a bog thank you before I continued to walk towards the Hyodo Residence. Many of my friends asked me why does my beautiful, attractive girlfiend live with her friends in another guy's home, I was confused as well but I trusted her and knew she wouldn't do anything like that
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Happy birthday Akeno! by Arkfield Happy birthday Akeno! :iconarkfield:Arkfield 199 17 High School DxD New - HD Wallpaper pack by DrCornwallace High School DxD New - HD Wallpaper pack :icondrcornwallace:DrCornwallace 357 20 Yukata Akeno by Twrlare Yukata Akeno :icontwrlare:Twrlare 254 5 Akeno by Facu10MagShonen Akeno :iconfacu10magshonen:Facu10MagShonen 86 4 [Commission]Rias+Akeno by 3four [Commission]Rias+Akeno :icon3four:3four 244 4 Akeno Himejima (High School DxD) Minimalism by greenmapple17 Akeno Himejima (High School DxD) Minimalism :icongreenmapple17:greenmapple17 103 1 Highschool DxD - Halloween by LaDdraig Highschool DxD - Halloween :iconladdraig:LaDdraig 473 3 Akeno Himejima (High School DxD) (commission) by Deuzlul Akeno Himejima (High School DxD) (commission) :icondeuzlul:Deuzlul 72 13 Highschool DxD - Christmas(Rias and Akeno) by LaDdraig Highschool DxD - Christmas(Rias and Akeno) :iconladdraig:LaDdraig 496 2 Akeno Himejima by AlphaDeltaZeta Akeno Himejima :iconalphadeltazeta:AlphaDeltaZeta 167 16