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Naruto's summertime: Ino by yaminokuni Naruto's summertime: Ino :iconyaminokuni:yaminokuni 3,691 184 Tsunade Senju -Swimsuit- by byClassicDG Tsunade Senju -Swimsuit- :iconbyclassicdg:byClassicDG 639 16 -TDA Miku Avantgarde and Luka Successor DL- by Sushi-Kittie -TDA Miku Avantgarde and Luka Successor DL- :iconsushi-kittie:Sushi-Kittie 1,655 120 Ino Yamanaka -Swimsuit- by byClassicDG Ino Yamanaka -Swimsuit- :iconbyclassicdg:byClassicDG 606 15
Naruto OC: Character Info Template
NARUTO Shippūden character info
*Remember to remove anything in [BRACKETS]
Age:[ Remember to add an age for Pre-Shippūden AND Shippūden]
Species:[Ex. Human, Zetsu (Half Plant), Kisame (Half Shark), Etc]
Sexual Orientation:
Blood Type:
Good Trait(s):
Bad Trait(s):
Fear(s): [Try and make it unique, Google a list of fears; EX. Try not to make it something like Blood or The dark these are overused and cliche :c ]
Weakness(es): [Remember everyone has weaknesses!]
Personal Quote:
Clan Info
Clan Name:
Kekkei Genkai:[If any,Remember not every clan needs a Kekkei Genkai :3]
Status: [Is your clan fully functional,In hiding or is everyone dead? ]
Clan Appearance
[This is what members of your clan usually have, for example Hyuuga's usually seem to have paler skin,and brown or black hair, and of
:iconmonochromacy:Monochromacy 1,059 281
Matatabi and Yugito by FlamingInsanity Matatabi and Yugito :iconflaminginsanity:FlamingInsanity 2,164 101 NARUTO- Hidan by fisher903 NARUTO- Hidan :iconfisher903:fisher903 653 30 Hinata Hyuga -Swimsuit- by byClassicDG Hinata Hyuga -Swimsuit- :iconbyclassicdg:byClassicDG 685 37 Akatsuki no Yona by Evil-usagi Akatsuki no Yona :iconevil-usagi:Evil-usagi 1,363 65 Dancing Itachi by LunarMaddness Dancing Itachi :iconlunarmaddness:LunarMaddness 1,201 139 Unicorn Gundam - Delta Plus by sandrum Unicorn Gundam - Delta Plus :iconsandrum:sandrum 1,593 196 Sakura Haruno -Swimsuit- by byClassicDG Sakura Haruno -Swimsuit- :iconbyclassicdg:byClassicDG 524 34 Akatsuki Organization by Roggles Akatsuki Organization :iconroggles:Roggles 4,425 685 TobiDei: Random comic page 2 by Mikutashi TobiDei: Random comic page 2 :iconmikutashi:Mikutashi 2,511 1,113 Akatsuki - HEIGHT Chart by MusicBento Akatsuki - HEIGHT Chart :iconmusicbento:MusicBento 962 649 NARUTO- Konan by fisher903 NARUTO- Konan :iconfisher903:fisher903 818 60 Sakura Haruno -Swimsuit- by byClassicDG Sakura Haruno -Swimsuit- :iconbyclassicdg:byClassicDG 501 14 Romani Life [Esmeralda Genderbend] by SorceressDream Romani Life [Esmeralda Genderbend] :iconsorceressdream:SorceressDream 10,566 779 Akatsuki Orphan by JericaLilith Akatsuki Orphan :iconjericalilith:JericaLilith 2,532 815 Naruto UNS3 - Itachi Pack FOR XPS by MVegeta Naruto UNS3 - Itachi Pack FOR XPS :iconmvegeta:MVegeta 113 40 Itachi Uchiha Cosplay by proSetisen Itachi Uchiha Cosplay :iconprosetisen:proSetisen 777 201 NARUTO- Deidara by fisher903 NARUTO- Deidara :iconfisher903:fisher903 630 46