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Desert Outpost by giorgiobaroni Desert Outpost :icongiorgiobaroni:giorgiobaroni 572 61 MIG by AdamBurn MIG :iconadamburn:AdamBurn 734 142 The Trailer PT II by dskphotography The Trailer PT II :icondskphotography:dskphotography 233 103
Collection: Airstreams

AIRSTREAMS: It says “America”
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Airstream Heaven
The Airstream Recreational Vehicle is the iconic symbol of a certain kind of uniquely American patriotism. First presented to the public in the 1920s and 30s, these oversized trailers were instantly recognizable for their rounded (“aerodynamic”) aluminum bodies. The designer, Hawley Bowlus, had been the construction chief on Charles Lindbergh’s plane, “The Spirit of St. Louis.” Just barely
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The Long Weekend by TavenerScholar The Long Weekend :icontavenerscholar:TavenerScholar 118 2 AirStream Clearing by sanfranguy AirStream Clearing :iconsanfranguy:sanfranguy 50 27 Jessamyne Rose 17 by recipeforhaight Jessamyne Rose 17 :iconrecipeforhaight:recipeforhaight 92 5 A I R S T R E A M by SevenHeptagons A I R S T R E A M :iconsevenheptagons:SevenHeptagons 86 19 TNET1 - Our Future in the Stars by TankaaKumawani TNET1 - Our Future in the Stars :icontankaakumawani:TankaaKumawani 24 15
Degree Video :iconvincent-montreuil:Vincent-Montreuil 15 6
How To Vacation In Style by SwiftysGarage How To Vacation In Style :iconswiftysgarage:SwiftysGarage 20 7 Jessamyne Rose 13 by recipeforhaight Jessamyne Rose 13 :iconrecipeforhaight:recipeforhaight 54 7 Dan Aykroyd by carts Dan Aykroyd :iconcarts:carts 26 1 Vacation Home by justindmiller Vacation Home :iconjustindmiller:justindmiller 137 20 Treehouse by Varin-maeus Treehouse :iconvarin-maeus:Varin-maeus 41 8
Valentine's Day Drabbles
Title: The Best Blood
Pairing(s): Novabomb/Mirage
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: AU, human, slash, vampires
Notes: Takes place in my AU vampire-verse

Novabomb had a thing for blood. Or rather, Mirage’s blood.
According to the vampire, Mirage had the most delicious blood that he had ever tasted. It was somewhat flattering and somewhat creepy, to be honest. It wasn’t every day a vampire was completely in love with you and wanted to do nothing more than shower you with that love in the form of biting.
It was an intimate thing, biting on the neck. At least for vampires. It was a way of marking someone, a way of claiming them as their own. A very possessive thing, and sometimes aggressive or sometimes loving. It really all depended on the state of the vampire.
Usually when the other fed from him though, he was always gentle and always carefully. Pain always came with the bite, but Novabomb would distract him so much that by the time he bit into his soft, hot neck, Mirage would b
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airstream by dskphotography airstream :icondskphotography:dskphotography 27 43 Airstream by SwiftysGarage Airstream :iconswiftysgarage:SwiftysGarage 12 0
Love of a Giant: Chapter Two
It had been nine years since that day on the neutral ground. When he had returned home, he had taken Charlotte to their bed chamber and told her about the marriage deal. Like him, she had been mortified, but ultimately and reluctantly accepted it. They had agreed to not tell any of their children about the matter, just wanting them to live in blissful ignorance. Besides, surely whatever else Ultra Magnus and Bombrush could come up with would work.
Or so they had thought nine years ago. While opening the trade routes and the installment of new anti-hate laws had been put into place, peace was still faltering among the two kingdoms. There were still fights and still terror among the people of both kingdoms and they were almost down to the ten year mark. When Bloodshed would choose one of their daughters to be his wife if peace between the humans and giants had not been restored.
While Ultra still held out to some hope, Charlotte knew. She knew one of her precious daughters would have to
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The Little Trailer by Varin-maeus The Little Trailer :iconvarin-maeus:Varin-maeus 33 5 1935 Chrysler Airstream by JBPicsBE 1935 Chrysler Airstream :iconjbpicsbe:JBPicsBE 11 0 MTT: AirStream by grievousfan MTT: AirStream :icongrievousfan:grievousfan 26 5 AirStream by Rainbow-Teardrop AirStream :iconrainbow-teardrop:Rainbow-Teardrop 12 3 1936 Chrysler C7 Airstream Sedan II by Brooklyn47 1936 Chrysler C7 Airstream Sedan II :iconbrooklyn47:Brooklyn47 20 0