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Happy Easter by daasper Happy Easter :icondaasper:daasper 2 0 Happy Easter by daasper Happy Easter :icondaasper:daasper 2 0 Happy Easter by daasper Happy Easter :icondaasper:daasper 1 0 Off the charts by daasper Off the charts :icondaasper:daasper 0 0 ''Ruby and Yui'' by LadyAyakoTami ''Ruby and Yui'' :iconladyayakotami:LadyAyakoTami 0 0 Favorite recipe by daasper Favorite recipe :icondaasper:daasper 0 0
Fertilisant sans honneur
Fertilisant sans honneur
Être méchant, je te tuerai,
Je te brûlerai
Mais avant ça, je t'aimerai
Tu n'y comprendra rien.
De mes restants d'espoirs de fortune,
Qui te tendront la main.
Mais bien avant ça, je t'aiderai,
Tu n'y verra rien.
De mes pas te tendant l'eau de l'espérance.
De ma moelle t'offrant l'amitié,
Ma main t'indiquant le partage et la décence.
Non, tu ne verra rien,
Tu n'aimera pas le chien que je suis.
Tu te cachera dans ton ombre qui s'enfuit,
Dans ta toute Nouvelle Obsession Morale.
Être méchant,
Je te tuerai, je te brûlerai.
Être sans sentiments
Tu finira en fertilisant.
La voilà ta crédibilité,
Tes lois littéraires dignes des édits les plus débiles...
Être méchant, je t'aimerai
Tu nourriras mon éternité.
Même après m'avoir poignardé,
Je t'aimerai
Parce que tu n'a pas l'éternité,
Pour décomposer
Pour décomposer
Au fond
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Aimerai Scraps on SOOM body cosplaying as Elsa! by Arekushiia Aimerai Scraps on SOOM body cosplaying as Elsa! :iconarekushiia:Arekushiia 0 0 Glinda Breeze ver 00 by AimeraiDesigns Glinda Breeze ver 00 :iconaimeraidesigns:AimeraiDesigns 0 0
Je t'aimerai pour toujours
Hello there
I wanted to tell you
My heart was racing that night
And even though my lips were dry
I parted them and told you what
I’ve been meaning to tell you
I’m sorry though
That it took me so long
I’ve always just been afraid
Because every boy i have said
It to has always left me
In one way or another
And its exciting to think
That the words were hanging
Off your own tongue, you were
Just waiting until they fell
From mine first, and i think that,
That is nice
Hello there
My heart races when you
Lace your fingers through mine
And i cant quite get a grip on time
When you are breathing into my ear
Telling me how beautiful i am
And i am because you tell me
I’m flying with gossamer wings
And ive never felt this strong before
There’s a thrumming in my fingers
And its reverberating inside my veins
Making me jitter, making me twitch
The only way i can be still
Is when those lovely lips are touching mine
I love you for reasons that you'll
Never quite understand but l
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It's a boy! by daasper It's a boy! :icondaasper:daasper 0 0 I can feel it by daasper I can feel it :icondaasper:daasper 0 0 Moi, je t'aimerai by CelineDGD Moi, je t'aimerai :iconcelinedgd:CelineDGD 2 4 When Magic Runs Out... by suprgrl1995 When Magic Runs Out... :iconsuprgrl1995:suprgrl1995 4 0 The Carol of the Birds by daasper The Carol of the Birds :icondaasper:daasper 1 0 Spoiled rotten by daasper Spoiled rotten :icondaasper:daasper 0 0 The Good One by suprgrl1995 The Good One :iconsuprgrl1995:suprgrl1995 3 0 A good read by daasper A good read :icondaasper:daasper 1 0 It's gettin' hot in here by daasper It's gettin' hot in here :icondaasper:daasper 0 0 S'mothered by daasper S'mothered :icondaasper:daasper 1 0 Mother by daasper Mother :icondaasper:daasper 2 0 Poser by daasper Poser :icondaasper:daasper 0 0 He knows what he likes. by daasper He knows what he likes. :icondaasper:daasper 1 0 Help! by daasper Help! :icondaasper:daasper 2 0