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Cute Baby Sonic 16 by ViralJP Cute Baby Sonic 16 :iconviraljp:ViralJP 480 101 Cute Baby Sonic 14 by ViralJP Cute Baby Sonic 14 :iconviraljp:ViralJP 346 77 Cute Baby Sonic 10 by ViralJP Cute Baby Sonic 10 :iconviraljp:ViralJP 380 100 Cute Baby Sonic 15 by ViralJP Cute Baby Sonic 15 :iconviraljp:ViralJP 480 90 Discord's Revenge 6 by ViralJP Discord's Revenge 6 :iconviraljp:ViralJP 550 75 Sonic Babies by ViralJP Sonic Babies :iconviraljp:ViralJP 633 167 Cute Baby Sonic 12 by ViralJP Cute Baby Sonic 12 :iconviraljp:ViralJP 467 193 Cute Baby Sonic 18 by ViralJP Cute Baby Sonic 18 :iconviraljp:ViralJP 406 95 Cute Baby Sonic 17 by ViralJP Cute Baby Sonic 17 :iconviraljp:ViralJP 612 109 Lil' Sly 4 by ViralJP Lil' Sly 4 :iconviraljp:ViralJP 315 50 Cute Baby Sonic 7 by ViralJP Cute Baby Sonic 7 :iconviraljp:ViralJP 325 101
Degrading- an AR story
Claire Michaels is an 8th grade Reading teacher at Everwood Middle School. But Claire was secretly miserable at her job.
Claire always wanted to be a daycare worker or preschool teacher, or even a kindergarten teacher, she never really was fond of teenagers and always thought that most of them were too moody and rude. She did have some favorite 8th grade students but most of them were awful.
Claire has tried to apply for a job at a daycare or an elementary school but they all turned her down, so her last resort was to work at a middle school.
As Claire sets up her room for her first class she sighs to herself at how much she disliked her job, but she had to pay off bills and other stuff. As the bell rings two students, Terra and Emma walk into Claire's classroom. Terra and Emma were Claire's least favorite students. Those girls were always getting into trouble and disrespecting her, they were half of the reason why she hated her job. "Hey Ms. Micheals" Terra said as she took her seat n
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Lil' Sly 3 by ViralJP Lil' Sly 3 :iconviraljp:ViralJP 457 85 Discord's Revenge 10 by ViralJP Discord's Revenge 10 :iconviraljp:ViralJP 539 52 Regressive sneeze (page 2)( end) by RainbowBunny5 Regressive sneeze (page 2)( end) :iconrainbowbunny5:RainbowBunny5 20 11 Request for MikotoWolfskin by SuperFann Request for MikotoWolfskin :iconsuperfann:SuperFann 32 7 Mikoto wolfskin age regression 'Fan Art' xD by mporci Mikoto wolfskin age regression 'Fan Art' xD :iconmporci:mporci 17 1 Cute Baby Sonic 19 by ViralJP Cute Baby Sonic 19 :iconviraljp:ViralJP 427 145 Serena age regression! by KitsuneLulu Serena age regression! :iconkitsunelulu:KitsuneLulu 34 2 Discord's Revenge 5 by ViralJP Discord's Revenge 5 :iconviraljp:ViralJP 728 57 Cute Baby Sonic 9 by ViralJP Cute Baby Sonic 9 :iconviraljp:ViralJP 357 74 Black Widow AR - Part 2/6 by Ar-Kayn Black Widow AR - Part 2/6 :iconar-kayn:Ar-Kayn 69 11 Discord's Revenge 7 by ViralJP Discord's Revenge 7 :iconviraljp:ViralJP 501 45
The Deal chapter 1
My name is Jonathan, and I have a story that you wouldn’t believe!  You know how some girls can get a little out of hand sometimes?  Well, you don’t know the half of it!  What began as a simple deal for me turned into a crazy incident that I would prefer not to repeat.  It goes a little like this…
Jonathan was walking up to his new college campus, not knowing what to expect from his Freshman year.  He was walking up to the main door to see his friend from High School waiting for him.  They were both surprised to see each other and ran up to meet again.
“Mike, I didn’t know you were going here!”
“I could say the same for you, Jonathan!”
“Well how’s it going!?  What’s new?”
“Eh, nothing much.  Just the fact that we’re going to a new school now.”
“Yeah.  I hope it’s as good as our high school years were.
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[AR] Mikoto ~ Age Regression by Zensei-kun [AR] Mikoto ~ Age Regression :iconzensei-kun:Zensei-kun 52 4 Nagase Iori Age Regression by HVS-rie Nagase Iori Age Regression :iconhvs-rie:HVS-rie 29 4 REQUEST: MikotoWolfskin by ToraXD001 REQUEST: MikotoWolfskin :icontoraxd001:ToraXD001 31 20 The Indignities Of Youth Rant by EvilFrenzy The Indignities Of Youth Rant :iconevilfrenzy:EvilFrenzy 128 18 Version 2.0  Tohsaka Rin age regression by mporci Version 2.0 Tohsaka Rin age regression :iconmporci:mporci 11 10
Potty Training Therapy Part 2
Aidan woke up the next morning, filled with dread. He wiggled around, taking inventory of his new body. He was definitely a lot smaller, and he was wearing footie pajamas with sailboats on them. But he also seemed to be wearing...Oh, God, a diaper?! At least it didn't appear to have been used. He sat up and looked around his room. He was in a toddler bed with a light blue bedspread, and there was a changing table where his desk was supposed to be. His other furniture was the same, but there was a basket of toddler-appropriate books and toys beside his dresser. And where was his mommy? Mommy?! Fantastic. Most of his brain activity also seemed to be that of a toddler. Unable to stop himself, he started whimpering. He wanted his mommy and he didn't know if he should get out of his bed.
Sharon woke up when she heard Aidan whimpering through the baby monitor on her nightstand. She got up and went to get him ready for the day, eager to see what he looked like as a toddler. He was supposed to
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Lil' Sly 2 by ViralJP Lil' Sly 2 :iconviraljp:ViralJP 398 86
Shorts #2
Erza Scarlet (Donkey tf)
Erza had to admit this was a rather odd reward to get with completing a job. Erza looking over the saddle in her hand with a raised brow.  "I wonder what I can do with this." She muttered aloud while sitting in her hotel room. Looking at the item before placing it on her bed. Unequiping her armor and leaving her buff. "Now to decide what to wear home. Since armor is too damaged to be walking around like this..." She muttered before turning away from the saddle.
As she was about to head to the bathroom suddenly she yelped in surprise. Feeling something land on her back and wrap around her front. Looking down she now saw that the saddle was strapped to her. "What in the haaaaaw!!!" Erza suddenly covered her mouth as she heard a loud bray come from her lips. However as she covered her mouth the feeling of her hands started to change. Looking at them she saw they were changed into hooves- red fur rapidly crawling up her arms.
"W-whhaaaaaaahehaaaaa!" She
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Cana and Wendy AR parody (3/3) by BehindMusgo Cana and Wendy AR parody (3/3) :iconbehindmusgo:BehindMusgo 89 33 Collab: Mia age regression by BehindMusgo Collab: Mia age regression :iconbehindmusgo:BehindMusgo 36 4 Memento...Infantia? by Thirdsync Memento...Infantia? :iconthirdsync:Thirdsync 109 7 Cana and Wendy AR parody (2/3) by BehindMusgo Cana and Wendy AR parody (2/3) :iconbehindmusgo:BehindMusgo 85 3 Comic Commission Micman Part 5 by TamaeFTT Comic Commission Micman Part 5 :icontamaeftt:TamaeFTT 158 12 Cute Baby Sonic 8 by ViralJP Cute Baby Sonic 8 :iconviraljp:ViralJP 548 110 Cute Baby Sonic 6 by ViralJP Cute Baby Sonic 6 :iconviraljp:ViralJP 310 50 [Request] Mikoto's Age Regression by HannaEsser [Request] Mikoto's Age Regression :iconhannaesser:HannaEsser 16 10 Regressed In A Flash 2 (the regressoning) by EvilFrenzy Regressed In A Flash 2 (the regressoning) :iconevilfrenzy:EvilFrenzy 222 42
Roxas Diaper Nursery
Roxas investigates this weird old abandon mansion in twilight town. He discovers this door that says prototype testing room. He walks in then triggers a sensor. Then two mechanical arms come down and grabs him. "Wooo wait let me go!!" Roxas scream but they don't listen then put him on a convayor belt with no where to escape.
Then something grabs his pants from behind then rips them clean off leaving him with his underwear and shirt on. Then he sees the sorce seeing machincal glove arms pulling at his shirt and underwear ripping them off. He was fully exposed and naked trying to cover himself, humilated.
"Ugh could this get any worse". He then sees a conveyor belt ending then flying down fast but hits a nice cushion ground. He looks up and sees something flying over him and then gets up and sees that there are bars for no way to escape. He then sees a door and it read "Automatic Nursery" then he realise that he was in a giant crib then yells for help.
A girl runs through the door and th
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Boy into Serval by tetokasane-04 Boy into Serval :icontetokasane-04:tetokasane-04 129 28
Erika's New Perfume Part 1
Erika's New Perfume
By Lance
The high-pitched bell of Strington Junior High began it's final ring of the day and the students began to file out toward the various exits. Among these students was the eleven-year-old sixth-grade-student Erika Swanson. She was a little on the skinny side with short black hair.
Erika had been homeschooled all thoughout grade-school, and had only just entered into the local public middle school. Her mother had explained that things would be hard to get used to at first. She was right, of course. Things were strange in school. She had no friends that went to Strington Junior, so she was always sitting alone. And the other girls kept bothering her. Bothering her about what music she listened to, how she dressed, about what boys she liked, how.... small.... she was.
As she turned down the street to walk home, she began to think about how annoying it was. About how they all just wouldn't stop bothering them. She passed an alley between a Barnes and Nobles and a
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Sitter Sitting Part 1
"A babysitter?!"
Mrs. Berbrin sighed, putting on her earrings in the mirror. Friday night in mild weather, she and her husband were going to go out to dinner and a show. Of course, they had to break this news to their son.
"That's right, a babysitter. Nine's way too young to be spending a night alone."
The nine-year-old in question, Kevin Berbrin, held both his arms out, as though asking his mom to look at him, "C'mon! I'm in the fourth grade now! You probably let Geoff stay by himself when he was my age!"
"Actually, we kept him with a babysitter until he was twelve," claimed the boy's mother, sitting on the bed and slipping on her high heeled shoes. "When you're that age, maybe we'll talk."
"Twelve?!" Kevin's prepubescent voice reached a heightened pitch from the anger of the injustice of it all, "You're gonna give me a sitter 'til I'm twelve?"
"If you keep acting like this whenever we go out, I might do it even longer," she added, quite annoyed by this point. Once her shoes were on,
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Erza's Baby Tales 01
It was rather jarring to say the least for Erza upon waking from her sumber. Having grown used to her usual routine of waking in her room to awaken at such a sight was somewhat confusing. Having woken not to the sight of her usual room but instead to that of bars. Said bars reaching high above her and seemingly keeping her captive. At first she believed to have somehow been imprisoned during her slumber. Yet taking a closer look she could see it was nothing like a prison. Just various bars all around her with an opening up top. Erza looking around a bit as she sat up.
'Where... What is going on?' She thought to herself while sitting. The red head about to speak before noticing another odd thing. Having not taken note before the mage found herself sucking on her thumb. Cheeks turning a light shade of red as she spat it out- looking at it before her eyes grew wide.
"W-wat...?!" Erza mumbled to herself while looking at said hand. The once much larger and slender hand was instead tiny and
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Five Nights at Daycare: Night 5
    I woke up this morning in a ton of discomfort. No, I wasn't wet, but I was hot. Very hot. I felt like I was on fire! I couldn't stop tossing around and whimpering a lot. I heard the door open and someone rushed in.
    "It's okay Novie, Daddy's here." I knew right then it was Freddy. I felt him lift me from the crib and cradle me in his arms. "This isn't good, you're burning up!" Judging by the rate of his steps, he was running. The next conversation went by really quickly and I was disoriented, so I can't remember who said what...
    "Guys I need your help!"
    "What's wrong?"
    "Novie is burning up! I think she's sick!"
    "What?! What do we do to help her?"
    "I don't know, maybe it's just a 24-hour bug?"
    "Holy sh- Novie just shrunk in your arms!"
    "How is that possible? I didn't regress her again!"
    "I didn't either, and the rest of us didn't."
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Sakura's Age Regression by AR-Oasis Sakura's Age Regression :iconar-oasis:AR-Oasis 118 0