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AR2 - Backfire by SymbianL AR2 - Backfire :iconsymbianl:SymbianL 197 26
Shorts #2
Erza Scarlet (Donkey tf)
Erza had to admit this was a rather odd reward to get with completing a job. Erza looking over the saddle in her hand with a raised brow.  "I wonder what I can do with this." She muttered aloud while sitting in her hotel room. Looking at the item before placing it on her bed. Unequiping her armor and leaving her buff. "Now to decide what to wear home. Since armor is too damaged to be walking around like this..." She muttered before turning away from the saddle.
As she was about to head to the bathroom suddenly she yelped in surprise. Feeling something land on her back and wrap around her front. Looking down she now saw that the saddle was strapped to her. "What in the haaaaaw!!!" Erza suddenly covered her mouth as she heard a loud bray come from her lips. However as she covered her mouth the feeling of her hands started to change. Looking at them she saw they were changed into hooves- red fur rapidly crawling up her arms.
"W-whhaaaaaaahehaaaaa!" She
:iconsoul-of-platinum:Soul-of-Platinum 63 13
Rq Eclair from dog days by sephiroth72603 Rq Eclair from dog days :iconsephiroth72603:sephiroth72603 50 12 Princess Peach Regression by DKTF Princess Peach Regression :icondktf:DKTF 97 16 Frozen: Elsa's Age Power (Again) by DKTF Frozen: Elsa's Age Power (Again) :icondktf:DKTF 97 21
Regressive Kick
Chie was known to many for her tough attitude and skills. The young woman fighting day after day alongside her allies and growing stronger with each battle. Her Persona growing in power with each confrontation; each fight growing easier and easier. Until they easily swept through Shadows as if they were nothing. Hence the present state in which Chie was in.
The short haired girl was presently within the other world; having come by herself to get some private training in peace. Her Persona as usual was sweeping through Shadows as if they were nothing at all. "Man this has gotten way too easy lately. Wonder why Yu thinks we even need to grind anymore."  Chie reasoned aloud as her Persona crushed one last Shadow.
She smiled at her success before turning to return home. Only for her to hear something approach from behind. The woman turned quickly, Persona set out upon seeing a strange sight. Before her was a new Shadow, however this one was in the shape of a woman. She was well detail
:iconsoul-of-platinum:Soul-of-Platinum 55 6
A silver sedan pulled into the parking lot of half-price village, the local thrift shop. A shorter woman stepped out of the car, putting out a cigarette as she walked towards the entrance. The woman was Brandi Fisher, one of the managers of the store. She was short, had shoulder length wavy auburn hair, and looked like the type of girl most boys couldnt resist. Brandi sighed as she walked inside, feeling a bit annoyed. Today was her 27th birthday, but she had to spend it working. It was all worth it though. She could tell that she was close to a lucrative promotion, and even though she wished she could be somewhere else today, the thought of a promotion was too much to pass up.
The inside of the store was a mess, clothes all down the aisles, abandoned carts scattered around. "Oh great. This will be fun to clean up. Stupid customers..." Brandi grumbled as she made her way to the break room. She came around the corner and was face to face with the other manager Derek, a much younger mana
:icondktf:DKTF 37 13
Catgirl Princess TF TG AR (Request)
Theo was at home by himself looking at some anime online. He has been obsessed with catgirls ever since he got into anime. One day, Theo found a mysterious crown at his door with a red pillow under it. "I wonder who put this at my door," said Theo. He picked up the pillow and crown and took them to his room.
The crown had the face of a cat on the front. "Somebody must have knew that I really like cats," said Theo. He took the crown from the pillow and placed the crown on his head. "It fits me purrfectly," said Theo. "Now i'm even better at making puns for some reason." The top of Theo's head felt odd his hair grew longer, covering his ears and a pair of cat ears emerged from the top of his head. He started to shrink and after the shrinking ended, his voice became higher. "Okay, why did I just shrink?" asked Theo in his new voice.
His privates changed to that of a female and his eyes became bigger and more anime-like, enhancing his vision. A bump formed on Theo's bottom and it grew, rip
:iconanimegamer30:AnimeGamer30 18 1
Frozen: Elsa's Age Power by DKTF Frozen: Elsa's Age Power :icondktf:DKTF 68 8 Wonder Tot and Crybaby by Ar-Kayn Wonder Tot and Crybaby :iconar-kayn:Ar-Kayn 209 10 Practice Sketch Car Regression by DKTF Practice Sketch Car Regression :icondktf:DKTF 22 5 Abby the 3rd Grade Witch by DKTF Abby the 3rd Grade Witch :icondktf:DKTF 133 24 Alices Adventures Into Babyhood Part 3 by DKTF Alices Adventures Into Babyhood Part 3 :icondktf:DKTF 57 12 Lilo Nani Age Swap by DKTF Lilo Nani Age Swap :icondktf:DKTF 108 12
Shorts 11

(Fire Emblem Awakening Dancer TF)

It was all gone. Any thoughts of rebellion or mistrust had faded from their minds. The two women standing there as ordered by the one they called Mistress. Neither disobeying a single word as their beloved teacher spoke to them with such a soft tone.
"There we are. Now you two are perfect dancers. Don't worry, Robin and the others won't notice the difference. The spell made sure of that~" Olivia stated with a soft smile. The pink haired dancer looking at her two 'students' as they stood there with those same smiles on their faces.
For where a duo of warriors should have stood was instead something quite different. Both Sully and her daughter from the future Kjelle were no longer their usual selves. Instead of battle-hardened warriors were a pair of dancers.
Both of them had been enhanced physically in a sense. Their hardened muscles having faded into soft flesh- replaced instead with rather volumpteous curves on the hips, breasts and so on. The
:iconsoul-of-platinum:Soul-of-Platinum 27 1
Brother Regression by DKTF Brother Regression :icondktf:DKTF 55 4
A Few Sizes Too Big Text Version
Sarah was ecstatic. With all the money she made at work in her bonus, she finally had enough to go on the shopping trip she had been waiting for. She was a 20 year old woman with sandy blonde hair, working two jobs to pay for college. Her wardrobe was becoming worn out and bland, considering that she'd been wearing the same clothes that she had when she was still a senior in high school almost 3 years ago. Her roommate Lauren was the main reason for spending her bonus on some new outfits though, with her constant complaining when Sarah borrowed her clothes. "Lauren is such a bitch." Sarah thought to herself as she walked into the store. The place was mostly empty, mostly because it was almost 10 PM and Sarah had to wait until she got off work to come here. With fashionable clothes as far as the eye could see, she pulled a dark grey summer-dress off of a hanger. "I love it!" She thought. She didnt want to buy something that didnt fit though, so she made her way to the fitting rooms she
:icondktf:DKTF 31 4
Madeline Cruz Turned Into A Little Girl by Ar-Kayn Madeline Cruz Turned Into A Little Girl :iconar-kayn:Ar-Kayn 115 6
The Pool Party (formatted version)
The sun was shining bright and the sounds of splashing and kids laughter filled the air. Derek stood up and moved into the shade so he could see the screen of his cell phone better. Derek was 18, had just graduated high school, and was trapped at a party his family was having at his relatives pool.
Most of the adults were sat on picnic tables that were set up in the backyard while the children of his parents friends were playing in the pool. Derek sighed, it was still too bright out to use his phone. He stood up and traversed his way inside the house. Inside was perfect; it was quiet, the temperature was nice, and he was alone.
He kicked back on the couch as he continued to play on his phone. Suddenly, the screen door opened up and Isabella, the 9 year old daughter of his moms friend walked in. She had neglected to dry herself off from the pool, leaving the carpet soaked as she walked in.
"You should really dry off before you come inside." Derek said.
"Why aren’t you swimming wit
:icondktf:DKTF 59 12
Princess Jasmine AR by DKTF Princess Jasmine AR :icondktf:DKTF 117 13 Kate Upton AR by Ar-Kayn Kate Upton AR :iconar-kayn:Ar-Kayn 160 11 Black Canary Regressed and Diapered by Ar-Kayn Black Canary Regressed and Diapered :iconar-kayn:Ar-Kayn 143 12 Regression of Circe by Ar-Kayn Regression of Circe :iconar-kayn:Ar-Kayn 201 13 American Dad: 1600 Candles Revenge Part 1 by DKTF American Dad: 1600 Candles Revenge Part 1 :icondktf:DKTF 22 1 Machine Regression Aftermath Practice by DKTF Machine Regression Aftermath Practice :icondktf:DKTF 38 6 They're pull-ups! Not diapers! by Ar-Kayn They're pull-ups! Not diapers! :iconar-kayn:Ar-Kayn 572 35 Mother Falls Into Her Baby's Crib by Ar-Kayn Mother Falls Into Her Baby's Crib :iconar-kayn:Ar-Kayn 244 28 League of Legends - Ahri AR (Collab) by Ar-Kayn League of Legends - Ahri AR (Collab) :iconar-kayn:Ar-Kayn 407 23 TG - AG: BattyBuddy by HorsuhAnon TG - AG: BattyBuddy :iconhorsuhanon:HorsuhAnon 103 21 Moana finds the fountain of youth by DKTF Moana finds the fountain of youth :icondktf:DKTF 55 7
Pool of Youth story version
Steph smiled as she stepped out of the pool changing room, and walked into the open air and warm sun.  A warm breeze moved the leaves in the nearby trees, and light shimmered off the walls from the rippling of the blue pool water.  Her orange bikini with yellow trim was form fitting, and although complete revealed most of her body, as well as her rose tattoo on her arm.  It felt good to be wearing so little after the winter had been so cold, and Steph was enjoying it.  Behind her both of her sisters followed along, eager to jump into the pool.  Catherine was fifteen with dark hair up in a bun atop her head, and in a blue bikini that their mother found just a bit too revealing.  She was more reserved than her sisters, and followed quietly, smiling broadly to herself at the sight of the pool.  Behind her Becky, thirteen years old, stomped along loudly in her flip flops.  She wore a strawberry pink two piece swimsuit, and though only thirteen she wa
:icondktf:DKTF 47 9
Zelda- Quest For the Ocarina by Lance-the-young Zelda- Quest For the Ocarina :iconlance-the-young:Lance-the-young 131 5 Alices Adventures Into Babyhood Part 1 by DKTF Alices Adventures Into Babyhood Part 1 :icondktf:DKTF 49 6 Phone Trouble by DKTF Phone Trouble :icondktf:DKTF 102 16
The Christmas Wish 4
A lonely man receives a special gift from a young boy. An age regression story. 6 min read.
“Is that everything?” Daniel asked the women with the butterfly glasses as he hauled the duffel bag into his trunk. “Yes, and good luck!” she waved half-heartedly as he drove off. Turning on the stereo, he endured the droning of an allegedly eminent psychologist about childhood sleep disorders for as long as he could before ejecting the CD and pushing the radio dial. A cheery voice came on over a backdrop of discordant carols, urgently extolling the virtues of the latest Christmas diversions. Wincing, he popped in another CD and tried to concentrate as a soothing matronly voice patiently explained the Eight Secrets to Successful Parenting. When he finally pulled up at the martial arts academy, Tommy was waiting impatiently at the door. “You said you had a surprise for me today?”
They turned off the highway into a tree-lined suburb with
:iconarstories:ARstories 12 10
RT girls ARed by DKTF RT girls ARed :icondktf:DKTF 40 5 League of Legends - Regressed Ahri by Ar-Kayn League of Legends - Regressed Ahri :iconar-kayn:Ar-Kayn 126 5 Samus Aran AR Part 2 by DKTF Samus Aran AR Part 2 :icondktf:DKTF 35 7 Nano's new body by DKTF Nano's new body :icondktf:DKTF 67 8 Misty AR AP by DKTF Misty AR AP :icondktf:DKTF 168 45 Alices Adventures Into Babyhood Part 2 by DKTF Alices Adventures Into Babyhood Part 2 :icondktf:DKTF 52 4 LoL - Little Miss Fortune 2 by Ar-Kayn LoL - Little Miss Fortune 2 :iconar-kayn:Ar-Kayn 148 4 Shower Aftermath by DKTF Shower Aftermath :icondktf:DKTF 41 6
Street Babes
The streets of Japan were rather loud with the sounds of battle. Though many had evacuated the area three remained as they were locked in combat. The sounds of maniacal laughter ringing out alongside the sounds of crunching wood.
"Hold still you cowards!" A dark haired woman yelled through her laughter, leg easily crushing a small stand. The woman taking time to jump up and kick at the two fighting her once more. 
"Cammy we almost have her!" A woman with her hair tied up into buns and dressed in a blue outfit of sorts stated as she dodged another kick. The woman  turning to her friend, a blonde woman dressed up in a tight green leotard and wearing a red hat.
"I got that Chun! Seriously forget the chit chat and knock the bullock out!" Cammy cried out as she repelled another kick from the woman. "Juri you are going away for a long time!!" Chun Li cried as she ran towards their opponent, the dark haired woman's eye glowing and forcing an explosion that sent both Cammi and Chun-L
:iconsoul-of-platinum:Soul-of-Platinum 39 5
Too Much Youth Serum by DKTF Too Much Youth Serum :icondktf:DKTF 29 6 Older Brother TG AR by DKTF Older Brother TG AR :icondktf:DKTF 88 3 Zapped Regression by DKTF Zapped Regression :icondktf:DKTF 44 4
The Christmas Wish 2
A lonely man receives a special gift from a young boy. An age regression story. 2 min read.
Screeching his car to a halt, Daniel leapt out onto the pavement, cursing under his breath. The air was heavy and metallic from the evening’s drizzle as it steamed off the asphalt. He had accidently left his gym bag and apartment keys behind in the martial arts academy, and had been forced to wade thru a mile-long traffic jam to get back. Storming inside, he nearly missed the desultory small figure hugging his knees by the entrance.
“Tommy! It’s 8:30pm! What are you still doing here?”
“My pick-up didn’t come.” He looked utterly miserable.
“Do you want to borrow my phone to call your parents?”
“No, I already called. It’s okay, Master Feng will send me back later. She’s done it before.”
“But Master Feng gives private lessons until 10:30pm!” Daniel stared at the boy incredulously.
:iconarstories:ARstories 15 3
RQ bad wish by sephiroth72603 RQ bad wish :iconsephiroth72603:sephiroth72603 132 28