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Divine Children
To his people, water was life. It allowed on to live, to work, to cook. It brought ships loaded with cargo into the ports. If prepared properly, water could even be used to cure illnesses. All of this prosperity was due to one thing: The Sea Goddess, Maji Joka. Impossibly large, she commanded the seas in a just, yet firm rule. All followed her as a result of fear, respect, or worship. Her scales could slice stone and metal. Entire ships were as morsels between her massive teeth. Despite her size, her speed was analogous to a lightning flash. By her very will the seas stopped and stirred, the life within thriving and dying.
Then there were her children. Chombo Wazi, the “he” in question, had been living in the port town of Warije Tasa for all is life, yet never grew out of his amazement for the “Divine Children” as they were called. Of humanoid stature, with variety in build, they nonetheless resembled their mother; smooth stomachs and fronts, scales like miniatu
:icontuume:Tuume 5 0
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