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Voices In Heaven by NostalgicChills Voices In Heaven :iconnostalgicchills:NostalgicChills 1,709 245 Voices In Heaven 3 by NostalgicChills Voices In Heaven 3 :iconnostalgicchills:NostalgicChills 888 91 Voices In Heaven 2 by NostalgicChills Voices In Heaven 2 :iconnostalgicchills:NostalgicChills 806 90 Ver-brawl abuse pt.2 by Inyuo Ver-brawl abuse pt.2 :iconinyuo:Inyuo 2,503 423 Golden Globes: Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone by daekazu Golden Globes: Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone :icondaekazu:daekazu 1,043 25
daze [full version] English Singable Lyrics
Concrete melting in the sun
As the heat rises up like the dreams we can't stop seeing
We traced templates everyday
While around us the storm rages on
Our high tempo attendance
While the future is dismal we hold onto flaws
Now our final day has come
But we all start to cry even so
Come on, close your scarlet eyes
We're all lost together
There's no other way to go
If the future's normal maybe we
Could place our hopes in this one?
Now, go and clap your hands
Circle round the zeroes
And today, the things we don't understand
They'll all be gone
But hey are you still
Lost in the haze?
Let's play
We'll scream and shout until we're heard
Let's save
And struggle 'til we've got it good
'Til the day where I can grab your hand
I will not forget the warmth we shared
Let's daze
The hearts we know we won't erase
Let's change
Don't cry without a friendly face
If you're lonely too
We'll begin anew
And all the things I want to say I'll say to you
Your encore, it echoed out
Round and round, what a sound!
:iconx-happilyinsane-x:x-happilyinsane-x 61 14
Voice Actors by GodsSonicGirl Voice Actors :icongodssonicgirl:GodsSonicGirl 401 381 Crossover ver. Haze boys by Daenarys Crossover ver. Haze boys :icondaenarys:Daenarys 3,086 118 Robert De Niro Ballpoint Art by Rafik Emil H by rafikemil Robert De Niro Ballpoint Art by Rafik Emil H :iconrafikemil:rafikemil 2,257 585 Lost caricatures WIP by Yohan-2014 Lost caricatures WIP :iconyohan-2014:Yohan-2014 1,055 221 Anime Folder Icon [ Kagerou Days Pack ] by Aven-23 Anime Folder Icon [ Kagerou Days Pack ] :iconaven-23:Aven-23 1,590 92 Johnlock - You are back! by RedPassion Johnlock - You are back! :iconredpassion:RedPassion 996 289 kagepro : my theory of happiness by parrareru kagepro : my theory of happiness :iconparrareru:parrareru 1,334 78 KagePro: Konoha Shimeji [UPDATE mac ver.] by niaro KagePro: Konoha Shimeji [UPDATE mac ver.] :iconniaro:niaro 658 55 Mekaku City Actors by Incross Mekaku City Actors :iconincross:Incross 2,768 205 -Mekakucity Actors- by Rumi-Kuu -Mekakucity Actors- :iconrumi-kuu:Rumi-Kuu 897 57 Emofuri Ene by Keichan411 Emofuri Ene :iconkeichan411:Keichan411 579 34 Miraculous - I know you ... by cylonka Miraculous - I know you ... :iconcylonka:cylonka 628 59 Men's Faces by JoniGodoy Men's Faces :iconjonigodoy:JoniGodoy 794 116 Pulp Fiction by Rembrush Pulp Fiction :iconrembrush:Rembrush 659 78 Mischief and past by wickedalucard Mischief and past :iconwickedalucard:wickedalucard 1,871 40 tumblr dump 24 by mintlark tumblr dump 24 :iconmintlark:mintlark 541 34 Twilight's Moose-take by SilverSlinger Twilight's Moose-take :iconsilverslinger:SilverSlinger 964 285 Jude Law by DeniseEsposito Jude Law :icondeniseesposito:DeniseEsposito 888 373 The Big Board :updated: by egotisticaltwit The Big Board :updated: :iconegotisticaltwit:egotisticaltwit 293 188 Companion by Geinen Companion :icongeinen:Geinen 2,246 508 IA vocaloid by arpegius1997 IA vocaloid :iconarpegius1997:arpegius1997 1,143 187 kagepro : are you really the hero? by parrareru kagepro : are you really the hero? :iconparrareru:parrareru 1,313 46 Need a Drink Sugar? by Its-Raining-Neon Need a Drink Sugar? :iconits-raining-neon:Its-Raining-Neon 232 15
Titan Talk: The Sequel [Modern!Actors!LeviXReader]
Obviously this is not the first, hence The Sequel being in the title. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, read Titan Talk before reading this! It will give you a better sense of things mentioned and little inside things! I hope everyone enjoys this as much as they did Titan Talk!
    “Welcome AOT fans across the many lands! Thank you for joining us for the midseason finale of Attack on Titan! I am your host, Marco Bott, and you are now watching Titan Talk!” The crowd erupted into obnoxious cheers. I stopped just behind the curtains to bend forward, hands on knees, and catch my breath.
    Much like the hit show The Walking Dead, which had it’s talk show The Talking Dead, Attack on Titan had become popular enough to warrant its own talk show. Titan Talk came on after every new episode of Attack on Titan premiered. Actors and writers would come onto the show to discuss the night’s episode and the show would even preview the next episode, season, or
:iconhalice042:Halice042 252 28
Mekaku Chibi Actors by Ani-12 Mekaku Chibi Actors :iconani-12:Ani-12 526 129 New Yami wig preview and meeting the YGO cast by Malindachan New Yami wig preview and meeting the YGO cast :iconmalindachan:Malindachan 421 70 Mekaku City Actors Wallpaper by tammypain Mekaku City Actors Wallpaper :icontammypain:tammypain 350 27
What Gravity Falls Has Taught Me.
What Gravity Falls Has Taught Me
Dipper showed me the mysteries to be solved.
He proved that the town was actually quite spooky.
There's always a creepy place or two to explore.
It's just my inner Dipper wanting to emerge.
Although he's an adorable 12-almost-13-year old,
The things he can do with determination and intelligence!
Survive the end, save his sibling and the town,
So what's to stop me from doing the same?
Mabel demonstrated that a little silliness and glitter,
Can be good, just like both serious and fun.
As long as one doesn't get carried away
And keeps a good balance of all of their traits.
An epic Summer romance was all she wished for,
And many crushes she has gone through since that point.
But that is no longer her number one goal.
The most important man in her life is now her bro-bro.
Stanley started off showing that people keep secrets.
You should watch for those people and not trust them.
He then went on to show that secret keepers know a lot,
And sometimes it might be
:icondeviantgirl2014:DeviantGirl2014 51 26
ShinAya by nemurou ShinAya :iconnemurou:nemurou 1,399 61 Marry by Memipong Marry :iconmemipong:Memipong 1,623 48
Mekakucity Actors Overall Review

Now that the show is over, its time for my final overall review of the series.
I'll start with the animation. At first the animation and the art style looked a little off to me, but eventually it grew on me. Its a bit too similar to Momogatari though (I didnt realize this before because I had not seen any footage from that show at the time, but now that I have I can see the resemblance). One thing that slightly bothered me was all the posing. For characters like Momo, the posing fits, but when you have characters like Kido and Ayano posing, its kind of out of character. And some of those head tilts were out of place sometimes. 

Backgrounds are visually appealing, and trippy at the same time. In some instances this is good, such as with the surreal neverending world, but other times its kind of odd and somewhat out of place, such as Shintaro's room and the underground lab. 
:icondr-j33:Dr-J33 38 18
Heavy Rain. Ethan and Jayden by max-safehaven Heavy Rain. Ethan and Jayden :iconmax-safehaven:max-safehaven 187 24 .:: Mekakucity Actors + Speed Paint::. by bun-mi .:: Mekakucity Actors + Speed Paint::. :iconbun-mi:bun-mi 589 66 tumblr dump 25 by mintlark tumblr dump 25 :iconmintlark:mintlark 377 13 Code Lyoko Evolution: Odd Real World Outfit by FireLordWael Code Lyoko Evolution: Odd Real World Outfit :iconfirelordwael:FireLordWael 281 55 Gustavo Fring - Breaking Bad by Chrisbakerart Gustavo Fring - Breaking Bad :iconchrisbakerart:Chrisbakerart 554 182 Doctor Who: Am I a Good Man? by jempavia Doctor Who: Am I a Good Man? :iconjempavia:jempavia 367 68 Zhang Ziyi by ChrisWoottonArt Zhang Ziyi :iconchriswoottonart:ChrisWoottonArt 306 107 Code Lyoko Evolution: Jeremie Real World Outfit by FireLordWael Code Lyoko Evolution: Jeremie Real World Outfit :iconfirelordwael:FireLordWael 199 45 Gary by nami64 Gary :iconnami64:nami64 503 134 Voice Actor Meme by punkette180 Voice Actor Meme :iconpunkette180:punkette180 208 135
daze [Mekakucity Actors] TV ver- TransLyrics
Hazing this old concrete
Wavering like it did inside of my dreams
Tracing on this old template,
A routine unknowingly set
High tempo is now flashing,
This stupid, pointless future before me
“The final story is nigh”,
You can't say it so you cry
Come on now, close your eyes
Losing your way, which way home is right?
The secrets for this future I need,
Now all seem way too boring
Sounding all our hands,
Around the zero we stand.
Today I'll collect my empty self,
And now it shall start,
Once again are you loosing yourself?
Let’s “play”
Shouting for that far off day
Let’s “save”
And then they’re taken all away
When I firmly grasp that hand of yours,
I want to know this gentle warmth.
Let’s “daze”
Lost inside the lonely haze
Let’s “change”
You won’t cry amongst the pain
You won't be "lonely", it can all be changed
Use your strength to draw, it can all be rearranged
:iconn-trace:n-trace 33 11
Charles Martinet by Elusive-Angel Charles Martinet :iconelusive-angel:Elusive-Angel 484 66