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Audacious Accomplishment ideas - Clarice 1 by Zephyri Audacious Accomplishment ideas - Clarice 1 :iconzephyri:Zephyri 1,029 82
Spiced Paperbacks- Markiplier X Reader
Spiced Paperbacks
Mark X Reader
   The crisp dusty scent of autumn cascaded down my back as another sorority group paraded into the book shop, joking and jabbing each other as they went straight to the coffee shop in the corner.
  I shook my head at them, enjoying their excitement for fall before turning another page. My novel was getting to the good part, where the smoking hot park ranger slowly made advances upon the tomboy he saved from a flash flood. I was just barely aware of my surroundings now, enthralled by the story developing in my hands on sand colored pages. The image of his storm colored eyes glowing in the firelight as she gently rested against his shoulder, lips opened slightly, as if inviting him to-
  Once again, another wash of cool air wisped against my thighs. This time, it was a loner, one with a confident grin on his face as he started off like the others: towards the caffeine. His stride was that of an alpha wolf, tendons working like a well o
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Accomplishment by SanderJansen Accomplishment :iconsanderjansen:SanderJansen 289 250 Mixie Has a Dream She Wants to Share With You by NasikaSakura Mixie Has a Dream She Wants to Share With You :iconnasikasakura:NasikaSakura 124 7 I Dare You by AmericanDreaming I Dare You :iconamericandreaming:AmericanDreaming 12 5
Spirits in the Shell - DEATH BATTLE!

Arachnid: Alright, the combatants are set let's end this debate once and for all!
Scorpio: Ladies and Gentlemen, it's LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION for a DEATH BATTLE!
Arachnid: Let's get right in
The CORE, Underground

The Underground, a world beneath ours holding a vast variety of beings and entities alike whom have lived in harmony for generations to come. However even as the lights shine their brightest its always been foreshadowed that this seemingly peaceful realm must meet its challenger one day.
Inside a machine built to rival the power to that of the sun lied our true and bound heroes ascending to the very top, from room to room a plumber in a red cap was a hop, skip and away as he pounced from area to area before he heard a loud, growling voice behind him "Hey Baldy, wait up will 'ya?" snorted a rather bulked reptile donning spiked bracelets and a proud tuft of hair alongside trying to catch up with his companion.
Not too far behind
:iconarachnid-le-spider:Arachnid-le-Spider 30 11
I HAVE ACCOMPLISHED CG BG's by Timotei-Chan I HAVE ACCOMPLISHED CG BG's :icontimotei-chan:Timotei-Chan 65 33 Seikou - Success by KisaragiChiyo Seikou - Success :iconkisaragichiyo:KisaragiChiyo 49 8 Verify! [Geometry Dash 2.11] by ItzCroness Verify! [Geometry Dash 2.11] :iconitzcroness:ItzCroness 20 10 Happy Birthday Little Miss Yami by NasikaSakura Happy Birthday Little Miss Yami :iconnasikasakura:NasikaSakura 61 20 Grin~ by GriffinPhillis Grin~ :icongriffinphillis:GriffinPhillis 116 137 Jouju 2 - Achievement by KisaragiChiyo Jouju 2 - Achievement :iconkisaragichiyo:KisaragiChiyo 37 6 Asexual Meme by catqueen5 Asexual Meme :iconcatqueen5:catqueen5 25 18 Now, Not Later by AmericanDreaming Now, Not Later :iconamericandreaming:AmericanDreaming 54 13 Jump by FantasyStock Jump :iconfantasystock:FantasyStock 14 0 Crayon Park by DemonOfThorns Crayon Park :icondemonofthorns:DemonOfThorns 17 7
The Bear Fact
       People have their reasons for not wanting to engage in given activities.  Disregarding any moral questions about the activity, I disdain being a hunter for other reasons.  Such reasons include:  the contemptible hours that are spent scouting out a viable position, the spending of time and funds in preparation, the tediousness of waiting for the game, and my personal bane of waking up very early in the morning.  There is one experience that smote any potential for a desire to hunt for me.
       The incident began during my fifth grade year, when winter’s chill struck early in my area.  We suffered a turbulent ice storm for the entire day only a couple days after my birthday in November.  My grandfather was absent that morning, for he was out hunting on Ecallaf Mountain at the Terncur Dam on rather dim prospects for a bear in bear season.  I trekked to my bus stop, blinking snow out of my eyes as I t
:iconthedizzydan:TheDizzyDan 62 45
Found page 146 by toddlergirl Found page 146 :icontoddlergirl:toddlergirl 36 4 Jump More by FantasyStock Jump More :iconfantasystock:FantasyStock 16 0
Week 5, 2014 at #deviant365
:iconphoenixleo:phoenixleo 8 37
RS: Prayer Cape Emote by Zanaril RS: Prayer Cape Emote :iconzanaril:Zanaril 13 5 Day 12: Recent Accomplishment by S-Harkey Day 12: Recent Accomplishment :icons-harkey:S-Harkey 57 23