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Blank about me meme
- Single or taken: 
- Sex: 
- Birthday:
- Sign:
- Hair color: 
- Eye color: 
- Height: 
- Are you straight/bisexual/gay?: 
- What kind of shampoo do you use?: 
- What are you listening to right now?: 
- Who is the last person that called you?: 
- How many buddies are online right now?: 
- Animal: 
- Colour: 
- Drink:
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- Subjects in school:
- T.V.: 
H A V E | Y O U | E V E R
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365 Things I Love About You
365 Things I Love About You
1. I love how you always make me smile
2. I love how you always make me laugh
3. I love the way you inspire me.
4. I love how cute and adorable you can be
5. I love the kindness that you show
6. I love how I can always be there for you
7. I love how you can always there for me.
8. I love how you stand up for the things you believe in
9. I love how open-minded you are
10. I love your gentleness with me
12. I love how you take my breath away.
13. I love thinking about you
14. I love how sweet you make my dreams
15. I love hearing your laughter
16. I love it when you smile
17. I love you still when your angry
18. I love you still when your sad
19. I love you still when you're a mess (though you'll always be beautiful to me)
20. I love the way you feel
21. I love the way you hold my hand
22. I love the way you smell
23. I love gazing into your eyes
24. I love the sound of your sweet voice
25. I love how much you've taught me about life and myself
26. I lo
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Planning the Evil Plot
A half-guide, half-narrative on writing a story
brought to you by Super Editor

Before I start writing, I like to have some idea of where I'm starting, where I'm going, and how I'm going to end up there. Let's say that I want to write a comedy about an author who suddenly changes places with her Mary Sue. I usually jot down some basic ideas:
Sarah, the author: ~13 years old, average-looking, glasses, rather tall and gangly
Ellemere, the Mary Sue: ~16 years old, long flowing hair, violet eyes, etc.
Forrest (Ellemere's love interest) : ~18, stereotypical pretty boy who is too dark and broody to make a good love interest
Leon: ~17, Ellemere's somewhat dorky friend who falls in love with her but is cast off to side in favor of Forrest
Tangent: For those of you who are confused, the ~ symbol means "about." I think it comes from math.
I like to draw, so I'd probably make doodles of these characters too. Drawing characters is a great way to develop th
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Species Data: Tarael (Open Species)
Species Name: Tarael (Tah-rah-eel)
Noun: Tarael (pl. Tarael, or Taralians)
Adjective: Taralian
Basic Appearance:
The Tarael are digitigrade humanoids with slender, tall forms ranging from 5’ ½ to nearly 7’. They all have between four and six eyes, with the first two along the midline of the face, and the second usually either right above or right below them, and any more are typically mutations that are counted as secondary eyes.
On either side of the head, they have four to six frond-like antenna, which capture vibrations and aid in their ability to hear low tones (the primary way that the species communicates with eachother, often sounding like a very low purr). Though they outwardly function similarly to the long ears of some earthly creatures, Tarael f
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