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((270+ favorites. Is that a lot? No? Well, it is to me, which is odd considering all I ever did was make the blank version of this meme which seemed lost to the annals of history or some nonsense. In any case, this is quite honestly the single most viewed thing uploaded to my DeviantArt, and technically, all I did was make it convenient'y applicable.
Is it actually 400 questions long? Eh, close enough. But don't blame me for the false advertisement, I added in a few mocks to make up some of the gaps, but it's such a wall of questions, I'm too lazy to fix 'em all.
Regardless, I'm glad to see this is getting a big resurgence, at least to my perspective, so by all means, keep doing them, commenting results, and what have you. It may not be yielding me traffic personally, but at least y'all're having fun with it, to some extent.
1. Name:
2. Nickname(s):
3. Birthday:
4. That makes you (age):
5. Where were you born (city):
6. Location right now (planet :lol:):
:iconwhimsicalforge:WhimsicalForge 340 162
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