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Arise Lord Vader

This image took over 10 hours to complete created from scratch using Photoshop’s Pen Tool, Pain Brush, Eraser, Smudge and Blur tools over 60 layers.

Darth Vader is arguably the most icon villain ever created and I hope I have done him justice.

As much as I love Starwars I believe Lucas made his biggest mistake with the ending of Revenge of the Sith. Forget Jar-Jar, the kids loved him, my beef is with the whole “Where’s Padme, Noooooooooooooo!” scene, it under minded Vader as a character so I have taken a few moments to script my own ending, enjoy.

How Revenge of the Sith should have ended:

Slow zooming shot of operating room, Droids busying around Anakin’s charred body, Sidious stood over, watching the procedure, Anakin’s face obscured by Droids.

Cut to mid side shot of Anakin Skywalker on operating table, gasping for air as the Operator Droids struggle to save his life. Anakin still obscured by Droids, Equipment Etc.

Cut to close up side shot, panning from feet up (right to left) showing the almost complete Vader armour we have come to recognise.

Before panning shot reaches Anakin’s face, cut to close up shot of restraints, gloved hands struggled in pain.

Cut to shot from top of operating table as it slowly lifts Anakin’s body to a standing position, (Face Helmetless, just off camera/ obscured by droids, equipment etc.)

Cut to Darth Sidious standing at the foot of the rising operating table, Anakin’s spluttering breaths the only sound track.

Cut to close up of Sidious’ eyes looking eager to see his creation come to life, (Think Frankenstein) reflection of operating table in his eyes.

Cut to back of the helmet being lowered as the operating table comes to a standing position. Helmet drops in to place. Anakin’s gasp becomes the recognisable “Whooo-tsk”

Cut to shot of hand restraints, releasing.

Cut to shot of operating table form behind, table obscures full view of Vader. Vader bends to one Knee in front of Sidious

Cut to close up, side shot of Sidious, evil grin from behind cloak.

Back to back shot over the shoulder of Vader, still on one knee in front of Sidious

Vader: “Whoo-tsk, Whoo-tsk. What is thy bidding my Master?”

Back to close up Sidious, ginning more

Sidious: “Arise Lord Vader”

Close up, panning up to front of Vader Mask, Vader Mask fully revealed.

Vader: “Whoo-tsk”

End Scene, roll credits.
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Just dropping by to let you know that this piece has been featured in my "Welcome to Nightsides" journal here: [link]

I hope you enjoy it! :D
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Thank you for the feature.
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Thanks again.
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Your ending is great :D
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I gotta disagree with you here. Lucas did it right the first time because the whole reason Anakin turned to the Dark Side was to save Padme. Ironically its his actions while trying to save her that inevitably killed her. I think Anakin's dismay and anger at Padme's death is very appropriate because it made everything he had done worth nothing. While he had always had a dark nature about him he was a good guy bottom line and betraying everything he knew wasn't something he wanted to do. Now with Padme dead and his life completely flipped there was nothing left but to follow Darth Sidious and embrace the path that he had taken. Since his love for his family (Padme) had been his reason for his first betrayal it made it all to understandable that he was able to betray Sidious in the end of the series to save Luke.

Otherwise though, yes you did a fantastic job bringing the world's most iconic villian to life and I applaude you skill because his helmet has always been a problem for me around the cheeks and mouth area.
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I never had a problem with the reasoning just the hammy acting.I grew up with the original triology and Vader was the badest mofo in the galaxy. The only thing missing when Vader screams "Noooooooo!" is the camera zooming in and out like a kung-fu movie when the side-kick dies or maybe it even does this in ROTS. My point was never about his feelings of betrayel just that Lucas could have communicated this in a way that didnt make Vader look like a idiot. He did it with ROTS and he did it with India Jones four, I mean come on, Aliens! Indy is about religious artifacts not freakin Aliens and Vader is about being the meanest hombre in all the galaxy. Period!
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That is amazing! Fantastic work!
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Thank you very much
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The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the force. :jedi:
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