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Curved-Fold Cardboard Geodesic Dome by TaffGoch Curved-Fold Cardboard Geodesic Dome :icontaffgoch:TaffGoch 1 2 Starweave - Icosa by TaffGoch Starweave - Icosa :icontaffgoch:TaffGoch 1 4 Tensegrity 2v{1,1} Double-Layer - Ice by TaffGoch Tensegrity 2v{1,1} Double-Layer - Ice :icontaffgoch:TaffGoch 2 3 Tensegrity 2v{1,1} Double-Layer - Hot by TaffGoch Tensegrity 2v{1,1} Double-Layer - Hot :icontaffgoch:TaffGoch 1 1 Tensegrity 2v{1,1} Double-Layer - Fire by TaffGoch Tensegrity 2v{1,1} Double-Layer - Fire :icontaffgoch:TaffGoch 1 1 Tensegrity 2v{1,1} Double-Layer - Cold by TaffGoch Tensegrity 2v{1,1} Double-Layer - Cold :icontaffgoch:TaffGoch 1 5 Bucky's 60-Strut Tensegrity Sphere by TaffGoch Bucky's 60-Strut Tensegrity Sphere :icontaffgoch:TaffGoch 1 1 Nexorades pentagon scale - ARCS by TaffGoch Nexorades pentagon scale - ARCS :icontaffgoch:TaffGoch 3 1 Nexorades pentagon scale - MORE by TaffGoch Nexorades pentagon scale - MORE :icontaffgoch:TaffGoch 2 7 Rotegrity - Belgium by TaffGoch Rotegrity - Belgium :icontaffgoch:TaffGoch 8 7 Nexorades - Pentagon Scale by TaffGoch Nexorades - Pentagon Scale :icontaffgoch:TaffGoch 0 2 Rotegrity 3v{0,3} by TaffGoch Rotegrity 3v{0,3} :icontaffgoch:TaffGoch 1 1 Rotegrity 3v{1,2} by TaffGoch Rotegrity 3v{1,2} :icontaffgoch:TaffGoch 1 8 Rotegrity 2v{0,2} by TaffGoch Rotegrity 2v{0,2} :icontaffgoch:TaffGoch 0 3 Rotegrity 2v{1,1} by TaffGoch Rotegrity 2v{1,1} :icontaffgoch:TaffGoch 2 1 Rotegrity 1v{0,1} by TaffGoch Rotegrity 1v{0,1} :icontaffgoch:TaffGoch 1 1

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Curved-Fold Cardboard Geodesic Dome
Geodesic dome, composed of curved-fold cardboard struts • See original dome, at the link:
srchlab - Curved-Fold-Dome
(Plenty of photos)

Original dome diameter: 7 meters • Such a dome can be made, instead, of sheet metal, assembled with pop-rivets

SketchUp 3D model available • 3D Warehouse: Curved-Fold Cardboard Geodesic Dome • Patterns for struts included • Four strut definitions • The design of the strut "end flaps" allows for construction without hubs
Starweave - Icosa
Geodesic weave • Icosahedron symmetry • Geodesic class: I • Frequency: 1v Simplest of the icosahedral "starweaves" • Only two different segment lengths required • All segments lie on "great circles"


United States
If you can't tell, already, I'm enamored of geodesic constructs.

It is my hope that these deviations will inspire others.


If you ever need help with the geometry of geodesic domes (or spheres,) there is help available:

Geodesic Help Group (Google Group)



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mostercanada Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2013
Taff, I have been inspired by your work. Where can I email you a question? thx Michael
TaffGoch Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2013

You can always contact me at the Geodesic Help Group

...or, you can use the deviantART PM system.

MrsMable Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2013
Hello! Your stuff is amazing! I am a computer art teacher and would love to have my students work towards something like this. I am also interested in using your gear sphere (the one in primary colors) on a website. Would that be something you are open to? Of course your work would be cited with proper links. Thanks so much!
TaffGoch Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2013

Teach away, with whatever I've posted.

I only wish that the primary polyhedra had been addressed in more detail, when I was in school. I self-taught myself geodesic math (spherical trig,) after college, over 35 years ago. I hope that something in my "art" collection will inspire some degree of interest in at least a few of your students.

Attribution of any use on your website is appreciated.

guitarblaster Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2012
Hi there Taff,

Sent you a note about using one of your models.
Let me know what you think!


Helioth Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
wow, what a wonderful resource!
TaffGoch Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2012
As a resource, I hope you find something upon which you can produce new devations.

(Or, at least, something inspires you....)

Jacantdesign Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2012
Hi Taff,
You might be interested in this
TaffGoch Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2012

I looked at the challenge, and produced the following: Polyhedron: 16-Sided

Only problem is that it can't serve as "dice," since there are no parallel faces, so a number can't display on a (non-existent) top face.

Interesting exercise, nevertheless....

TaffGoch Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2012
I can help.

I sent you a longer description, at your pages.
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