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Nexorades pentagon scale - ARCS
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This depiction complements the rotegrity/nexorade image, Nexorade Pentagon Scale - MORE ,...
... showing the radial arcs, instead of the rotegrity "bands"

In a depiction of the arcs, it's much easier to see the equal 1/3rd subdivision of each

Arcs are color-coded, to show the different arc/band lengths • Color-coding does not transfer from one-nexorade-to-the-next • Even though the colors may be the same, the arc lengths differ, from one-sphere-to-the-next

ONLY the red pentagon ARCS are the same length, in all spheres (but, with different central radii, which should be readily apparent)

Modeled in SketchUp • 3D-model available for download: 3D Warehouse • Rotegrities • Pentagon Scale
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