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92 Gears - Flash Animation

Flash, compared to GIF, provides larger color palette, configurable JPG compression, and sound, with no file-size penalty. :boogie:

• Red gears: 20 teeth, 12 count
• Blue gears: 24 teeth, 20 count
• Yellow gears: 13 teeth, 60 count

Red gears aligned with icosahedron vertices • Blue gears aligned with dodecahedron vertices

Polyhedral basis for red & blue gears: buckyball

Regarding all 92 gears, the central rotation axes are aligned with the vertices of a frequency 3v, class-I geodesic tessellation of the icosahedron

• Modeled in SketchUp
• 6 frames; rendered in Kerkythea
• Animated in SWF Quicker
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Tenho pensado em fazer uma peça real, com 1 metro de diâmetro, será um trabalho complexo, mas aliciante e esgotante, talvez em alumínio cortado a laser, com casquilhos em plástico autolubrificante, vou amadurecendo ideais, e ver se ganho coragem para avançar.