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92 Gears - Animation Study

By TaffGoch
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Feasibility study, for potential photo-realistic rendering

• Red gears: 20 teeth, 12 count
• Blue gears: 24 teeth, 20 count
• Yellow gears: 13 teeth, 60 count

Red gears aligned with icosahedron vertices • Blue gears aligned with dodecahedron vertices

Polyhedral basis for red & blue gears: buckyball

Regarding all 92 gears, the central rotation axes are aligned with the vertices of a frequency 3v, class-I geodesic tessellation of an icosahedron

Modeled in SketchUp • Animated in JASC Animation Shop

Minor edit (28 July 2011): Adjusted GIF dither, to reduce obvious color "banding," and added internal "geodesic cage" support frame

See stereo version, 92 Gears - Animation Stereo3D

Rendered version; work-in-progress, so far: 92 Gears - Caged
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Dear TaffGoch,

Your gear graphics are very impressive. Is it possible to purchase a license from you for just a still, grayscale image? I might only need a grayscale image of one of them.

Thank you very much.

Have a nice day.
Best regards,
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You may use an image, without license, under the condition that attribution is provided.

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The numbers 21 and 13 are surprising to me.

And so are the counts 20 for blue and 12 for red. At first glance I would expect the reds to have a multiple of 5 and the blues to have a multiple of 6.
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Quite right, Hollister, :doh:

I revised the model, but failed to revise the metrics in the text description. I have, today, corrected that oversight.

The red (pentagonal/dodecahedral center) gear tooth-count is, indeed, a multiple of 5, and the blue (triangular/icosahedral center) tooth-count is divisible by 3.

Getting the yellow gear tooth-count correct was a matter of trial & error, by resizing the red & blue gear diameters. I had to "sneek up" on a reasonable solution.

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awesomely psychadelic. :D
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how long did this take!
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About a day.

(Actually, just about all of a day! I'd have to say ~15 hrs.)
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Excellent. I'm out of word.
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Thanks, to all, for the complimentary comments.... :handshake:
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Dude that is kick ass!
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way cool!!!!
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This is too AWESOME!!!

Can you do the same animation in cross-eyed stereo? :please:
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Don, see cross-eyed stereo version: 92 Gears - Animation Stereo3D
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Outstanding!! :wow::clap:
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I just took today to revamp the gears, to more equally-space the yellow gears.

Next, I'll give a stereo version a try. (It's been awhile since I've done one, and never with SketchUp, but all the tools I need are there.)
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That's cool! You should check if it's 3D printable :D But then all the gears somehow would have to be connected to a center...
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If you look closely, you'll see that I've amended the model; providing an internal frame that secures the 92 axial shafts
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I've used Shapeways to 3D-print a couple of models, but it's still way too expensive.

Maybe, when the price becomes more-reasonable....
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Wow, sir, this is awesome, can't wait for the P-R render!
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