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If you can't tell, already, I'm enamored of geodesic constructs.

It is my hope that these deviations will inspire others.


If you ever need help with the geometry of geodesic domes (or spheres,) there is help available:

Geodesic Help Group (Google Group)

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dear TG, u kindly rendered a hexagon planet for me on geodesic help group for me recently, please would you like to help with our album artwork by supplying hi res images/variations, as outlined in my post. happy to credit you and donate modestly, it's just a small release. but your findings would make it huge. respect is due and thanks, best wishes, colundi everyOne
Say, by any chance did you notice this study I did on SU and the results of saving in different styles, or is this common knowledge?


I had not seen your study, but I do, personally, take full advantage of components (as opposed to groups,) because of the file-size savings.

It should be common knowledge, since it's in the "SketchUp Users Guide," but many don't read it (or, even, know about it.)

Well the point was about components but also what view style you save your work in.

Yup, I didn't know about it. Thanks :)
Say, do you use this www.instructables.com/id/Const… geodesic sphere for your spheres? It gripes me out that it isn't made of regular shapes.
While I do use SketchUp, that tutorial subdivision "method" is only one of many. (If I recall correctly, >9 methods have been documented.)

The only convex polyhedra that can be constructed of equilateral triangles are the tetrahedron, octahedron and icosahedron. To produce greater complexity (and more-closely approximate a sphere,) irregular triangles must be introduced. If the solid surface is allowed both, concave and convex regions, then Lobel frames, employing equilateral triangles, can be a (rather odd) solution:

Thanks. :)

I wasn't necessarily thinking of equilaterals and should have said fewer regular shapes. I think in years past I had found those tetra's, octa's and iso's but due to senility or an early case of alzheimer's I couldn't find any tutorials for the past couple of weeks, except that link I mentioned. More exactly, I was thinking of Epcot's Space Ship Earth which, in my mind's eye, I thought was made from two or three regular triangles reiterated to make a sphere. Imagine my embarrassment when I just looked it up (having only now remembered it's name) and found it actually has a lot of "fudging."

As a matter of fact, I think I just remembered a previous search for geodesic tutorials that I found by looking up "soccer ball" so I'll try that now...

My apologies if I was a bother and my thanks for your help.