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Hello Lovelies,

I'm so sorry, I said I wanted to write a journal more often, and now I maybe post one every month or so. I just don't have so much to tell, my life is kinda boring at the moment xDD

So at first I wanted to show you my newest deviantion, take a look if you haven't seen it yet:
Memories of a Ghost by Taeyen

Another picture from an outfit I wore will follow soon :)


Content of this post:

First: To my watchers/Ask me questions

Second: Favourites feature

Third: Personal rubbish


Now to the actual topic.

When I see my deviantart Gallery, I see many pictures, but I don't get the feeling that the site shows much about me in person. My self-description is gross >.< I just can't do that kind of thing by myself. I can't introduce myself.

So I thought it would be great, if YOU, my watchers, could help me doing it.
JUST POST A QUESTION HERE AS A COMMENT with something you want to know about me, or just some silly fact you think would be funny to hear. I don't know what you guys want to know about me, so I ask you. And there aren't any stupid questions, don't be as shy as I am xD


The other thing is, that I was thinking about making a favourites feature now and then, and I thought, cause of the fact that I seem to be able to post thumbnails today, I will do one now.

I know that much people on deviantart are doing this, and that it maybe isn't anything too great if you are featured here, because I am not that famous and don't have 1000 of watchers. But I hope I can make you maybe a little bit happy by posting you here :)

I'm taking the first page of my favourites, so don't be sad if I have favourited you're work and you aren't featured here, this post would be too long if I would show you everything I've favourited the last month :)

So lets start:

Scarlett Johansson (Avengers) by stonedsour887 :thumb63078928: Belial by Firss Harley Quinn by stellinanera Poison Ivy II by Blasteh
Gotham Sirens I by yayacosplay Poison Ivy by nadyasonika Harley Quinn pinup by SuperSaz Harley Quinn by Franky-chan harley quinn - arkham city. by saika-possession
Batman : Harley Quinn by beethy veronika by FahrSindram Hope by eN-yen Party with the Devil by FahrSindram In the end you will always kneel by FahrSindram
Trickster, Traitor, Soulmate, Spy by FahrSindram Real power and his magazines by FahrSindram :thumb307901155: My Doll by SidarthuR :thumb313385999:
:thumb313019672: Lying here my sanctuary by SayuSasu Kuroshitsuji Grell Cosplay: I'm Back by BloodlustDetox Willy Wonka by MariannaInsomnia

Take a look at their work, they're all awesome!

Question to my followers: Good idea? Or do you think it's boring? Any feedback?

So, and for the people who really managed to read until now, a little personal stuff.
As you maybe can see because of my favourites, I am into comics at the moment, exspecially into Batman, and there most into the Gotham City Sirens.
I want to cosplay them all, damn xDD I'm planning on a Poison Ivy cosplay at the moment.
Good idea, or not? Would you like to see it?

More, I want to do some kind of shooting so bad >.< I just can't decide in which outfit. I want to shoot many of my Lolita Outfits properly, but I also wanted to do a shoot for my Shion Cosplay, because I haven't really much photos of it.

OMG, sry for this waaaay to long entry >.< I don't think anyone will have the nerves ore the time to read all this xDD

Love you all,
Taeyen ♥

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i have 2 questions for you^^
first: do you wear lolita in your every day life too? When not, what do you wear instead?
2nd: How do you discover Lolitafashion?