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Custom Adopts Commission Form by TaesoSpiritDragon

Figured I'd put this into a more organized FAQ sheet. All the info that was in the original sheet description is present in the form of questions and answers below! There's also some new info as well.

Adoptable F.A.Q.

:bulletwhite:-What are these adopts? Currently they have no world name to 'label' them, but they are creatures that are either hybrids of known animals, or a completely new creature altogether.

:bulletwhite:-What about their world? Where are they from? Their world is considered colonized (humans, furries, etc), and these creatures are generally considered 'domesticated' though it's clear that several species are still quite wild for the everyday person.

:bulletwhite:-Can my adoptable be 'imported' to another world for X reason? Certainly! If you'd like to include/involve your custom adoptable in your headworld/roleplay I've no problem with that! Just remember to properly mention/credit where the adoptable came from and try to refrain from posting outside of Deviantart/Furaffinity/Weasyl (helps prevent any confusion and false accusations!).

:bulletwhite:-What can I do with my adopt once it's made? You can treat them like an individual character if you want your custom to remain 'wild', involve them in your stories (written or comic), or even roleplays. Eventually I'll open a breeding option where you can breed your pet with another user's of the same species (make sure that there is consent on both sides!). I'll elaborate more on the process when the time comes.

:bulletwhite:Can I draw fanartz? I don't see why not! If any of the current adopts catches your eye in the gallery feel free to give them some love! Just keep in mind that it's not a means to make your own ;3 (unless of course there's a special contest and such) and be sure to send a link to the owner of the custom you drew so they could see it as well! When the group comes online there will be a special folder to display the fan drawings you've done!

:bulletwhite:-Why are there only X number of pets currently? While I mentioned the chart is built to be expanded upon over time, the pets on the sheet is all I currently have developed. Don't worry however - I have a list of future pets to design for adoptability!

:bulletwhite:-Can I design a pet for you to use? I appreciate the offer, however I must request you save your ideas for your adoptables (if you are aiming to do any yourself), or for when I post a specific contest for such design requests. Remember however, as I'll repeat in the actual contest page, I will not 100% use your design in the end out of respect to you as a fellow artist in the event you decide you want to design something similar for an adopt species.

:bulletwhite:-Will there be any monthly specials like Pet/Species of the Month? That's a possibility. It's certainly an idea I'm toying with - a member-run voting system for pet of the month, where the pet can receive a special 'tropy' mark to put on their page. When I bring accessories online, the pet can also have a 25% chance of getting an accessory the owner can choose to apply or not, and it'll be a special month-only item.

:bulletwhite:Accessories?! Where?! Currently they are not an option, but as we get more stabilized in populations and members I will be designing buyable accessories that are color-customized to compliment the pet (unless the owner wants a different color). These are considered 'upgrades' and do cost money, but they are considerably cheaper than an actual mid-tier pet save for special 'outfits'. Special Outfits are what one would consider seasonal or contest prize outfits, aka Limited Edition - they will never be commissionable after their specific ordering time or acquirable except as special contest prizes.

Outfits in general come in full and in parts. There is plans for even Class-based outfits like Soldier, Blacksmith, Scholar, etc. I will have to do more extensive planning on the specific Classes, but keep in tune!

:bulletblue:-How do I go about ordering and paying for my custom? To order an adopt you can fill out the commission form, which I'll post here shortly. Please try not to leave anything out in the form to retain its eligibility.

Species: Buflit | Orta | Saurem | Gouger | Lightback
Tier: Simple | Moderate | Extensive/high
Status: Wild/Domestic Pet/Independent Character/Companion(Familiar)
Gender: Male | Female
Colors: Palette for eyes, gems, manes and body as needed.
-Color references: In case your color reference is in the form of images and/or characters (personal characters only!)
Markings: Specific markings or artistic freedom/theme
What do you intend to do with the character:

Paying for the custom comes after confirmation the design is to your liking. I'll note you the Paypal address once the design is complete.

NOTE! Paypal is rather stingy about how one labels their payments. They really don't like it if you use 'goods' for commissions and would rather have the tag 'services' used.

And please please PLEASE don't use Gift as a means to get around the taxes!!!!!

:bulletblue:-I don't wanna pay for a custom! That's not a question, but a complaint. These adoptables are for building funds to currently pay bills, and later for contests. We all like contests don't we? That means an opportunity to get a free-of-charge custom.

:bulletblue:-What other means can I get a custom with? There are other means of getting a custom adoptable. I mentioned contests above, but there are several other ways that will come up. Auctions are where you'll bid on a premade, or a blind-bag custom. Currently auctions are cash only to cover fees. There are also mini-contests where participants compete for a premade by either drawing (full color, 1hr speed-sketches, mini comics, etc), writing, or quizzes/trivia. Another means is through raffles, which are usually free unless it's a really special custom where tickets are a specific price ($5 max usually, but most will be $2-3 or even $1!), and only the winner has to pay the ticket(s) (a sheer fraction of the custom's cost!). When the amount of tickets per customer meets the price value of the adopt, the bidder will be cut-off from buying any more - but that still means the tickets already bought gives you a better chance of getting the custom! There is also another way and that is by building credit through donations. The ratio is 1:2 where you gain 1 credit for every $2, with each credit worth $1.
---What is 'blind-bag'? If you're not already familiar with the term, basically you are bidding for a random custom colored at the artist's digression, the higher the final bid, the better the custom will be in the end.

:bulletblue:-What if I don't like my blind-bag custom, what then? You will be presented with the custom prior to payment. If you don't want the custom then you don't have to pay the end fee, and it will be placed for auction for someone else to adopt!

:bulletblue:-I want to color my own custom... Sorry, that's not a question either. Right now I'm controlling how they are being spread to make sure they don't explode faster than I can manage ^_^;   Down the road I might open requests for volunteer artists to color PSDs for auctions. As it is, it'll be easier for folks to find all the adoptables if they are in one location/gallery until the group comes online!

:bulletblue:-How many adoptables can I own? No limit! You can have as many custom or adopted premades as you desire - just be considerate of other buyers when choosing to pursue the premade customs!

:bulletblue:-If I order a low-tier custom, can I upgrade to a higher tier later? Of course! Even if you order a low tier, but still aren't sure about final markings, I can mark the adopt as incomplete, and thus render it unbreedable for the time being until it's finalized. When upgrading you only need to pay the difference between the two tiers versus paying a full price.

:bulletblue:-I ordered my custom a week ago and I haven't received it, what gives? Please check to see if I have a queue of commissioners before you. Normally I'll aim to take a week break between customs after doing a certain number, and I will try to do so after I complete all current lists.

:bulletblue:-I keep missing slots! Expand them please! That's a demand there, and I don't appreciate it :C I cannot accurately time when I open slots to fit every time zone, so I apologize if you miss an opportunity to get a custom slot. Please be patient and keep trying! Down the line as we get more proficient in making adoptables, I'll offer up special 'coupons' where you can request a slot without waiting depending on the type of coupon you have.

:bulletblue:-I have a friend(s) who wants an adoptable, but can't pay for one themselves, can I purchase one for them? Certainly! I enjoy it when people buy a custom to give to another who isn't able to earn one for themselves. They'll need to be the ones to fill it out, and both buyer and commissioner (the one who wants the adopt) will need to send me a confirmation note that the buyer is paying for the commissioner.

:bulletgreen:-Are there any special color rules about the customs I should know about? There are some limits as to how far you can push a custom before it hits the next tier or so. Nothing too terribly serious, but I will be firm if there are pushes for more than what I've listed below.
--Dual Tone Colors: Some of the higher ranking pets like the Saurem, Gouger, and Lightback are capable of having dual toned manes, gems, and plates. This is rare in the low tiers, and appear on Mid-tiers if the markings are basic. High-tiers are the ones that will often have dual-tone colorations.

--Tri-Tone Colors: This is a very rare feature of high-tier adoptables. More often than not you will see this on special adopts and contest prize customs than commissionable individuals.

--Lightback Schemes: Lightbacks are unusual in that the plates, claws, and teeth/mouth will follow a similar color pattern as the eyes. Finding a Lightback with an eye color that's notably different from the plating is not going to be very common (you'll have better luck finding them in premades than in commissioned adopts!). When filling out the order form please remember that the color of the eyes you choose will affect the colors of these parts.

--Gems: The gems on the current pets that have them do not have to match in theme with the rest of the pet, it's just more common to find pets with gems that are analogous (three or more colors that are side by side on the 12 part color wheel).

If you have any additional questions feel free to ask! If they are good enough to be placed in the FAQ I'll put them in.

Place a 'Quartzle' in your comments if you've read all of the FAQ prior to ordering.


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Very informative mang

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