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Leona Monroe
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United States
Since joining DA, this has been my main account for almost 3 years. Then for two years I spent a hiatus away from here on two different accounts, but I am now back and my last account dedicated to commissioned pieces - :iconcallairah:

I'm pretty easy to approach so don't be afraid to ask questions about stuff!

Aside from digital art I do traditional works (not as prevalent as it used to be), real medias like dreamcatchers, jewelry and sculptures, and 3D works like Avatars on SecondLife.

Curious in commissioning me? Take a gander through my commission list (once it's updated) and keep an eye out for any notices of batch commissions!
IMPORTANT NOTE: Please please PLEASE don't ask me to remind you specifically when I open commissions! I always will post journals and my commission sheet will have all the info you need. If you absolutely need a commission from me for a special reason we might be able to figure something out, otherwise please wait with everyone else! Thanks!

About who I am for hobbies I enjoy leisurely reading engaging books, kayaking, skiing (not cross country), snowshoe hiking up mountains and across frozen lakes, scuba diving (open water), swimming, camping out, stargazing on a clear night over the water, studying animals in their natural habitat, 'torturing' my two sugar gliders on weekly trips to visit with customers at my job (they really actually enjoy it as much as I do), testing out new avenues of art to expand my repertoire.. the list could go on.

I'm Alive

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 4, 2017, 12:04 AM

... Somewhat... Gotta love the masks I put up even around friends. I might fret about slice of life stuff, or make light about major stresses when around them, because I've been fighting to keep the full blast of the shit going on in my life both at work, and where I sleep at night, at bay.

First off, finding out I'm allergic to pot.. in a major way. Not as severe as my roommate, but she was about to haul me to the hospital one night when I was barely conscious curled on the couch with my gliders out of desperation for clear air in the middle of winter. The cause? Pot smokers lighting up big time below my window. It got so bad I started blacking out with severe migraine at the desk while working, and got panicked because I realized my animals were at severe risk, and cut their pouch out of their cage to flee to where it was moderately clear of the horrendous stench. This would continue for a month. It was affecting my capacity to sleep, then function, and by consequence - work, at all. My health was dropping faster than I could blink.

This is on top of said squatters pounding on the walls waking my roommate all hours of the night, and verbally abusing her for calling the cops on their illegal use of the vacancy in the building. It sets the neighbor's dog off, and I can hear it all the way across the apartment on the nights I could function.

So, we called around in a panic finding a new place after the third week calling out regularly just so I could sleep. Thankfully, we get a new apartment within three days, and scrambled to move with the help of several local friends from the Maine Furs group - still need to scrap funds for us to give them a taco dinner in thanks.

During the move the neighbor's ex decided to show up and raise hell with her as I was packing, and she pinged me to call 911 for her. At. Midnight. My ptsd blind terror was firing on all cylinders from the last time I called 911 for something like this. As predicted, couldn't go into work the next day thanks to sleepless night. woo...

So, new place, we love it. I know one of the neighbors already. Problem is they also smoke pot, which is against the building contract - no drugs/smoking. Roommate's dad won't help fund another move again, so set us up with a good purifier in my room. Sucker gets cranked up when we get a whiff of the stink. Still doesn't help the sleepless stress nights though, and I have yet to figure the root cause of my inability to sleep solid anymore. I'd like to blame my pillow that failed what it was supposed to do.

Unfortunately.. my oldest bearded dragon did not survive the move. She fell ill on the day they were getting moved over, much of the same wracking spasms she had when a squash disagreed with her as a juvenile. Day two she was not much better, and I had a sinking feeling she wouldn't pull through, and out of desperation spent several hours uncomfortably hunched over the bathtub giving her the hottest bath I dared give her so she would have at least a fraction of comfort having her belly massaged with constant warmth. She passed away at 3pm the next day when I woke up. I couldn't work for two days from grief. She was one of my therapy animals, and was more cat than lizard in personality and desire to be with people. It's still way too easy to break down thinking about her, and all the memories with her as she grew, from the day she fell asleep in my hand at the breeder's table as a baby.

Disaster also lurked at the folk's household.

We lost three more birds from the flock of six parakeets. This happened as two young 'keets were melting and lifting my aching heart with their excitement each time they saw me at the store. I made myself wait a week before scooping them up to come home. As this happened another bird was lost to a cat, which I found out by phone call the night after I got the little birds a new and larger cage. Then, the night before I came to visit folks, the most social of the lot somehow got past the aviary barrier, and was caught by the new cat. Stepmom managed to get the cat off the bird right as the bird's partner flew over to try and assist. First bird gets fouled up in the tulle barrier, and is ... well.. another cat got her.. I still sob when I stop long enough to think back on her, and all the work I've done with her to bring her personality out. She was the bird the others looked to for direction on whether to try something or dismiss it, and actually played with us. Her bond mate would later die in my stepmom's hands of a broken heart.

I had the two youngsters in my care for a month now when the call came to tell the news that the bereft male passed, and I was asked to take the two survivors - my little albino and her mate.

So, there is one good positive here, my little flock of four birds. The two youngsters are the smartest and chill birds I've ever encountered. They don't easily panic, not inclined to scold or screech, become excited when they see me and know it's millet time, and even watch my rhythms to wait quietly behind the side of the cage I drape a towel over until I wake before lining up at the door for morning millet. The boy, Bastin, picks up training very quickly, while Nera is trying her hardest to keep pace with only half a wing completely feathered. She still bowls into my hand with a solid thunk as she beats for altitude to cross the distance I set for building her confidence. The two older birds really told in difference with their mellowed warble-style voices as the youngsters no longer use their piercing call except when I walk in the apartment door. All four birds have taken to waiting behind the towel until I wake up. The older male loves sitting in the windowsill and singing his little heart out. The albino acts aloof around the youngsters, to Bastin's dismay. I think the poor fellow has a bit of a fancy for her, as I caught him edging near her on the training perch and tilting his head to ask for preening from her, only for her to leave him hanging for several seconds in that position before he awkwardly recovered himself.

I've got my flock again. I just wish... the circumstances behind it was different... Working with them has helped distract me for a while, and give both of us desperately needed laughter with their antics.

Sorry again for text wall, but that is the barest summary of what's been going on. I'm in the process of contacting people about standing work, but I think I need to be quiet for a bit tonight.. talking about the creatures I lost has almost broken me again... and I want to end this day on at least a neutral note.


I am temporarily OPEN!
Commission list is on my profile!


There is no contest currently

:iconcallairah: - My commission account

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