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Even a rose has its thorns.

By taeshilh
THERES A DOUBLE-MEANING IN THE CRAPPY TITLE ^.^ This actually popped outta nowhere while I spent.. like.. 10 bloody minutes thinking of what title to use. I'm a very unclever person.. so please forgive the title ;.;

.. Har har. Amy Rose. Her being psychotic.. very stingy.. thorny.. rose with thorns.. GET IT? ;.; I AM TRYING TO DEFEND THE CRAPPIEST TITLE OF ALL TIME. Bear with me xD *Pleas*

Anyhoo.. my scanner sucks >.<; Sorry. It kept refusing to scan the whole thing.. so the top and side is kinda.. chopped a little. You can still read what Amy's saying, though! So.. yeah xD

I'm all scared now.. I think this fits the right format o.o It's a comic strip.. I know the characters are not original.. but they said "Original cartoon character".. which was talking about the "Cartoons" bit.. and then it began to talk about the "Comics" bit.. and it didn't say anything about using original characters only in the comic.. so I don't know if I'm right in putting it here.. but I've always put the comics here.. because they're comics o.o Or maybe I'm just confusing myself and made a mistake. You tell me xD I just don't wanna be breaking any laws or whatever ;.; I PLEAD INNOCENT, YOUR HONOR. *Sentenced*

Anyhoo.. yes. Two days early xD I couldn't help myself. I tried to make this as.. fooling as I could.. hence why practically 70% of this comic is all.. serious and romantic. And the part with the 'joke' came outta nowhere. I hope I fooled people with this.. though I've done it before xD I'm always making Sonic the cruel prankster.. I even made him do that with the "Cliff do us parts" comic.. maybe I'm just making a trend in making Sonic a cruel little joker o.o

But yes. This took a long time and I'm pretty proud of how it came xD Stare at the flowers in awe.. they took the bloody longest to make >.<

And this is my first time EVER drawing Charmy O.O I hope I did him right.. I know the shoes are wrong xD Don't point and laugh.. I was done inking them by the time I realized and I was already half-way done ;.;

Those who have Sonic Heroes will obviously get the joke.. and if you don't own it and are puzzled, Charmy can teleport from one flower to another.. hence his sudden appearance. Geddit? => *Hit*

.. AND I MADE SONIC HAVE A GIRLY SAKURA FACE IN PANEL 14 O.O; And I suck at inking ^.^ *Bow*
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© 2004 - 2021 taeshilh
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Like omg this is the funniest thing i have ever read. The way it was like "Oh this is so romantic Sonnic <3" to "Haha! April Fools!!!!!" Then out of no where, Charmy appears!!! *Charmy Bows* His shoes looked fine to me though... <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":D" title=":D (Big Grin)"/> Sonic is so beat from pulling the prank!!! XD Aw did Amy squish the buzzing bee? Or was she just annoyed! Any way i love how you draw these characters!!! I can''t even draw then like that! And Amy and Tails look so adorable! I hope i did not affend this comic or author in any kind of way. GOOG LUCK TO YOU!!! <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" title=":) (Smile)"/>
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Never mess with Amy!
Deviant Art
One day a bird named RED was on his journy of DIMENSION TRAVELL!!! Ok the bird in one of his dimension traveller time he founds a very CRINGE dimension....the sonic vore dimension yeah that dimension 
The bird see GROSE things like, persons swalled other persons,persons like to be fat (if you ask im not rassist)
And ah...ok is anal vore,ok the bird find a Cave and thats the end of this part.

Request:Can you adapt this please!
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Sonic and Charmy: ...That every Rose has it's thorns.. especially Amy... ugg
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Annnnddd Charmy is dead.
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To never over prank Amy agian
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👏👏👏👏👏good job
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poor amy... lol
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We learned to never make girls who have anger issues and giant summonable hammers MAD XD
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tails: what did we leeeaarn?
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I knew that from the start, NEVER MAKE AMY MAD, making Amy mad is like making your own death wish, when someone makes Amy mad, they will be 6 feet under the ground, and I think Sonic and Charmy learned that the painful way, I would rather die than make Amy mad, a mad Amy is even worse than a mad Knuckles and a mad Shadow put together XD
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good job! good job! :XD:



Tails: "What did we leeeaaarrrnnn?"

Sonic: " ------- "

Charmy: " ---------- "

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...they deserved it. :rofl:
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I leaned to never tick Amy off If you value your life
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yeah, I would rather make Knuckles mad than make Amy mad
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Jajajajajajajajja muy muy bueno xD me encanto :3
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tails:what did we leeeaarn?
me:uhhh never mess with a girl whos extremly obssesed with you and will and can kick your ass in a matter of seconds
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Dang you sonic that was so mean :'( !!!!!
Cute tho !
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