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Bizarre attraction.

Yet another crappy title ^.^ Go meeee..


Wow.. I spent.. like.. a long time onnit. I did it through today.. and I got so lazy and impatient from wanting to finish it that I kinda.. got really lazy in some bits ;.; Sorry for that.. but I hope it's good enough anyway..

Anyhoo.. I know I will be brutally destroyed for this xD I just noticed a million Sonic-couple clubs.. and I was kind of amused by it.. so I drew this out to tease when I was bored => My mind can be insane when there's nothing to do, yes xD Please don't be offended. It's a joke. LAUGH PLEASE ;.; *Glared at*

It was originally gonna just be an Amy-Mina battle.. and Sonic being the Lady's Man that he is.. will just kick back and enjoy the show. I had that idea originally up.. until the idea of other couple clubs that are just.. completely bizarre came to mind.. and the idea was changed => I believe it was for the better. More effective ;.;

People are probably wondering why it was Mina instead of Sally since she would be a better character against Amy.. well.. I like Mina more ^.^ And she's challenging to draw. I needed to do something detailed xD I'm actually proud of how Mina turned out => *Pose*

This was actually based on a comic I drew long ago xD Like.. when I was 13 or so. Except the 'dream sequence' ended once the guy was dressed up in a wedding outfit and being all "Don't worry ^^ I don't mind being shared~" xD I'm so bizarre. *Hit*

Now.. as for the people who wish to murder me now.. just create a nice and neat single-file line ^.^ Weapons will be distributed shortly. *Attacked*
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:rofl: When Eggman has feelings for Sonic, that's when the line is crossed!