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flying tiger

By Taen
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Just a quick photo tweaking to show some friends how it was done
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Would totally put this on a P40 Warhawk. :)
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Yeah, totally. Tigers are often born with wings. Didn't you know that?
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for a second i thought you were being serious...:iconseriousplz:
that would be cool though...a tiger with wings.
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Looks so real!
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i wish it were real.... crying.... so beautifle...
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Wow! Very nice tiger and the wings fit perfectly!
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os awsome where you find one a flying whit tiger
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ARGH! Well, at least it's not a flying pig... then there are so many things that I would be forced to do!
Love it!
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Oh, is that the Peregrine Tiger or the Gertiger?... lol!
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I like Peregrine Tiger
sorry 4 butting in
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looks very realistic. almost like the tiger has wings itself.
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put this on a shuttle and send it to space and we'll have aliens thinking we have flying tigers. :D (my way of saying great job!)
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how do you make it look so real!!?
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Very interesting idea. Done very well, looks so real. :)
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I'm OBSESSED with white tigers.
Half the nicknack crap on my desk is white tiger stuff andi have a towel hanging on my wall too.
If my mom allows - because she controls where my money goes even tho im old enough xD ill buy a print.

...did I mention I loved it?....
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whoa. Naiser got wings like my Bon Sang! wee!
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for just showing someone it was done well
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ha! funny! Very nice :D
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that would b so cool. imagain if it WAS real.
hummmmm. scary.

love it ^^
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LOL, flying tigers dropping out of the sky on you
*flutter flutter* RAWR!! *pounce*
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Wooooooow!! This is realistic:D
Are that owl wings?
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