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Current Residence: Chicago

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Metroid, Pokemon, and Metroid, oh, and Metroid too.
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Composing & Games.

Commission me to do music!

Commission me to do music!

Head on over here to commission me for music!~ https://www.fiverr.com/taellinglin/perfect-audio-and-music-for-your-game-or-animation
I am open for music commissions, please send me a note or email me at taellinglin@gmail.com
Looking for pixel artists for a 2d RPG. Please send me a note if you are interested in doing pixel art for Travels of Oorta. Here's the soundtrack available for download: https://taellinglin.bandcamp.com/album/travels-of-oorta

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Grace-ZedHobbyist General Artist
Hi. Thank you kindly for the watch. I appreciate it. Butterfly 
alabasterdragonHobbyist General Artist
Long time no chat! I hope you are doing well! Thanks for the fav too!
I am doing origami as well!!! 1000 sheets of paper! It's literally about all I can do here at the ward...hopefully I get out sometime next week!Ben Drowned Icon 
alabasterdragonHobbyist General Artist
Ward? You ok?
Yes, perfectly capable of everything, it's my parents that actually HIRED A LAWYER to try to convince a judge I need medication. I was taking IV methamphetamine and smoking cannabis pretty responsibly before here...they have the D.A.R.E. fear based mentality with those things...I actually have the 2 qualifying conditions to take the meth and weed....ADHD and PTSD, respectively. It sucks here because I have PTSD/Anxiety that is pretty much untreated because they are giving me rispreadal(sp?)...it's an anti-psychotic and basically agitates my ADHD and makes me feel dumb and stupid. I really hate it here but I basically have to take this "mental illness" thing seriously instead of laughing at it like the fart it is.

What does suck is they make you keep your door open...I hear doors knocking...it's one of my PTSD triggers...I get a little shockwave I feel right in the chest when I hear it in the hallway...it's really cruel here if they had my perspective...kinda exacerbating my symptoms...also mis-transcribing a lot of what I say. Okay I have to go it's "group time"
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LivelovelifeEleniHobbyist General Artist
Namaste your art is just wonderful peace and love happy healing vibrations to u✌💖👽
I saw a birthday alert with sirens and scrambling jets and all so I thought I'd just drop by to say....I still be listening to your music!... I haven't gotten my hands on anything new though. But I'm still lovin it!!!!!!
......that is all.....