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Tutorial: Weft Supplement

By taeliac
You can view the video tutorial here

This is a text-based supplement to go with the video for making sewn wefts for wigs.

This is how I learned how to make them, and I hope it helps you out, too. I know that there are many different methods out there, but I have not had any success with the "no sew" wefts made with caulk (the hair tends to pull out, even out of wigs I've purchased from the 'originator' of that method, which shed even worse than my attempts at home-made one's) and I take exception to most of the other tutorials out there by cosplayers - there are certain aspects of wefts that just get ignored or bowled over just because.

I dun like that, so here is how I've learned how to do them, and I hope you can learn something from them, too.

There will be a follow-up later on (i.e. whenever the hell I can get filming it) about how to sew the wefts into a wig.

Please, I beg of you not to repost/redistribute/steal this tutorial.

©2009 Samantha Lemieux / Taeliac Studio
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oOForgetfulOo's avatar
This is the best weft tutorial I've found, and now I have the confidence to begin. Thanks so much for making it.
AhLahLee's avatar
This is SO helpful! Thank you! :D
taeliac's avatar
Hooray! I'm happy to hear it!! :glomp:
memfox00's avatar
Okay, I have to ask, do you use real hair, or the fake hair? What kind do you use?
taeliac's avatar
I usually use synthetic hair for these things - usually, Kanekalon (I think that's how you spell it :O) bundles of hair. I've worked with real hair, but it's way easier to actually ventilate (knot) in than synthetics, although it takes forever to do :faint:
memfox00's avatar
Awesome! Thanks!

And keep up the awesome work, you're real inspiration to someone just starting out on sewing!
OnlyRiku's avatar
Great tutorial ... thanks! ^^
taeliac's avatar
Any time! I'm happy to help :3
KoryXIII's avatar
Hmm must try it someday :P
taeliac's avatar
It is definitely worth it - easy, and pretty fast, too :3
DeeDee200's avatar
Wow! This is amazing - thank you so sos o much! You're a life-saver! xD
taeliac's avatar
Hooray! I'm very happy to be of help, even a bit (and, woah, I'm sorry for the super duper late reply :faint:)
Fantasyrhia's avatar
I just need to say this...I love you! :heart: Thank you so much for sharing the fact you use an iron and ruler to help fold and crease the wefts. :heart::heart::heart:
taeliac's avatar
Hehe, I'm glad to help how I can!

I just did a wig this past week, and couldn't find a ruler to use, so I actually used a straightened out hanger wire to help push and hold the fold, I may do another photo tutorial on it, cuz it worked out pretty well, too :3
Fantasyrhia's avatar
That's amazing. :3 I'm so glad that you're willing to share your technique!!

Honestly, thanks to this technique you've shared I'm no longer worried about fighting with the wig fibers as much. :3 Now I just need to pray that my sewing machine doesn't rebel again.

I honestly don't think I can say thank you enough. :33
Holly-Batali's avatar
Do you have the tutorial for sewing in the wefts? I didn't see it, just wondering if I missed it!
CreedsGalBirdy's avatar
Thanks for the awesome tutorial! I can't wait to have an opportunity to use it. I've made a few of my own hair pieces and wigs (by the seat of my pants!) and this method probably would have saved me some trouble. Can't wait to see more!
taeliac's avatar
:giggle: but, seat of the pants work is always fun! :giggle:

I'm just happy to help, even a bit! :glomp:
taxidermy's avatar
Great one! Would love to see how its sewn into a wig :)
taeliac's avatar
I'm hoping to get to do one of those shortly - I may have just gotten a wig order, so that would give me no excuse not to film it, or at least write it up :giggle:
Hansku's avatar
Is some tutorial for how to attact these to a wig coming up? I've tried it with many failed/bad looking attempts xD
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