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Tutorial: Tipping Corset Bones

By taeliac
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While I was working on one of my corset for class (which you all get a sneak-peek of with the tutorial!) I decided to snap pictures of how to put the tips on bones, because I find it much more economical and so much easier than I thought it would ever be to do!~

:star: Where to buy the boning :star:

:pointr: Flat white boning by the yard
Dragontown Corset Supplies

:pointr: Spiral steel boning by the yard
Dragontown Corset Supplies
Corset Making (look for continuous spiral steel boning)

*all these places sell the tips, as well*

These are just where I prefer to buy the boning - there are other suppliers out there, and if you are outside of the US, you'll have to dig around yourself, sorry!

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Can't wait to try this!!!
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OMG you're a life saver! i needed this!!!
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very handy thank you
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oh no... i finally have to do my first corset D=
but i think i might be ready for it.. finally. maybe. *haw*

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am too lazy to look through comments atm ^^; I usually do.
but Where would you use the spiral boning for?
and I want to make a Bunny Suit and that would look like a corset pretty much.
What sort of boning will I need? plastic or steel ?
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So, I'm gonna cosplay Lulu from Final Fantasy X, and I need to do a corset. I'm just wondering, should I use spiral boning or the steel boning? and are the tips same for both? and how wide do you recommend to boning to be?

Thankies ^^
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And by thickness I mean wide. < <'
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Thank you ^^ It helped a bunch.
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Depends on how strong you want the boning to be and how comfortable you want to be.

Do you want stiff or not? Flexible or not?

I mean, if it's going to be your first time wearing a corset or even making one I kind of recommend that you, if making, use plastic boning first for tests. They are durable, get the point across and inexpensive. If you're used to corsets then and for wear I'd go with a heavier steel boning to spiral. Spiral will give you a little more flexibility while the plain white steel boning won't. Personally I find corsets comfortable regardless of the boning but its all about how use to the product you are.

Thickness is also on what your preference would be, many corsets though, use the thin boning rather than the thicker. Lulu's looks to be the bigger width. 1/2 inch but like I said, its all about personal preference.
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:+fav: This tutorial is featured in "Costume Design 101" for Costume Week.

Thank you for sharing your design techniques with the community!
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:wave: Hi! I included this deviation in a news article in honor of Costumery Week in the Artisan Crafts gallery. --> [link]
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I was wondering, what's the difference between flat white boning and spiral steel boning? :3
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The main difference is the way it bends - the spiral allows it to bend comfortably from side to side, but still give support, while the flat white only bends front to back, if that makes sense :D

You should really only be using the flat white in places that are straight up and down, and the spiral everywhere else. I made myself a corset with all flat-white boning a long time ago, thinking it would offer more support, and it just makes me tube-shaped (like an icecream cone - which is fine for Elizabethan style stuffs, but not so much so for turn of the century :giggle:), instead of giving more of a figure like I had wanted, because it doesn't bend in curves :D
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Hey, could i ask you something? I had a spanish talk page about cosplay, and im looking for good tutorials to translate. Can I translate yours, and use the photos? I will give you the credit, anyway...
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God! The trouble I have with tipping mine >.< The damn things never want to stay on -.-' lol

But I only have one pair.. I use what little finger grip I can on the sides when I try and flatten the top, and vice versa.. but I think you are right.. I think it is time to invest in another pair of pliers...
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Oh! Yes! Definitely worth getting another pair - if you just do one side, and then the top, and then the sides, etc, etc, it'll never crimp on!

Although, one thing I did do once, when I had to tip a piece at a convention where I only had a little pair with me was use some super glue inside of it first, and then crimp it on the best I could - the cap wasn't as tight as using two pliers, but it still hasn't come off ;P
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Well I sit there and test the grip on the tips...which is quite frustrating when it does actually come off >.< But better when I can put it back on, then in the corset :XD:
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Ahh, this is great! I've been wondering for so long how to actually protect the edge of the boning. Last year I had a horrible material massacre with unprotected boning edges. Disaster!
So thank you very very much! This will be so helpful. :D :heart:
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This tutorials has been listed here [link] If you want it removed, please contact us and we will remove it.
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This is just what I needed! Rock on!
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