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Tutorial : Simple Leg Warmers

By taeliac
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Well, as Halloween is coming up, I thought I would get a simple accessory tutorial up for you guys, that might help with your costume! They work wonderfully as a substitute (or cute accessory) for a school uniform, they also work for a kitty outfit, most Lolita outfits (please note: this might not be quite "in fashion" now, or readily accepted by the EGL community - do some research first so no one says anything :3), and stuff like that. Also, if you substitute a few measurements, they work wonderfully for arm warmers as well!

I had Illustrator open for working on those Sew Village characters, so I did this one in Illustrator - changed the uploaded image from a PNG to a JPG, hopefully, it looks nicer now...

Anywho, a simple tutorial for how I make my leg warmers. They're usually made of fleece or knit, but if you're making it out of a non-knit fabric, read the note at the top about adding extra.

I hope this helps you all out a bit! Happy (early) Halloween :D

2008 Taeliac Studio Cosplay - BeAnime.com

:star: Oh! And if you make something using one of my tutorials, could you pretty-please let me know, so I can :+fav: it, and so others can see them? Pleeeeeeeeease? :star:

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hi! i'm sorry, this is probably a very dumb question.. when you take the "width" measurement of the calf... do you mean diameter? like, wrap my measuring tape around my calf to get the measurement? thanks for your help! this is a fantastic tutorial!
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Thanks for this! I'me going to use this for my Hatsune Miku cosplay I'm doing and I'm gonna make some bright furry leg warmers!
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This is brilliant~!! <3
Now that I know how to sew, I can finally make these and possibly cosplay >w<
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Oh dear... I was thinking of this for Amu Hinamori, but as a Lolita I need to correct you! Leg warmers are greatly frowned upon within the EGL community! If you'd edit the description, I'd be eternally grateful. The last thing I want is some poor new Loli to come to a meet with these leg warmers and get teased for being "ita!"
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Really? Because I see them everywhere here, and in groups or lots of shops. Plus, I did this... heh, like 5 years ago, when it was uber popular to wear them with loli outfits even in the states.

I have a feeling that if someone was showing up to an EGL community meeting or something, they probably already know what's currently "in" or "acceptable" for it, but I will add something in anyways :3
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Alright, thank you!
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i don't quite get the step 6 can you tell me in a more clearer way with pics? if not its ok
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Thank you very much for this! I'm doing an Equestria Girls cosplay and their shoes/socks have such a weird shape, but these leg warmers are the perfect solution for it!
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This is perfect for my Tugger cosplay :)
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Oh awesome! I'm glad it's helpful!! :glomp:
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oh thank you so much for posting this
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Yay, this helped me make mes leg warmers :D
This is how mine turned out: [link]

Yeah...I kinda messed up 'cause I just fail like that.
Great tutorial!
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Thanks so much for this!
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Thank youuuuuuuuuuu!!!!~

I needed this for my cosplay soooo bad~
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Thanks so much!!! I was thinking about cosplaying Rin and have a little trouble making the leg warmers.
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FINALLY A TUTORIAL I UNDERSTAND!!!!! I know this is a stupid and annoying question, but I'm REALLY new to sewing, so would you know of any tutorials for how to add trim correctly? I have a good idea how to, but I'm not sure.....
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THANK YOU! was looking forever for a tutorial like this!
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so thats how there made! XD
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EEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeee~!!! :D

Can this be made for Yetti boots too? :0
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THis will really help me
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Thankyou!! This is going to help me so much for when I make the arm and leg warmers for Rin and Len cosplay
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Can this tutorial be used for making arm warmers too?
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