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Tutorial: RIT-Dye Color Chart

By taeliac
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Colors with an * denotes discontinued colors

:star: Please look at my tutorial on how to dye fabric with RIT Dye :star:

Here is the color grid of RIT Dye colors and how they take to different types of fibers. These were taken off of scans of the actual test fiber strips that we did in class, and I took every precaution to be sure that they remained true-to-life color. This does not mean, however, that they'll all display the same on every monitor - rather, this is just a guide for how the color takes, and the variations on each color that happen.

The strips (from the black line on) are as follows:
1: Spun Diacetate (think taffeta, satin, brocades)
2: Modacrylic (usually flame retardant fabrics, non-wovens, fleece, wigs)
3: Filament Triacetate (if the fabric is wrinkle-resistant, this is probably what it is)
4: Bleached Cotton
5: Acrylic (Creslan 61) (I don't know the difference between the different Acrylic fibers, but they seem to dye the same way)
6: Polyester (Dacron 54) (again, I don't know what the differences actually are)
7: Polyester (Dacron 64)
8: Nylon
9: Acrylic (Orlon 75)
10: Spun Silk (i.e. Silk)
11: Polypropylene (i.e. Polyester)
12: Rayon
13: Worsted Wool

Plus, the final two columns were because we did larger samples of cotton and silk.

I hope that this helps you out a bit - I'll have the tutorial for how to RIT Dye up shortly!

We did miss a few newer colors that they added to their production, but we did not have at school - sorry about that! Also, many of the discontinued colors can sometimes be found at stores still, so that is why I included them.

2007 Sam Lemieux/Taeliac Studio Cosplay [link]
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thank you thank you thank you!
i can you help me.
Thank you so freaking much. I have been on a mad search for this exact thing. I am thoroughly disappointed that Rit does not have anything like this on their site. 
taeliac's avatar
Way late reply, but yes!! I agree, it's so crazy that something like this is so hard to find! Although, I will admit, when we ordered the testing fabric for class, it was stupid expensive (think like $40/yard) but still. You'd think this would be the main selling point on their site or something :\
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I'm dying a Tilley hat that was given to me by someone who didn't want it anymore and this is so helpful! Thank you so much!
SkellyBro's avatar
I love your tutorials so much.... they seriously are perfect for cosplay...
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Now I don't have to worry how my fabric will turn out. Thx for sharing! =)
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This is amazing!! Thank you so much for the resource.
taeliac's avatar
Any time!! When we did these in class all I could think was "welp, gotta get these put together and online so I don't forget when I inevitably loose the samples!" :giggle:
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What does the astrix mean?
MySilentAsylum's avatar
Super helpful! thank you!
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i have aquestion? so do u know if you dye soil resistant fabric?
My cotton fabric is already the color of the Yellow -1 row and the Cotton Colum. It is a very light pastel color. So am at a loss how dying it will come out. It is a store bought couch slip cover with no place to snip a sample peice to try.They call the color Natural since it isn't white. Think of the color of whipping cream before you whip it.
Help. I am thinking of a Navy or Royal blue or Purple dye but will the two blues turn to green with pastel yellow fabric? And the Purple dye just turn the fabric some weird shade?
lower-case's avatar
I'm going to be dying a dress for a convention next month and this will come in handy. :) Thank you.
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not sure why I didn't have this favorited earlier - I think because by now I know "If I need costume help, check taeliac's DA first!" lol

Planning on making a Mai (from Avatar) costume for AX, and I have tons of this white cotton fabric lying around that I think may work, if I can dye it the right colours. Going to do a test-run first, of course. :D
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You are amazing.

I just have no need for this information as of now.

But still!
You seem to know so much!!
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Hehe, I went to school for costume production, so we have to know all sorts of odd things - you never know what a director is going to say that they want :giggle:
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Hello, I dont know if you have answered this question before but would you happen to know if bottom weight fabric takes well to Rit dye? My fabric store has two colors of bottom and white...XD but I need it to be an Auqumarine color.
taeliac's avatar
Hrm... I actually do not know! I've heard that bottom weight doesn't take to the dye very well, for darker colors (my friend tried to ombre dye some for her final, and it came out lighter than she wanted, but that was using a fiber reactive dye, not RIT). You may either need to dye it a couple of times to get it dark enough, but I do know that it's possible to get the color onto the fabric ;P

Your best bet is to do a small sample of it (just scale down the proportions of water and dye) and see what color it comes out. Before dumping all of your fabric into it, though, let the dyed sample dry overnight, and then rise it out to get all of the dye out of it ;P That should tell you if you're going to need to do it more that once!

You may also want to experiment with using a darker blue in conjunction with the aquamarine dye, but that is definitely something to do samples with before dying any quantity of fabric :)
Shiro-Shiro-chan's avatar
Well im going a lighter color, I shall give it a try just to see XD thank you so much, its hard to find people who know what they are talking about on here so I thank you very much for responding, have a nice day ^^
PandaBearPaige13's avatar

go APH <3

*Random, I know <3*
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