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Tutorial: RIT-Dye Color Chart



Colors with an * denotes discontinued colors

:star: Please look at my tutorial on how to dye fabric with RIT Dye :star:

Here is the color grid of RIT Dye colors and how they take to different types of fibers. These were taken off of scans of the actual test fiber strips that we did in class, and I took every precaution to be sure that they remained true-to-life color. This does not mean, however, that they'll all display the same on every monitor - rather, this is just a guide for how the color takes, and the variations on each color that happen.

The strips (from the black line on) are as follows:
1: Spun Diacetate (think taffeta, satin, brocades)
2: Modacrylic (usually flame retardant fabrics, non-wovens, fleece, wigs)
3: Filament Triacetate (if the fabric is wrinkle-resistant, this is probably what it is)
4: Bleached Cotton
5: Acrylic (Creslan 61) (I don't know the difference between the different Acrylic fibers, but they seem to dye the same way)
6: Polyester (Dacron 54) (again, I don't know what the differences actually are)
7: Polyester (Dacron 64)
8: Nylon
9: Acrylic (Orlon 75)
10: Spun Silk (i.e. Silk)
11: Polypropylene (i.e. Polyester)
12: Rayon
13: Worsted Wool

Plus, the final two columns were because we did larger samples of cotton and silk.

I hope that this helps you out a bit - I'll have the tutorial for how to RIT Dye up shortly!

We did miss a few newer colors that they added to their production, but we did not have at school - sorry about that! Also, many of the discontinued colors can sometimes be found at stores still, so that is why I included them.

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