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December 28, 2011
Tutorial: Putting on Bias Tape by `taeliac
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Tutorial: Putting on Bias Tape

Tutorial dedicated to ~MedeaHiasobi

Done for a cosplay reference thing, and many people probably know this already (another case of having the camera around while shooting the zipper tutorial.

But, it is still useful - I really kind of cringe when I see people with beautiful outfits, but then they just tack the bias tape on the top (it's even worse when they don't even use bias tape, and just use strips of fabric regularly *shivers*)

It really is a very quick thing to do, and takes as much effort (and time) as top stitching it in place does, so why not do it the nicer way? That's my theory, at least.

So, I hope someone out there finds this useful, and not too confusing ;P I'll try to make a tutorial on how to make your own bias tape, but that's something easily found in most sewing books, so... yeah... let me know if you'd like it done, though, so I know.

2008 `taeliac ~ Samantha Lemieux ~ Taeliac Studio Cosplay
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MiniiSparkles's avatar
Ohhh , so THAT 's how , omfg , makes so much more sense now . Thank you so much ! xD
taeliac's avatar
Hehe, no problem! It totally messed with my mind when I first learned how it worked, too ;P
Sixwing's avatar
Thanks, this is going to come in handy. :D
Celyddon's avatar
I wanted to ask--may we repost this to our podcast tutorial page? We would give you all credit and link back to this tutorial. I love this and would like to share it with our listeners.

Amber, host of CosPod
Isa-Lacrymosa's avatar
Great tutorial :D I was always wondering how to use bias tape...
Kiwi-n-mangos's avatar
i find this tutorial rather bias lol
bluecatqueen's avatar
This is handy! I don't sew an awful lot, and haven't ever used real bias tape (I've done quilt binding, but I think I just used folded over fabric that I had already used in the quilt, and did the second side by hand.) I'm adding this to my favorites for future reference, since I never know what my next project will be.
blanchstar's avatar
Thank you so much for this tutorial! It really helped a lot. Here's the skirt I made with the help of this tutorial: [link]
&& congrats on the DD!
AerithReborn's avatar
I love this tutorial. It has saved me so many times and TOTALLY deserves a DD. Congrats!
Warriorfanatic99's avatar
Wydra-abr-draumar's avatar
StarsOfCASSiOPEiA's avatar
Remember that "odd coincidence" theory I had about your tutorials showing up just before I need them?

Welp. Was just researching bias tape for an upcoming cosplay. XD
bear48's avatar
very helpful
ChimeraDragonfang's avatar
So that's what that stuff is called! :dummy: Now I know what I'm looking for. 'Cept I'm still not sure what it is in Norwegian.... To date I've just been folding my fabrics over each other in ever more creative ways of hiding seams, because I couldn't find anything like this in stores here.
mizzhanson's avatar
Wonderful tutorial!
WallofIllusion's avatar
Ooh. I'm going to need bias tape for an upcoming costume and this is helpful.
ScarletDevil1503's avatar
Wow! Congrats on the DD. :iconbwavoplz:

DeceitOfTheMind's avatar
Great tutorial! This is incredibly useful, thank you so much. :hug:
FreckleOnMyPalm's avatar
This is a nice refresher for me on how to use bias tape properly, it's been a while since I've made any costumes but I whole-heartedly agree that this is something important for people to know and execute properly! Really nice, easy to understand tutorial^^
Waterbenderbunny's avatar
This is very useful--I've never used bias tape before. I have a question though--is it only for edges? Or can it be used for general trim? I'm a relatively novice sewer (I'm one of those people that generally just "sews it on" haha). I'm making a Madoka cosplay and bought red bias tape for those strips on her outfit. Is that going to work or should I use something else for that? I'm going to use the same bias tape for the edges of the petals on her skirt (and this tutorial is immensely helpful in regards to that, thanks again!!)
shi-neko's avatar
Heya! This tutorial is great - I've used it on more than one occasion. I was wondering, though, if you had plans for making a bias tape mitering tutorial at all, since that's what's tripped me up the most with bias tape personally (my corners! They are so ugly :( ). Just wondering! Thanks for this tutorial!
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TracieMacVean's avatar
Thankyou you so much for this tut! I have been silly (and now feeling a little stupid) and making my corsets with ribbon edging or just sewing the bias tape on without actually unfolding it. Luckily I read this when I did otherwise my new corset will look silly like all the others! I will definately use your tips!
muchandquick's avatar
My mind is completely blown. You have saved me from sloppily top-stitching my bias tape in place and now my costume's details will be like unto A GOD. Thank you so much for an excellent tutorial!
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