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December 28, 2011
Tutorial: Putting on Bias Tape by `taeliac
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Tutorial: Putting on Bias Tape



Tutorial dedicated to ~MedeaHiasobi

Done for a cosplay reference thing, and many people probably know this already (another case of having the camera around while shooting the zipper tutorial.

But, it is still useful - I really kind of cringe when I see people with beautiful outfits, but then they just tack the bias tape on the top (it's even worse when they don't even use bias tape, and just use strips of fabric regularly *shivers*)

It really is a very quick thing to do, and takes as much effort (and time) as top stitching it in place does, so why not do it the nicer way? That's my theory, at least.

So, I hope someone out there finds this useful, and not too confusing ;P I'll try to make a tutorial on how to make your own bias tape, but that's something easily found in most sewing books, so... yeah... let me know if you'd like it done, though, so I know.

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Ohhh , so THAT 's how , omfg , makes so much more sense now . Thank you so much ! xD