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Tutorial: Molds for Poly Clay

Last night, I broke down and freaked out about having my Nehelenia outfit done in a week or so... I promised not to procrastinate, but alas, it seems that has indeed occurred.

Instead of paying a fortune for beads for the necklace, bracelet, etc, I decided to try something new - using polymer clay (Fimo, Sculpy, etc) in a quickly made silicon mold. I was originally going to cast these out of resin, but was too lazy to pull all of that stuff out, and risk getting the "casting pox" rash from it. Plus, the resin would take at least 15 minutes before I could demold it and cast again, and I just did not want to spend that much time (I think I wound up with 100 of these in the end).

:star: You can find info about the "Amazing Mold Putty" here, as well as order it, I think...

I apologize for the picture quality - they're from my cell phone, but you should be able to follow what I was doing pretty decently with them. It's easy, either way, so no worries.

I forgot to mention in the tutorial that these, as with all bits out of polymer clay, can just be painted with generic acrylic paints (these were~)

I'll post pictures of the finished jewelry and cosplay when it's all done, but for now, you can use your imagination :3

As per the usual, do not copy, steal, edit, redistribute or do other malicious things with or to this tutorial.
If you claim it as your own, I shall find out and you'll have to watch your back...

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OH man, I needed this tutorial so badly! I was about to make molds myself, but out of other fimo clay, and that just wouldn't be flexible. I need to find this molding stuff!