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August 3, 2012
[Stock & Resources] Tutorial: Making a Petticoat by `taeliac The suggester states "I have searched high and low for a decent petticoat tutorial and this is great. She includes all the math you need to do and measurements you need to take to make a petticoat to your body's specifications."
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Suggested by moofestgirl
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Tutorial: Making a Petticoat

This tutorial took a lot longer to put together than I had imagined it would! But, I certainly hope I covered everything in a relatively easy to follow manner.

<div align="center">:star: This tutorial is on how to make a simple petticoat :star:

It walks you through deciding how long you want your petticoat to be, how to do the math to figure out how much fabric you need to buy, fabric suggestions, sewing options, as well as some notes from me towards the end on adapting this to work with different styles.

Basically, I've covered everything I can possibly think of for helping you to make your own petticoat for cosplay, re-enactment, or just for fun.

In fact, you can even make this and wear it as a skirt, if you want :3

As always, there is math involved. Don't fear it, but, at the same time, I'm just going to ignore questions about it - I've tried to explain it to the best of my ability in multiple different ways. If you don't understand, I don't think I can help you any more than I have tried to already ^^

<div align="center">:star: Because I'm awesome :star:
I've even included a PDF copy of this tutorial for you to download, print off and write all over.

<div align="center">Brushes from =Lileya

<div align="center">As always, do not copy, steal, edit, redistribute or do other malicious things with or to this tutorial.
If you claim it as your own, I shall find out and you never know when I'm going to snap...

©2011 Sam Lemieux // `taeliac ::

© 2011 - 2022 taeliac
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maggie-25's avatar

Thanks so much :)

anime-queen-88's avatar
If I'm going to be making this petticoat to go over a hoop skirt, what mathematical adjustments would I need to make?
Saphira12702's avatar
How could I make the petticoat fluffier? ouo and thank you for this xD I need it 
taeliac's avatar
I would suggest making the bottom tier out of a double layer of tulle (one layer stacked on top of the other) - that adds a lot of fluff. If that's still not enough, add yet another layer, or make it more "dense" than my suggestions - take a look at my video tutorial on making ruffles, that can give you an idea of how to make an even denser layer at the bottom for even more fullness :3
Saphira12702's avatar
Thank you dear c:
CandyApplePie's avatar
this is a beautifully made tutorial
LauhMalfoy's avatar
Amen. I looked everywhere for a tutorial that made me feel entirely sure of what I was doing and I finally found one! Thank you!
ThePencilIsMySword's avatar
Do you think I'd be able to make a hoopskirt using this tutorial? I've been trying to find a good tutorial so I could I have a hoopskirt for my Sandplay of the Singing Dragon (Luka) cosplay and Beatrice (Umineko) cosplay. This seems to be my best bet. Thank you!
IchigoNekoMegami's avatar
I always wanted one of these. This tut helped me out so much. I made my first pettiecoat summer last year. I might make one again for cosplay. Thanks so much for tut. Every helpful and easy to understand.
morganskye's avatar
Hi! I made an excel sheet to try and make this easier on myself because math BAD. Would you be able to take a peek at it to make sure it's correct? The only snag is that I couldn't figure out how to round up with unknown numbers so I had to take a few liberties.

If the chart is good I'm perfectly cool with sharing, assuming someone didn't beat me to the punch. You can email me at my user name here at Thanks for you help!
KoryXIII's avatar
ClockworkRuin's avatar
Thank you for posting this. You saved me a lot of headache with the helpful math tips.
SuzieQLucky2's avatar
This is absolutely precious! Thank you for sharing this.
AkatsukiKurohana's avatar
This is very helpful; Thank you! :la:
taeliac's avatar
Not a problem at all! I'm glad to hear it!! :glomp:
chibi-cheeks's avatar
I found this while googling tutorials. It's a DD so that must mean it's quite helpful. I'll try it and see how it turns out. Thanks so much.
Minkymy's avatar
I will store this for later use.
Nordana's avatar
I needed something like this. This will come in handy when I make my own clothes!
Aelorn's avatar
Congrats on the DD!
pwassonne's avatar
Is this tutorial suitable for making a Lolita bell-shaped petticoat ?
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ladykataana's avatar
OH MY GOSH!!! I always about doing something like this, especially since I am 300 lbs of awesome... Thank you so much for putting this up here!!!
SkyManateeStudios's avatar
Congratulations on the DD!
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