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Tutorial: Lame Trim

By taeliac
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EDIT: Was supposed to be lamé for the title, but apparently, the é was not acceptable... go figure. So, you're stuck with the title of "LAME trim".


Okay, here is another one of those "hey, I'm doing this right now, I wonder if anyone is interested in this being a tutorial? I mind-as-well take pictures just in case it helps."

Working with lamé trim can be a pain, but not impossible. Just remember, the larger the size of the piece you're working with (i.e. trim versus a skirt), the more wrinkled it will get, and the easier it will be to screw it up.

I personally don't like lamé except under certain circumstances - I love it as trim, so long as it behaves. There are many other alternatives out there, though, so I suggest that if lamé is giving you a hard time, look around and see what else there is that is shiny :D


I still think I get too wordy with tutorials, but ah well. You'll have to deal with it ;P

:star: Please forgive the horrible, horrible drawings, too. I can't help it - I only have a touch-pad to draw with at the moment, and there is so very little you can do with them...
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How did you get it to be less shiny in the last image?  Light fabric paint?
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It was just the angle of the photograph, I didn't do anything to the lame. I am not sure how to get it to "tone down" the shine off the top of my head ^^;
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Another thing is to use a stretch needle (usually for swimsuit type fabrics).
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A belated reply, sorry!

I never really had a lot of success with stretch needles, but I may give them a go again, thank you for the tip!
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Also embroidery, metallic, or topstitch needles, if you need a sharp tip.
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Just a thought, but I found it is easier to work with when cut on the bias- the fraying is a lot easier to keep under control that way, so you don't have to clear little sparklies out of your serger for days afterwards :D :D
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I now know exactly where my ruffly lame shirt went wrong- apparently, about the time i thought it was a good idea in the first place ;)
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I agree with your friend - whenever I go shopping and need something shiny, I always pass right by the lame with a repulsed look on my face. But this makes it seem more reasonable!

Please keep up the "oh I just thought I'd take pics while I'm making this" tutorials! They are so helpful!

And I don't think they're too wordy - I think they're hilarious, actually! :P

p.s. I found you through ACParadise. I was thinking of suggesting a "tutorials" section for their forums, what do you think?
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:giggle: Yeah, I really dislike working with lame, but sometimes, it's all there is to it *sigh*

I'll definitely keep up with those! I have a couple more on my hard drive now, and I'm hoping to get them up soon, too :D Just some more simple one's, but still, not so bad!

Ah! I haven't been on the ACP forums for ... ever, it seems! It's just so hard to keep up with all of them (and, it seems cosplay forums tend to breed drama, so I avoid that when I can ^^;) but if they did something like that, I'd be game! I'll have to pop on by more often and see what I can do to help people, cuz it's fun :D
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I usually back my lamé with fusible interfacing so it's a little stiffer and easier to work with. It still frays like a bitch, though, so the serging the ends is a neat idea. I wish I had thought to do that on my Fire Emblem costumes sooner. Soooo many hours wasted folding moar to combat fraying edges.
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Ah! I never thought to do that, quite honestly :D I like that a lot, too~ too bad it doesn't stop the fraying. So evil, so very, very evil...
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lmao. Love the hand drawn embellishments.
Lame is another enemy. A zipper in there's a nightmare for ya.
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Great tutorial (only just spotted it - too busy looking at other stuff I suppose) I don't think your tutorials are too wordy - but I think I'm guilty of being wordy myself ;)

In the UK and France there's a great alternative to lame (I don't know how to create the accent without digging out my ascii codes =P) It's a fine jersey (so it has a slight stretch - too much though and you wreck the fabric) with an ultra shiny coating of something that's not disimilar to PVC (but it's very thin so the fabric drapes beautifully) It hates hot irons, doesn't like being laundered much and tumble drying is a definate no no. It's much easier to use than lame, doesn't wrinkle anything like as much and doesn't have threads that snap - oh and it's not scratchy either ;)
I've used it for some things - it has different properties and different applications but for shiny shiny trim it's fab!
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Very helpful indeed. =D I hate working with that stuff! :angered:
taeliac's avatar
Me too!

And I found the only way to sew it onto something nicely is by hand - no topstitching XP
Liquidfire3's avatar
LOL, yep, but it takes sooooo much time! :depressed:
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Very cool - I have quite a few in my gallery, if you'd like to link to or whatnot with those, too :D
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Well, you could add them yourself as well - this is a wiki. ;)

Just go to the appropriate page on the wiki, click the "edit" button at the bottom of the page, enter the link to the tutorial in the same way as the other links, and save the result...
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wow this is super awesome.
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Hehe, thank you!
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Cuz i am such a loser in sewing, i'll say that ur a professional.


I can only sew skirts.. lol. not that i wear them though. (i mean like, i will wear one if i am a sisseh) Pants r my best frens... xD

say, i'll just put this tutorial to good use. Then i can sew a better costume! ^o^ Yeahhaa!
taeliac's avatar
Oh awesome! Thank you!!

Hehe, I love skirts :giggle: A friend of mine has declared herself "Anti-pants" because of having to sew them (and sew in zippers!)
Jinxzett's avatar
Weh? Heeey, pants are the best ya know?? Its fun making pants!

...Well, to me at least. ^^;;
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