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Tutorial: How to put on wigcap



Here is the second of three tutorials I took pictures for a few days ago at school, for putting on and wearing wigs.

This one is about how to put on a wigcap (after your hair has been pincurled). For some reason, it seems longer than it should be - this is an insanely simple process, that after a few tries, turns out to take less than three minutes to do, but I wanted to be as detailed as possible with pictures and descriptions, so it makes sense.

For the pins, I have found these via Sally Beauty & Supply:

Smaller hair pins - [link]
Larger hair pins - [link] (you do not use these for putting on a wig cap - these are for the actual wig itself, but I wanted to include the link for ease of ordering!)

Unless you're wearing an extremely light colored wig, always get black pins (bobbi pins and hair pins) because they won't reflect light - they just look like the roots of hair.

Again, a thank you goes out to ~MedeaHiasobi for helping me with this (it's her hands with blue fingernails you see in the pictures :D) ~ you should go watch her, too!

Wig tutorials:
:heart: How to do pincurls -- [link]
:heart: How to put on a wig cap -- [link]
:heart: How to put on a wig -- [link]
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