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Tutorial: How to put on wigcap

Here is the second of three tutorials I took pictures for a few days ago at school, for putting on and wearing wigs.

This one is about how to put on a wigcap (after your hair has been pincurled). For some reason, it seems longer than it should be - this is an insanely simple process, that after a few tries, turns out to take less than three minutes to do, but I wanted to be as detailed as possible with pictures and descriptions, so it makes sense.

For the pins, I have found these via Sally Beauty & Supply:

Smaller hair pins - [link]
Larger hair pins - [link] (you do not use these for putting on a wig cap - these are for the actual wig itself, but I wanted to include the link for ease of ordering!)

Unless you're wearing an extremely light colored wig, always get black pins (bobbi pins and hair pins) because they won't reflect light - they just look like the roots of hair.

Again, a thank you goes out to ~MedeaHiasobi for helping me with this (it's her hands with blue fingernails you see in the pictures :D) ~ you should go watch her, too!

Wig tutorials:
:heart: How to do pincurls -- [link]
:heart: How to put on a wig cap -- [link]
:heart: How to put on a wig -- [link]
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Thank you for this tutorial! My pony tail added a lot of weight to my wig and made my wig cap slip along with the entire wig + ponytail. When I secured the wig cap with even just bobby pins (about 4-5) that did the trick for me
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Awesome! I'm gonna try this when i get my wig! Im going to have to use a bunch of hair pins cuz my hair is short and in caps xD
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If it's really short, you can use toupee clips to anchor your wig down to - they're easy to get in, and you can find them at Sally's and sometimes places like Walgreens even - just put them in wherever you can't pincurl your hair, or where the wig is going to need extra support (like under big buns and the like) and use your wig pins into those instead of the pincurls, and your wig should stay put through anything :3
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Awesome! Ima try that xD Ive tried with like normal bobby pins and some hairs would just be sticking out >: P
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thanks so much for the help even if i dont have wigs XD i want to cosplay but dont have any
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Ouaouh, j'adore ! Bravo ^-^
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Great tutorial! I didn't know about the different hairpins! I'll have to get some. Thank you very much!
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Will this work with really thick hair that goes down to the lower back? Because I always had a hard time stuffing my hair in a wig. :C
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Yep, it definitely does, with the pincurls, or using two french braids down the back (I think I put that in the tutorial ^^;) I have the same type of hair, and I just wedged it into a wig (comfortably ;P) a few weeks ago, and no problems at all :3
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I put my fair in french braids but without a wig cap. What an annoyance that was. :I thanks for the advice C:
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I have very short hair, about six inches or so at the longest, do I need to do anything to my hair like pincurls, or will the cap pin securely to my "undone" hair? :D Thank you so much for this btw! I had no idea why the wig I got was falling off and slipping like crazy! haha!
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You'll still need something to hold the wig in place underneath, so if pin curls are not possible, look for little clips, usually called toupee clips, or sometimes just extension clips, at somewhe like Sally's Beauty Supply! I haven't found them anywhere else, but they're just what you need - I can snap a photo of what they look like if that'll help! You just put them in in the same places you'd put the pin curls, and pin the wig pins under those instead of into the pin curls :3
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Thank you! And yes! Pictures would be amazing! :D
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ummm can it still work with hair that is long to the buttocks? will it look normal with a wig or do i need something else?
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Yes! It definitely will still work - you can either have someone help you pincurl your hair (my hair is that long, and that is what I do) or, you can put your hair into two french or dutch braids (one on either side) and cross them under the base of your skull (kind of like a "U" shape) - that way, there isn't any visible bulk to make the wig look funny! You put the wig cap on in the same way, and it should all be good! :3

Just a word of warning - practice it a couple of times before you plan on wearing it, just so that you don't get frustrated doing it ;p
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thank you! i've been very worried that if i buy a wig and cap i will regret it because it won't look right, thank you for the info! and luckily i know how to french braid~ :icononibowplz:
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Oh wow, this is very helpful! I've seen wig pins before but never knew what they were lol. Thanks!
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:giggle: No problem! I know, I was confused the first time I saw them (I accidentally bought them instead of bobby pins...)
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Hey, I have a question - could you give me the link to the pins you used? The links you provide go straight to the SallyBeauty homepage and I haven't the faintest clue which pins to buy XD
And it's a really good tutorial, I'm going to use it as guidance when I get my L wig :D
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Ah poop! They changed their web sit, which is why it's not working, I think :O

Here are the shorter pins : [link]
And the longer pins for in the back : [link]

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Thanks very much! :D
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Your tutorial is very helpful! I'm going to be trying these techniques the next time I put on my wigs!
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