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Tutorial: How to put on a wig

Here is the last of the tutorials I took pictures for a while ago at school, for putting on and wearing wigs.

This is the one about how to put on a wig (after, of course, the pincurling and the wigcap business). For this part, you'll probably want to have a friend on hand to help you get it on, it just makes everything easier (trying to hold a wig in the front, while pulling it down in the back is not an easy thing to do on your own).

For the pins, I have found these via Sally Beauty & Supply:

Smaller hair pins - [link]
Larger hair pins - [link] (you do not use these for putting on a wig cap - these are for the actual wig itself, but I wanted to include the link for ease of ordering!)

Unless you're wearing an extremely light colored wig (i.e. a white wig), always get black pins (bobbi pins and hair pins) because they won't reflect light - they just look like the roots of hair.

Again, a thank you goes out to ~MedeaHiasobi for helping me with this (it's her hands with blue fingernails you see in the pictures & in the images :D) ~ you should go watch her, too!

Wig tutorials:
:heart: How to do pincurls -- [link]
:heart: How to put on a wig cap -- [link]
:heart: How to put on a wig -- [link]
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Are you french?
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Nope, generic American lol
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Oh, sorry!I thought that 'cuz of your name! It sounds French! It's very beautiful too!
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This is a really good tutorial set! I've used this when cosplaying and each con has been a success!
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Awesome tutorial! Is there any way we can get a printable version please?
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I actually plan on it as soon as I have some extra time! I'm hoping to do a good PDF of it, as well as an iBook kind of thing, but the big problem is finding all the stuff to reshoot the pictures - wigs are expensive here in Japan >__<
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I can not tell you how much help these tutorials have been! I wore a wig for the first time ever at a recent convention, and man was it a pain in the arse! I had no wig pins, just bobby pins, and though I'd french braided my hair down both sides as you suggest for long hair in the pincurling tutorial, it didn't do a very good job.

I'll be sure to have the right pins for my wig next time! And if I haven't managed to get used to french braiding my own hair by then, I"ll get someone to do it for me.
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For me, the biggest deal is having a firm base of hair to pin the wig into, to hold it in place. Wig pins just help because you can pin through the wig itself a whole lot easier ^^

If you need a firm base for your wig, but your hair is naturally slippery, they make these things called toupee clips -… - they call them hair extension clips, but really, they're toupee clips ;P What you do is clip those into your hair, like in the back or especially where the weight is on your wig, and then pin under those, so they help take the weight of the wig. It can really make a difference depending on the texture of your hair!

Also, wig caps are a huge necessity - they also help distribute the weight of the wig over your whole head, and firm up the foundation (i.e. your hair) for the wig :3
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I have a wig cap, but not having my hair up properly, and using the little bobby pins really didn't give me a very good grip. I will definitely look into getting a proper set of wig pins, and possibly some toupee clips! Can't wait to try this again. Maybe I'll hit the hairdresser the day before and have them braid up my hair for me nice and snug.
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i need serious help, it seems like the the wig isn't long enough to cover my hairline so it looks like the bangs are like an inch floating from my forehead. or maybe the forhead of the wig is too thick?  PLX HELP
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this will help me tremendously,  i have a twin tail wig i have to wear and a-lot of hair...:/
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Thanks for this tutorial! Now I'm just using small pins to pin down my wig. I'll get the big ones soon.
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these are perfect thank you so much xx
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is there a way to alter a wig to make its cap size bigger. i recently bought a wig thats cap size only goes to 23 1/2 inches i need it to go up to at least 24. my theory is to add a quarter inch to each side of the wig and then add in wefts to hide the elastic or whatever i plan on using to add the length.
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Cut the back of the wig center. Add a piece of elastic to the back of the wig.
catrina339's avatar
skin top it will have to be each side, the wig in question is the chibi from arda-wigs
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Great tutorial! I always wondered how people's wigs stayed in place while mine was always sliding all over the place... I never thought of pins!
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Thanks so much for all your wig tutorials; they've put a lot of my anxieties to rest. If I may ask, do you have any tips for wearing top-heavy ponytail wigs (i.e. Sailormoon wigs, with styrofoam-core buns and heavy heavy long pigtail extensions) where it's difficult to conceal all the wispy hair in the back of my hairline? I've tried a bunch of things with wig caps, but those don't really help with the wispyness in the back.

By the way, the links to the Sally's products don't work anymore... I went over there (physically) and found some similar looking things but they look more like V-shaped pins than U-shaped pins... are these the right ones? The people at the store had NO clue what I was asking for when I asked for wig pins and told me to use bobby pins... I ended up buying the pins that looked like the ones you used and squished them together so they resembled yours, lol... but I'm not sure they did what they were supposed to. >.>

Thank you SO much for all your help! :)
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I tried this and it worked perfectly THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!!! I had so much trouble trying to get my wig to stay on because the back was soo heavy it just slipped off... But i can jumo around and not worry too much XDDDD
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I have a wig that is pulled into a ponytail at the back and has a clip on long haired ponytail that goes on the back. The only problem is that the clip on part is pretty heavy and the wig is too big(one size fits most... im not most lol) so will this still work?
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Wow oAo Amazing...sure that if I do that my wig will not fall down XD
thanks for making this tuto :3
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Thanks for putting this up. It was so helpful for my first wig experience! I have a question: What are the larger hair pins called? Do they have a specific name? I can't seem to find them online or in store. Thanks. =)
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Why do the links in the description just take me to the sally beauty supply homepage?
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