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Tutorial: How to do pincurls

Here is the first of three tutorials I took pictures for a few days ago at school.

This one is about how to pincurl your hair in preparation for putting on a wig. This is the longest of the three, but by far, the most important one to know. I know there are many people out there who think that you do not need to do this to your hair, but I've found that you really, really need to do this in order to have a wig that doesn't *look* like a wig when you're wearing it, and also so that it doesn't fall off.

But, on the plus side, the pincurls are very simple to do with a bit of practice!

A thank you goes out to ~MedeaHiasobi for helping me with this (it's her hands with blue fingernails you see in the pictures :D) ~ you should go watch her, too!

Wig tutorials:
:heart: How to do pincurls -- [link]
:heart: How to put on a wig cap -- [link]
:heart: How to put on a wig -- [link]
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The doll is scary! :-O
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Very helpful! Every time I've put a wig cap on it slips off and the wig wobbles. DX My problem is I have a lot of layers and super short bangs.
Also, do you have tips for guys with shaggy hair?
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This is helpful. However would you have any idea how I could go ahead and do this (I have shoulderlength dreadlocks)
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This looks great! ... Though I have long hair (slightly past my waist), so I would simply French braid it??? What do you mean by crossing them at the base and making a "U"?
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I have very thin and fine hair that is near my shoulder at the longest point and to the base of my head at the shortest. I'm weary of the pincurls because I feel like they will be so small and my hair so fine that they won't stay. Are there any pointers you could give me? I can't french braid my hair either.
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This is so helpful! I have a big head and thick hair, so just braiding it and rolling it up doesn't really work for me.
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If for a guy, how do I make pincurls for the wig pins that go into the wig cap work?
Since I'm a guy, I naturally have short hair (extra now after a haircut)
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Thank you *so* much for this wonderful set of tutorials! :happybounce: They were *immensely* helpful. :squee:

Until a few weeks ago, I normally just held a wig in place with a few bobby pins and called it a day. Then I had a costume where I had to wear a 6-foot long wig. Your tutorial was so helpful, and so easy to follow! Not once did my wig slip or felt uncomfortable, and as a bonus I had lovely curls after I took the pincurls out (they went well with another costume I wore later). From now on, this is the only way I wear wigs! Bravo! :clap:
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Do you mean only 2 more pincurls are needed for the rest of the hair? So, seven pincurls all up for an average head?
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You know that natural blondes normally have thicker hair?

And that some people have never had a proper haircut and just get split ends chopped off?

Well, this is extremely helpful for those people, especially if they want to cosplay Gumi.
ObsessiveGoblin's avatar
I have naturally blonde and very thick hair o3o
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Perhaps you could add that this is for people with long hair? Just a suggestion here...
Mean, what about the male cosplayers or those of us female cosplayers who keep our hair incredibly short to avoid having to wear weird hair styles under our wigs?
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don't try to french braid your hair down the side of your head on your own. i spent two hours trying to do it and still failed.
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i'm definitely going to try this. I usually just french braid my hair, but I also never thought about doing the U-shape in the back. I can't wait to try this!
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Oooh, thanks for this. :3 I just got some wig caps(still need my wig to get here, XD) and I couldn't figure out how to pincurl my hair... This should help. I'll try it later. :3
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Simply explained, clear, and concise! Great tutorial! :D
I think that I must respectfully disagree with your idea that one MUST pincurl one's hair in order to have a wig stay on comfortably. I've been wearing wigs for some time now, and I find that if I pull my hair into an unsecured tail just above the nape of my neck, twist it once or twice, flip it onto the top of my head, and pull my wig cap over it, it works perfectly. The cap squishes my hair down flat to my head, and my wigs stay on with only a few pins, looking perfectly natural - at least the ones that are believable.

Granted, I have also never had a heavy wig that wanted to slip off my head. In that case, I would probably try something else.

I'm not here to argue, only to offer my own experience.
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Thanks for these tutorials, very helpful :)
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oh...... that would make things SO much easier! all of your tutorials are easy follow and have helped me a lot, I appreciate it! :iconsqueeeplz:
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I'm totally too lazy to do this to my hair when I wear my wigs lol, I end up just combing down and cross wrapping at the base of my neck then bringing the lengths back up and round the front of my hairline, creates a similar kind of anchor point and no weird hump at the back :D
gunslingergal's avatar
Thanks for posting this,I have always had problems with my wigs!
taeliac's avatar
Not a problem! I had a lot of problems, too, which is why I had to do the tutorials when I found out you could submit tutorials to DeviantART :giggle:

I'm happy to have helped! :glomp:
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ummm, question? i have really short hair (barely chin length)and not really long enough for pin curls. any suggestions for a different method?
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