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Tutorial: How to Applique

By taeliac
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Well, I needed a break from doing this for hours! So, I took pictures while I was going (as per the usual) of appliqueing the clouds onto the Itachi robe I have on commission (that I have to have done this weekend/early next week :faint:)

So... I hope you can find this helpful, as well! It's a grand alternative to the Fakie Screen-Printing Tutorial for a way of applying color or design.

I'll probably wind up coming in and editing this description shortly; I'm just too tired right now! That was a lot more work (both the cloud things, and the tutorial) than I thought it would be!

I have one question for Naruto fans, though: why is there only one cloud on Itachi's outfit that goes backwards? The one on the back, as per this reference - [link] Why just one?! *drives me crazy*

As per the usual:

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I'm a bit new to the sewing game, but I am ambitious. I plan to make a superhero costume (A fun spandex deal), and I need to have a logo smack dab in the center of the chest. 
Would you recommend this method, or is there a simpler way I am overlooking? Even just a quick nudge in the right direction would be appreciated.

Thanks so much!
(Saved the link regardless, as I think this would be perfect for some future plans I have)
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Hmmm if it’s going to be spandex, this may not work as well, since it might pucker and pull.

Personally, I’d take a look at iron-on vinyl decals! If you’re in the US, check JoAnn Fabrics by their “Cricut” stuff. You can usually find rolls of it meant for using with a paper cutting machine, but you can also just cut it by hand! It irons on to the fabric and may work nice! The trick is, if it’s a skin-right suit, you’re going to have to stretch the base fabric out a bit when ironing it on so it doesn’t pop off later.

Otherwise, look at my tutorial for “fakie screen printing” - that is another great option for you, and od even go so far (if it’s a really stretched spandex outfit) of having a friend do the painting while you’re wearing it, so you know how it is gonna look!

I hope that helps, and I’m sorry it took a while to reply to you ♥️
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Belatedly, thank you so much! I ran out of time to do my costume for 2018, but I will remember this for future costumes. :)
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would it be possible to use that iron on bonding on a fine tulle material?
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I wouldn't suggest it, because it'll muck up your iron something fierce when it seeps through the holes! However, what you can do on a fine mesh is hand tack it down to the under layer, just using long basting stitches that are meant to be removed later. Basically, this would just hold it down long enough to do the stitching along the edge, and then remove it.

Otherwise, you might want to try some fabric glue, and just glue it right along the edge that you're going to be hiding with the applique stitch in the end anyways. Put it on carefully, let it dry COMPLETELY and then stitch over it to hide it! If you're careful, it will look like the netting is just floating there!
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ok then, thank you very much for the advice ^w^
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Thank you so much!!! I love this!
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If I want to use a lacy glitter type of fabric that would melt from the iron, but I still want to use applique, what would you recommend?

(For the crown designs on the sleeves of the leftmost one:…
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Maybe Masashi Kishimoto made it to see if anyone would notice. A lot of artists do that. They would put these small details in that don't even matter, and then someone notices, and it becomes a big thing.
Just my opinion, anyway...
Nice tutorial by the way! I just love the Akatsuki!! :heart:
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Such an awesome tutorial. Definitely going to try this soon.
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This is SO cool I would LOVE to do this! Thank you for all your hard work!!!
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Thank you very much for this awesome tutorial. This alternative of adding designs in seems a lot less messy than screen printing. Thankve & fave ++;
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Holy moly this is helpful. As an inspiring seamstress I must say, thank you for the great tutorial!
taeliac's avatar
Hooray! I'm very happy to hear that - and, keep up with it! We need more seamstresses to keep the fun of clothing up! <3
Shini-Sara's avatar
Haha, yes! Store clothes are so boring sometimes. >:I

(Also I meant aspiring, how did I not notice that immediately. 8|;; )
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How do you get your stitches so wide? My machine won't let me get anything wider than 0.5cm (if that). Your stitches look huge! My sewing machine is ancient, which might prove why I can't get stitches so wide, or aren't these stitches that wide at all? confused! D: How wide are these stitches?
taeliac's avatar
Age might have something to do with it. This machine is relatively new, and one of the reasons I bought it was because it's meant for quilting so it does appliqué beautifully! I've never quilted in my life, but the speed it can do these wide stitches at, and how nice they look, was worth the bit of extra money IMO.

One solution for you might be to to the zoo zag as widenas your machine can handle, and then do another row butt up against it until it's at the thickness you need? I actually had to do something similar for a show once, but we had to use gradients of color for each row, and it looks pretty nice when finished!
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wow it all turns out looking so good! i'm definitely gonna give this a try the first chance I get
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Thank you! I love the look od appliqué, so much more than just painting something on, but im a weirdo like that - I'm OCD on clean lines for some reason ^^
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what bothers me is that one cloud near the zipper that sits higher than its other half...

why do they do this?! XD

oh, and thank you much for the tutorial! I cant tell you how much this is going to help me! My friend and I are doing custom kimonos (we're plnning to use your kimono and obi tutorial as well! We'll give credit of course! ;D) and we're making our own fabric design by either cutting out fabric or painting the design (we haven't totally settled but I think it'd be cool to do both if we could manage!) So This was exactly what I needed! I knew my regular machine could work like this with a sigsag but there wasnt a really could tutorial for it, so thank you so much!!!
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your a damn jem! i was having issues with working out what a satin stitch on my machine was till you explained it in your tutorial
taeliac's avatar
Hehe, I'm very happy to have helped then!! It's a cool stitch, and if you use thread meant for embroidery (rayon usually) you can get some amazing results!

Aaaand, sorry for the uber late reply ^^
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