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Tutorial: Centered zippers



Oh yeah. Startin' off the new year with tutorial submissions!

Well, I had my camera downstairs in my sewing room with me while I was working on my latest, spontaneous Wai-Loli outfit, and I figured, what the hell. More pictures are good by me. I was working on putting a zipper into the pleated skirt, and figured that this was something I've struggled with for longer than you can imagine, until just recently.

I must emphasize, this is just following the instructions that are on the little inset thinger that comes with zippers - that sheet that I used to just throw away! *sigh* I just wanted to do a photo, "step-by-step" in the hopes that it doesn't seem so frightening to do. This is the most basic form of putting in a zipper, and shows the topstitching.

I'll try to do the other types eventually, too. Like, whenever I wind up putting one in next.

And I'm so sorry - it seems like I am always working on red projects when I decide to take pictures for a tutorial - I hope this one is pretty easy to see, though!

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I used your tutorial to install my first ever zipper, and it came out looking great! Thank you!