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Tutorial: Centered zippers

Oh yeah. Startin' off the new year with tutorial submissions!

Well, I had my camera downstairs in my sewing room with me while I was working on my latest, spontaneous Wai-Loli outfit, and I figured, what the hell. More pictures are good by me. I was working on putting a zipper into the pleated skirt, and figured that this was something I've struggled with for longer than you can imagine, until just recently.

I must emphasize, this is just following the instructions that are on the little inset thinger that comes with zippers - that sheet that I used to just throw away! *sigh* I just wanted to do a photo, "step-by-step" in the hopes that it doesn't seem so frightening to do. This is the most basic form of putting in a zipper, and shows the topstitching.

I'll try to do the other types eventually, too. Like, whenever I wind up putting one in next.

And I'm so sorry - it seems like I am always working on red projects when I decide to take pictures for a tutorial - I hope this one is pretty easy to see, though!

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I used your tutorial to install my first ever zipper, and it came out looking great! Thank you! 
taeliac's avatar
Woo!!! I'm so happy to hear it!!! :heart:
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I love you forever.
mei96's avatar
so do you put bias tape in after the zipper goes in? and how does that work?
taeliac's avatar
Yep, if you're using bias for the waistband or the like, you would usually do that after you put the zipper in - if you're too afraid of sewing over the zipper, putting the bias on by hand is the best option - just hand sew it in place and tuck in the raw edge, if that makes sense :3
MrsVanguard's avatar
Oh thank you so much for having this
taeliac's avatar
Hehe, no problem at all!! I'm going to do one for other types of zippers, too, because sometimes they're just a pain to remember how to do and I need to reference back at them :giggle:
sandvich24's avatar
Excellent tutorial! I needed this to remind myself how to do them *v*
HabaHaba89's avatar
I made a 50s dress for my friend and this would have helped a lot to make the zipper look more better placed D:
But next time I WILL remember this. And make all zippers look nice and well-placed :D
benihimecosplay's avatar
i'm just adding stuff on my new account. i love your tutorials though :)
StarsOfCASSiOPEiA's avatar
Why is it that every time I need a tutorial, I find one of yours? :giggle: You're so fantastic!
TheJuggernaut1999's avatar
thank you! I've been looking for a tutorial for some time.
LovelyAkuma's avatar
I just sewed an invisible zipper by hand on a velvet skirt I just made..
It was my first piece of clothing!!

And I don't think it came out that badly. But it was a pain to get the zipper lined up with the opening..

I was trying to follow your tutorial, but since I don't have a sewing machine, I just improvised! hehe

My hand stiching isn't perfect.. (quite the contrary actually) but since it doesn't show... I guess the important thing is that it holds the piece together! :D :D :D
xPandorae's avatar
Thanks a lot! I will definitely try this!
menne's avatar
After the dozen or so tutorials I had seen and watched before, yours was the one that made sense to me. You eased the frustration on the costume I was working on because I could not progress until the zipper had been sewn in. After your tutorial, it took only several minutes to get it done and correctly. You are my new favorite person!
StudioDisarray's avatar
I hate zippers.
Will try this though. Thanks for sharing. :)
this-is-madness's avatar
oh gawd, thank you so much. I've had an incompleted dress that I just can't seem to get the zipper right on. I hope I can get it right! *wonders where the iron is*
FruLulu's avatar
This'll help me with my zipper sewing a bit more, Thanks a bunch~! > w < :heart:
usagi23's avatar
good tutorial ^^
horsegirl2000148's avatar
Thank you so much for this tutorial! This helped me put in my first zipper on the back of my Princess Zelda dress. ^^
taeliac's avatar
Hooray!! I'm so happy to hear that!! :glomp: And, that is an awesome costume - I applaud you for even taking a shot at it :glomp: Have you uploaded any pictures of it yet? :love:
horsegirl2000148's avatar
Here's a better picture (it's updated, anyway): [link]
horsegirl2000148's avatar
Why, thank you! :giggle:

Actually, I have! I only have one full-body picture, though, and it's not up to date. :hmm: Here it is, anyway: [link]
I have more pictures of my armor and my sword in my gallery! :D I'll try to get a picture in "full costume" soon. Maybe even tonight! XD
midgarangel's avatar
OMGGGGGG HOW DID I MISS THIS TUTORIAL BEFORE?! <3 Apparently I've been putting zippers in all wrong for 2 years, haha!
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