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Tutorial: Basic Hand Stitches

By taeliac
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Here are the (admittedly, very simple) instructions for (again, admittedly, very simple) hand sewing stitches.

These were put together for the class we're teaching next week, but I thought some of you may want to know some basic hand sewing techniques, too, so I'm uploading this as well!

This is specifically meant to work with my Simple Bag Tutorial, but shall work for any time you're looking to sew something!

And, yes, because someone is going to point it out, that last one isn't an "applique stitch," it's just a modified whip stitch over the top, but that's a little more to explain to 12-year olds who may or may not have ever sewn before, so I figured, call it something simple and that be that.

So, please, anyone who wants to point that out to me shall have it pointed out that they are too lazy to read, and to please go away…

Also, did I ever mention how much I <3 Illustrator? I'm starting to feel like I should have been a technical illustrator, and not a sewing person... alas XP

Please do not redistribute, edit, repost, or claim as your own. You can link to this deviation, no problem, but you cannot repost them.

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hey im 29 and it STILL helps me thanks for the help
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Hiya! I hope you don't mind but I have linked this tutorial into the description of my own sewing tutorial (to help some people with terminology). Thank you for providing a wonderful resource!
plaidsandstripes's avatar
So...... USEFUL!!!
Geez. Thank you for making this!
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Any time!! I use these incessantly, and I'm thinking about trying to make similar diagrams of some more slightly advanced stitches - are they easy enough to follow? :glomp:
plaidsandstripes's avatar
Yes, and it's nice to have one image with a variety of stitches clearly shown and named.

How about one that shows types of ways to start or end your string? I was only ever taught one way to start a string (basically dredlock-rolling a giant random knot) and everything else I make up. :p So that would be helpful too, especially if there was small text saying what each stitch or knot are best for.
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Finally, a tutorial about stitching that shows you in a simple way instead of paragraphs of complicated manuvers. lol Thanks for posting! I only have one question, what is the best stitch to sew on the head to the body of plush? (Even if the stitch isn't posted here, I'll go look for it) I'm having problems with that, they just don't end up looking nice. :/
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Can I ask- what's each one good for?
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All I ever do is the running stich >.< But maybe I'll learn these now, you're picture makes them look not so hard! :D
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How fun! I'm a super-noob at sewing, good to have some nice, easily understandable visuals. :)
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i mcan't see the pic or the file ><"
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it's a pdf. I couldn't see it either, had to download it.
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:) I have done all of these and I don't want to say mastered but I got pretty at it for only doing it for two days xD Thanks this is so clear it's ridiculous. Thanks anyways.
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Thank you for the awesome tutorial, I just started sewing today, and already this helped me out!
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I'm designing a website for a school assignment, and one of the major parts of the site included tutorials and I wanted to ask if I could use this image as a thumbnail (credited to you), but since you said that we cannot repost, I won't use it. Please let me know if I do have your permission to use a thumbnail of this deviation. The website won't actually be live, it's just the flat design.
taeliac's avatar
Oh, thank you eve so much for asking! You most definitely have my permission to do so :glomp:
SHadyLAdy-70's avatar
Thank you very much, I will show you the designs if you like, once I finish the project.
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Thank you sooo much. This is super clear about the most basic stitches. Honestly, you would think you'd be able to find a guide on these that are really clear, but I couldn't until now. :) Thanks!
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Thank you so much I've been trying to figure out how to make a back stitch for a long time now, and I also have a question for you. Besides a running stitch, which stitch do you think is best for sewing things together because I use the running stitch and the things I make seem not want to stay together or not very well?
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Thank you for taking the time to share your tutorials. I'm not sure why, but most stitch illustrations seem harder to follow. Your work is very clear and easy to understand.

Much appreciated!
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hey, i was wondering, what would you use a backstitch for? is it stronger than a running stitch?
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Yes! It is much, much more durable, because each stitch basically "locks" the previous, so it can take more of a beating easily (it's great for plushies, I just found out today - it keeps the stuffing in place better than just a regular running stitch!)
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