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Rushing Waterfall

Well, this photo was taken today, after the record storms and rainfall we've had in this area the past few days. The waterfall that I love to take pictures of (here in the summer, here in the winter) was overflowing with water, and the river was rushing so furiously that it was actually quite scary.

I'm happy, though, that I was able to get these pictures - shortly afterwards, the fire department came out and made people get away from the river, in the fear that someone might fall in!

June 8, 2008
Grant Park, South Milwaukee, WI
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Jun 8, 2008, 3:15:44 PM
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Lady-of-the-Shield's avatar
And you live near this thing? :D you rock!

Excellent shot
piecees's avatar
amazing one .......wooooooow i love this photo
SwampLogger15's avatar
Wow! This is really cool! :excited: I would love to see something like this up-close! :huggle"
hugoo13's avatar
Great photo :) I like it
Carried in Cruzine: [link]
NekoFlameAlchemist's avatar
Oh gosh! You've really caught this well - it captures the torrents of water quite forcefully!
Cool-Not-Crazy's avatar
taeliac's avatar
Thank you! I'm still awed by it, I've never seen the little stream like that before or since!
Cool-Not-Crazy's avatar
I wish I could see something like that in person!
maryef-lucky's avatar
Very beautiful work!!))
taeliac's avatar
Why thank you so much :love:

That means the world to me - I sometimes think no one looks at my photo's ^^;
maryef-lucky's avatar
It is very pleasant to me to look at your gallery!
:hug: :wave: :)
disney20038's avatar
this is after the flud i live in there so i saw that. amazing shot!!!

it took a long time to fix the parkway up
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LOTR! ^o_o^
This picture reminds me of LOTR for some reason. xD; But it's a really cool shot, the intensity of the water is contrasted by the otherwise peaceful bridge scene.
taeliac's avatar
Oooh! It really does - it's so huge and overpowering, I think...

:love: Thank you!
faradayrx's avatar
Hooj! (Huge)

No prob. <3
Liquidfire3's avatar
Holy crap! :wow: Damn, I remember the other pic of this bridge you have, and wow, what a difference. Still very pretty though!
taeliac's avatar
Yeah, the weather really wrecked havoc with everything, including this area... I don't even know what happened, but the road is closed off still *whines*
Liquidfire3's avatar
Yikes! That really sucks. -__-
J-Cleo's avatar
Woah. Beauty and the Beast in another sense. It's amazing how nature can portray both in one image. And awesome job capturing it. :D
Amedyr's avatar
Beautiful composition with the bridge and the trees. The rushing water makes the whole picture so dynamic!
taeliac's avatar
Thank you! I just knew I had to try to get a picture of the water as crazy as it was - I'm just utterly amazed the camera took this picture, to be quite honest ^^;
Amedyr's avatar
Cameras do like to give good surprises, from time to time. :nod:
allison712's avatar
Wow, that is an amazing differencing, comparing the earlier pictures with this one. It's so peaceful and serene in the others, but raging and wild here.
taeliac's avatar
I know! It was quite shocking to actually see what is normally a quite little area in the park become this crazy rushing river - I haven't been able to get down there recently, to see what damage was done, but I hope it's not too bad... :hug:
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