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Mini Tutorial: Washing wigs

By taeliac
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Okay, I apologize now for how.. not.. pretty... this tutorial looks. But, it was done for =VashTastic, who really wanted to know how to clean her cosplay wigs and reuse them.

I know, it's taken me forever to get this done, and I'm sorry it's not very pretty, but there really aren't any images that I can show you (come on - you don't need to see how to swish a wig around in water...)

I hope it helps, even a bit. Onto more interesting tutorials in the near future!

2007 Taeliac Studio Cosplay - [link]
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You are a wig saver. Thank you oh so very much I've been meaning to cosplay with my neon wig but since it would be my first time cosplaying I've been terrified to even think about putting hair spray on my wig. Again, thank you.
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cool tutorial! I'll use this for future reference! :heart:
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Step 1 for real hair wigs: I need to remember to do this with my hair!!!
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I have a curly wig. Should I still use the metal brush or should I stick to the wide tooth comb?
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this is very useful
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I kinda don't get the dry the wig out part :/
can you help me?
what do you mean by pinning the wig onto a foam? D:
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Usually when one has a wig (and they style them) one has a wig head or a foam head: [link]

And you'll use either a sewing pin or a wig pin([link] or [link]) to secure it to the foam head (usually by stabbing it in the scalp to the top of the foam head)
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hey i could really use your help!!!! could you tell me how to untangle a really long and tangled wig without damaging it? we don't have any ship-shape or whatever here where i live.... what works best to untangle it??? D8
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Motions spray: [link] you can find it at a Walmart in the Ethnic section. Also use a wide tooth comb and start from the bottom and comb up. After using your fingers, wide tooth comb,use a small tooth comb. It's a hassle but well worth it.
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thank you... unfortunately i live in a country with no Walmart, but i appreciate your help anyways! i've found out hand lotion actually works too, strange as it may sound xD
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I totally feel stupid now. lol Sorry about that. I heard, but have never actually tested, that diluted fabric softner works too.I'm glad that you found an alternative. =p That does sound odd, if I ever run out off motions I'll try it out lmao.
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Haha, don't worry about it i appreciate it anyway! =)
It IS odd!!! But with all the strange things i read looking on internet, that seemed one of the LESS potentially harmful ones (lol) so i decided to give it a try, and hey, it worked! ^^
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Haha well thank you for the tip =D
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oh eff. whoops. I totally missed the memo at the top of the tutorial LOL. Nevermind! <3 Thanks for the tutorial though :'D
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I have a question, even though it's probably been asked before and/or answered in the tutorial itself, but can wigs that were styled into a spiked style be washed like this safely without losing its shape or do I have to restyle it after washing it?
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I hear cold water, hot water, blotting dry, drying inside out, letting it sit and drip etc.... what is true and what is personal preference? Does the water have to be murkey for the wig to be 'clean'? Do I have to wash it more than once? I have leave in detangler/conditioner spray. I said to spray evenly on a damp wig or inbetween washings. Does that mean I can spray it on the wig after it is dry? Do I have to wait for the conditioner to dry before I brush? I am so confused!
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my wigs gets REALLY matted, i strighten it and i wash it with shapoo
what do i do?
X KAt3
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This tutorial (with others' suggestions) just saved a synthetic wig I probably won't ever be able to replace. Thanks for sharing it with us!
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This has a lot of good advice! C: Just a note, though, when talking about being careful not to damage...the word you want is "undue", not "undo" C:
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Thank you again for your wonderful tutorials!
I love you! :love:
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This is a great tutorial! I don't care about lack of pictures... people should not complain. You provided us with pictorial examples of what we needed (the comb and not the brush, etc.). One question: how would you suggest storing a wig like the Scruffy from Cosworx? Here is a link: [link]
I want it to hold its shape, but it is sort of inbetween lengths -- too long to just fold up, to short to braid. Thanks so much!
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Do You Know Any Ways Of Detangling Wigs? My Long Black One Got Extremely Tangled After One Day Of Wearing D: No Worries If You Dont :)
And Now I Know How To Wash My Wig Too! :D :heart:
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