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Mini Tutorial: Steaming vinyl



Sorry if this doesn't help anybody, but I figured (as per the usual) that if it's something new to me, it might help someone else out a bit. So here is the mini tutorial on steaming wrinkles out of vinyl.

This tutorial is done with a garment steamer - I don't know how well this would work with an iron (if it even would) but if someone wants to give it a try with some scrap fabric, let me know the results please! Otherwise, I'll try it out some more the next time I'm working on a commission dealing with vinyl.

I'll have a couple more mini vinyl tutorials when I work on my next Shuichi commission, so hopefully that will help make a scary fabric to work with a little less scary :D

As per the usual, please don't say this is yours, or redistribute it without asking first. Please link people to this deviation instead :D
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I've just used the garment steamer and I find that it really helps to get out more wrinkles and even the stubborn ones while using an ironing board with the steamer on the wrong side of the vinyl. You may have to spend a lil more time with the stubborn wrinkles but with the steamer I have you can go right on the fabric like an iron. I have used an iron before on the lowest setting but I like the results with the steamer better :P