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Mini Tutorial: Quickie Ties

Since it was easy enough to do, this is the tie pattern I used to make the tie for my Sakura from Tsubasa outfit. You can make this any length you'd like, and like I said, this is really, really basic.

You'll have to add your own seam allowance around the pattern. 1/2" should be perfectly fine to add. If you need helps on doing that, let me know~

((sorry for the watermark, but I've seen too many pic tutorials on many sites without permission... I plan on putting a ton of longer, more detailed tutorials together in the future, so...))

Edit -- forgot the dots on where to sew the elastic ^^; Sorry!
Edit again -- changed a bit of the wording around to help a bit more, and added a few more notes (like what the different line types mean). Hope it makes a bit more sense - I dun know what was wrong with me when I was writing that one~
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So did you just cut out two patterns of the tie and sew them together, then flip them inside out?
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Yep! Exactly! :3
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You just saved me so  much time on my costume.  Thank you so much! 
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Hooray!! I'm so happy to have helped even a bit :3
I've been looking around on how to make a tie, and this is great <3
xD The elastic idea is so much easier than actually learning to tie a tie, considering I have /no/ experience with that at all... LOL.

Thanks so much for this~!
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:giggle: I know how to tie a tie, and I avoid doing it at all costs ;P It sucks, and especially for a cosplay outfit, it can be such a pain at times - you just wanna throw something on and go!

I'm happy to have been of help to you! :love:
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Do I use the pattern in full view to get the same size/shape as your Tsubasa link?

I'm using this for Liz and Patty Thompson (Soul Eater).
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Well, there is the information on how to draft it, and that is the same dimensions I used to make the Tsubasa one - I don't think it would be right if you just printed it out and used it that way, but the drafting is really easy :D
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Lol. Thanks! This will help me a lot!~
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*editing my previous comment* I just zoomed in on my screen and put my white fabric over and traced it. That's not very good for my screen though..

Also, the top curve fold, is that supposed to be cut out? Or is it only the rectangles?
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Great tutorial, thank you! This will help so much with future projects! :love:
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:glomp: I'm so happy to hear it!! :love:
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EEEE~! This is SO cool! I've really want to learn how to make a tie because I would love to try and cosplay Maka Albarn from Soul Eater one of these day and I am going to try and make my own cosplays~ Although, they will be a bit iffy cuz it they would be my first cosplays. ^^; Anyways, I love your tutorials! : D
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Oh! I just made the jacket, it's a pretty easy one! A really, really good first cosplay, actually, because the hardest part (the skirt, IMO) you can find in stores or online and just buy ;P

:glomp: Definitely a good one, though! And, there are plenty of patterns out there that would work for the jacket, too :D

If I can help at all, lemme know! :D
Cryna-chan's avatar
Ooh! I was planning on finding a pattern for a jacket too and I saw the jacket you had made which I thought was awesome as well (like all of your other handmade works~).
I will contact you if I have any questions! ^.^ Thank you!
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Awesome! I think our costume mistress for last year's musical used this pattern for the Wickersham brothers' ties. It looked fantastic!
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Awesome I needed to make a quick tie!

It looks so much easier now :D
taeliac's avatar
:glomp: I'm glad to hear it! It really isn't too bad to do, either :D If you need any help, tho, just lemme know!
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I think the only problem I will have is hand sewing -_-; one thing that I semi-dread I can just think about how many times I am going to poke myself with the needle XD
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Oh noes! :hug: I feel your paint, tho...

If hand sewing is a major irritation, there are a couple of really nice types of thimbles out there that can help immensely, so you can easily push the needle far enough through the fabric, that you can grab it out on the other side, instead of stabbing yourself ^^; I prefer the Clover quilting leather-type thimbles, or the silicone one's, too, but I can never wear those for a long time...
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Really? I never thought of using those.. one of my professers had alway's bitched at us for NOT being able to hand sew XD. But I will try tonight making a tie and then hand sewing it.

I have seen some of you costumes and they are amazing! I was like holy crap! totally awesomeness coming from one outfit! :D
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Oh! If you're going to do any sort of tailoring or hand sewing, you need to wear a thimble ~ otherwise, you'll rip a hole in your finger, making it useless for a good few days (and, when all you do is sew, that's detrimental!) Learning how to hand sew isn't too bad - usually, I just pop on the TV and just zone out (make sure you have good lighting, too) and it's not so bad :D
BijousCosplay's avatar
Alright that seems to make things a bit better XD

Thanks for the tips! I will make sure to post a pic of a sample tie after I get done with it ~_^
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Your wonderful tutorial has been featured here.[link]

Thank you for providing the gallery with such awesome Resources.:heart:
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