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Film Tutorial: Sewn Wefts

By taeliac
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Well, here it is - my second foray into video tutorials on cosplay techniques, and just as long as the first one.

Sorry, I do ramble in it, but there is so much you should know about wefts and synthetic hair and stuffs like that, that I can't help it. Even though it is rather long (16 minutes, I think...) it is worth it, as the technique is one that is easy to learn, but takes a lot of practice to get down. It really does.

So, I hope that this explains the process thoroughly.

I will be doing another tutorial, either video or picture, about how to sew in the wefts to a wig, but that is quite easy compared to this technique.

As always, please forgive a few things:

:pointr: 1. I still hate the sound of my voice. I just can't get beyond how horrible it sounds, but I think that's a normal thing that people think of their own voice.

:pointr: 2. That I get snarky at the end. Sorry - we all have different ways of doing things, some are right, some are wrong, and some are just dependent on how you do it.

:pointr: 3. It is long. Again. I just go on and on, sorry. I can't help it, I tried to keep this one brief (and, though I was successful... ha!) but it just didn't work out that way.

:pointr: 4. Again, if something goes out of sync - I don't know. I'm just using iMovie, and it works fine in anything but full screen, so.. please don't give me crap unless you can help me fix it ^_^;;

Anywho, again, as always, if you use this for something, I would appreciate it if you could link me - I really love it when someone shows me something that I helped out with (via tutorial or whatnot), I really, really do!

I do beg of you, though, please do not repost, redistribute or STEAL this tutorial.
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dvcomk's avatar
I don't work with those things.. but i watched the tutorials just because you explain in a so nice way that it makes think it's easy :)
auuudriana's avatar
thank you so much! I am making a Rapunzel wig which obviously is super long. I tried the caulk method but with so much it's shedding horribly. I'll post it when I'm finished.
padfootb3's avatar
Thank you for posting this! I've found that this technique works exceedingly well for doll hair, and has really improved my work in that regard.
dvcomk's avatar
You´re an artist :)
I like the way you do that..
DiachiKichouhin's avatar
where do you get your fibers to even begin to make wigs? (gotta have mats to work with)
Minogirl01's avatar
I'm sorry for the really stupid question, especially if it's already been asked, but you can't do this with real hair, can you? And if so, would you have to do anything different?
I a foot off of my hair back in may and have missed it ever since :cries: and have been wanting to make clip-in extensions with it. (Yes, I still have my hair, lol ;P) Do you think that would be possible with this technique? I think that all I would need to do is sew in the hair clips (with the right kind of thread, of course) and just arrange it from there but do you think it would work?

Please and thanks :) Sorry again for the stupid question :P
Tama-Victorian's avatar
Incredibly helpful!!! You seemed to mention every little thing that needed pointing out- most of them I had been wondering myself, so thank you!
ebony-n-hot-pockets's avatar
Wow, as someone who uses tracks and uses wigs I never realized the process that went into them.

Looking back I could have saved a lot of money by sewing tracks myself, loose human hair is so much cheaper than wefts in longer lengths!

I am very excited about your upcoming tutorial on sewing tracks into wigs, In this economy it would really help If I could do it cheaper!

Thank you so much for being on this site and sharing your knowledge with the rest of us, you're a real gem and I'm glad I happened across this video.

PS. Your other work is amazing too, in case you didn't notice lol.

FantasyStock's avatar
:star: This resource has been featured in the following article: September 2010 Resources DDs
contra-rawr's avatar
woah! @_@ thanks for making this, it's really helpful! :D and congrats on the DD! :D
bluenova25's avatar
:wow: i dont cosplay nore do i know how to use a sowing machine :XD: ^^; but i rly thought this tutorial was extremly useful ^^
:clap: keep up the great work ^^
Suri-ki's avatar
This/you is/are awesome! I've never even considered sewing a wig before, but you make it look so easy and fun, I might just try it! Thank you!
RestillHabb's avatar
I am so impressed! I love how helpful your tutorial is, and I am curious as to what a finished product would look like. I've never made a weft before, but this is incredibly useful for my love of costume-making. Thank you!!
PirateLotus-Stock's avatar
This was really great! I have no idea how to make a wig, but this part at least looks really easy, but would be difficult without explanation. I don't think the tut was too long; you explained everything nicely...I hate when people rush through things and you're still sitting there going "Wait...what?"

Thanks for sharing!
neokamatari's avatar
Very nice of you to do this.... ^_^ I make small plushies so it will be easier if I try this ^_^
Aberleigh's avatar
Congrats on the DD Taeliac :D
jackellice's avatar
oh spectacuawesome. I'm not in the DIY arts and craft movement but this is a pretty spiffy tutorial. thumbs up!
Degorram's avatar
Wow! What a helpful tutorial! Thank you so much for posting something that people who don't sew very often can also understand! :D I can't wait to see the continuation of this -- it may just tempt me to make my own wig someday! :3
Degorram's avatar
Wow! Thank you so much for not only posting a tutorial of this, but making it understandable to those of us who do not sew very very often!! :D This was great! I can't wait to see the tutorial about sewing the wefts together come out. This might tempt me to make my own wig one day.

The kitty was cute in the background too. X3
edgefan-talon's avatar
You are so awesome; I love your videos! Can't wait for the next one :)
khallix's avatar
congrats for the DD dear!! :hug:
ramikin's avatar
My goodness! This is WONDERFUL. If I wasn't so dirt poor and bogged down by study at them moment I would certainly give this a go. I've always wanted to make wigs...

Just a question though, Is there any sort of fake hair that you can get that doesn't melt? Or would that require buying human hair and colouring it?
fashioneyes's avatar
MissSouls's avatar
Thank you so much!
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