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Fakie Screen Printing Tutorial

By taeliac
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Once I learned how to do this, I just knew I'd have to make a tutorial out of it, because it's so much easier than I had ever thought it could be! I was so afraid of screen printing, but a friend (K8) assured me that it wasn't that bad when I'm doing it like this, and guess what? She's totally right!

So here, I thought I'd share it with you - maybe now you won't feel so afraid to do it. And become addicted to it (like me).

Where to buy the supplies:
- Contact paper can be boughten at Target for like $7/roll, but similar stores should carry it. The rolls last a lot longer than I expected!
- Screen printing ink: You may be able to find this at a lot of place, but I always buy mine from Artist and Display. If you don't have one near you, they do have an online store. It's a great place that's been absorbing all of my money lately :D
- All the other supplies can be boughten at somewhere like JoAnn Fabrics or the like, they're pretty easy to find.

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Just a note: Sorry for the watermark, but I'm still leary on things being used where I don't necessarily want them to be. All the photos in the tutorial are (c) me, except for the very last one, which awesome credit goes to Doll at

Feel free to link to this or whatnot, but please don't redistribute it without my consent.

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2007 Taeliac Studio/Samantha Lemieux ~
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Awesome, thanks for the tutorial!!
catfruitcup's avatar
Huh, I was always afraid to use contact paper since it can't be reused, but it really makes nice clean designs! Have you ever tried a brayer (not the crappy foam ones) instead of a stencil brush? I'm looking to save my wrists : ) Great tut-thank you!
MistressAine's avatar
This is an awesome tutorial. I usually try to go through all the comments before I ask a question but there are a lot of comments on this and I eventually gave up so I apologize if this has already been asked. I was wondering what kind of fabric you did this on. I am getting ready to make my Himawari and am using a lovely satin and am nervous about putting the contact paper on it and killing it. Thank you.
Peacherine's avatar
Thank you so much for always posting such helpful tutorials... although I didn't use the actual screenprinting ink (I used Jacquard Lumiere paint for a really nice metallic effect), I did find the contact paper stencil idea worked very well for all these birds on Sakura's kimono!  :)  [My mom and I work together on outfits... hers will be this one of Yuuko's, but I painted all the clouds by hand without stencils or anything.

I'll probably be making the same Yuuko outfit as yours in this tutorial in the coming year, so this technique will prove very handy again! Thank you so much for sharing~ :heart:
Peacherine's avatar
Doh!  found out my links don't work! so, anyway, Sakura's outfit is this: and Yuuko's outfit is this: :)
Ayosta's avatar
I have a question: Can you keep using the design?
RyokoYuuki's avatar
Would this work on pleather fabric?
taeliac's avatar
You know, I never thought of it, but I don't see why it wouldn't. I think the biggest issue would be it cracking off after a while, though, unless you sealed it with some sort of poly coating. I would test it out for you, but I don't have access to any of my studio stuff since we moved to Japan, sorry :( If you try it, though, please let me know how it turns out...
RyokoYuuki's avatar
Thank you, if I use this method I'll be sure to let you know. =)
chewynmunchy's avatar
Have you ever tried using white screen printing ink on black fabric before? I'm scared that I may have to put on multiple layers before I get the white to look opaque or that it might not even work *A*
Charlene-Art's avatar
You have been featured here: [link]
Charlene-Art's avatar
Contact paper... As in the transparent stuff you use to protect books? Sweet!
User1134's avatar
Thank You So Much For This Tutorial, I'm Actually Thinking of Persuing This, It Just Seems Costly....
gaming-goddess's avatar
Very nice tutorial, simple and easy to follow. Thanks for this :)
Soraoraoraora's avatar
Ohmyzombie, thankyou so, soooo much!
taeliac's avatar
Hehe, not a problem at all!! Lemme know if you use it in anything, I love seeing what people come up with!! :3
Soraoraoraora's avatar
I'll probably use it for an upcoming cosplay. Most likely Rhyme Bito from TWEWY.
inaligrimalkin's avatar
How well does this last? I know if you were to do this with fabric paint it will eventually crack as the fabric stretches, will the ink crack too or no?
taeliac's avatar
So far out of everything I've tried, this lasts the best. It doesn't really crack if you put it on thin enough - this kidn of allows the ink to "flex" a bit when you're wearing/using it, so thin coats are the way to go to avoid crackling.

However, if you're doing this on a really stretchy material (knit, spandex, etc) I think it would not be such a good idea - then it would more than likely pull. If that's the case, look into a fabric marker or dye pen - I think there's a brand called "Tee Juice" that I know a few people who've had good success with :3

((sorry if this makes no sense, cold drugs are kind of addling my brain ^^;))
inaligrimalkin's avatar
Awesome! It made sense don't worry
sasQ87's avatar
this's very useful....
thank u very much...=D
taeliac's avatar
Any time! I'm happy it's helpful to you! :love:
Dey-Chan's avatar
yay!! I was thinking to use contac paper but had my doubts, and when I was reading your tutorial I totally was impressed to see the cool results you got, I'm gonna try to do this one in a silly pic I did yesterday to use in a t-shirt.

Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge! :la:
taeliac's avatar
You definitely should try it! It's not the best - regular screen printing will help with more opaque layers of screen printing ink, but this definitely works if you're like me an a total doufus with the squeegee ;P

And I just can't stop staring at your avi and giggling :giggle:
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