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August 29, 2008
If you feel the process of screen printing has you baffled Fakie Screen Printing Tutorial by `taeliac is just the tutorial for you.It is not only comprehensive but easily explained with no fuss directions.It's uses are endless and you will soon find yourself printing your creative designs in no time at all.This is just one of many fabulous tutorials she had made available to us.
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Fakie Screen Printing Tutorial



Once I learned how to do this, I just knew I'd have to make a tutorial out of it, because it's so much easier than I had ever thought it could be! I was so afraid of screen printing, but a friend (K8) assured me that it wasn't that bad when I'm doing it like this, and guess what? She's totally right!

So here, I thought I'd share it with you - maybe now you won't feel so afraid to do it. And become addicted to it (like me).

Where to buy the supplies:
- Contact paper can be boughten at Target for like $7/roll, but similar stores should carry it. The rolls last a lot longer than I expected!
- Screen printing ink: You may be able to find this at a lot of place, but I always buy mine from Artist and Display. If you don't have one near you, they do have an online store. It's a great place that's been absorbing all of my money lately :D
- All the other supplies can be boughten at somewhere like JoAnn Fabrics or the like, they're pretty easy to find.

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Just a note: Sorry for the watermark, but I'm still leary on things being used where I don't necessarily want them to be. All the photos in the tutorial are (c) me, except for the very last one, which awesome credit goes to Doll at AetasPhotography.net.

Feel free to link to this or whatnot, but please don't redistribute it without my consent.

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Awesome, thanks for the tutorial!!