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My Bio
I'm a sewing maniac, who is willing to sew just about anything (cosplay or otherwise) you could throw at me!

:star: I'm currently residing in Japan with my wonderful husband :star:
I'm not working on cosplay commissions at the moment, nor much sewing apart from small personal projects (purses and jewelry, more than anything) due to only having one (I know, right?!) sewing machine with me, and no dress forms or even room to work!

So, for the time being, I am simply existing, getting over some crippling mental health issues, and snapping pictures every chance I get.

I graduated with a BFA in Costume Production in the Spring of 2008. I had created my own costume and cosplay studio, Taeliac Studio,
way back in 2002, which I ran with my husband until we moved to Japan in fall of 2012. We specialized in custom cosplay pieces, and won numerous awards for our work throughout the US. Since moving to Japan, it is incredibly difficult to get your hands on good fabric, and until very recently, we didn't have the room for me to even consider sewing. Now that there is a bit of space (seriously, Japanese apartments are small), I have slowly dipped my toes back into making things, while juggling life, 2 cats 3 cats, mastering Japanese, and dealing with a few major health problems.

Favourite Writers
Terry Pratchett, Anne McCaffrey, Douglas Adams, HP Lovecraft, George R.R. Martin
Favourite Games
Tabletop RPGs, or nigh anything with the Final Fantasy logo slapped onto it. Also, Pokemon, because... Pokemon.
Favourite Gaming Platform
The always pocket friendly 3DS
Tools of the Trade
Sewing machine, pins, thread, brown paper, muslin, lots & lots of fabric
Other Interests
Photographing everything possible. Sleep. More pictures. How about some sleep? Beading is fun, too. But sleep is the best.

Its fall!

3 min read
Happy Fall everyone! So, I’ve been doing a lot better lately. I’ve had a medicine change that is helping a bit, and the weather is *finally* cooling off here. My hair has grown out, and I need a haircut, but this is more proof that I’m not dead yet! I've been drawing like mad. It is still amazing me how much, and how fast, I’m coming up with ideas. I should just flood you all with art to catch up, I can’t even keep up posting them on Instagram I’m making them so fast. my main issue now is finding places here in Japan to sell my works. I’m looking at having stickers and charms made of my teacup cats (have I even uploaded those here?! I don’t think so 😯) that have been dressed for holidays. I made 3 different Halloween ones, and nearly a dozen Christmas ones, but it’s so weird. So, in the US, I was used to being able to find craft or art shows pretty easily online, and if those were hard to find, even word of mouth got me there. Even conventions. And I’m used to having to know (and
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A kitsune (狐) is a creature of Japanese folktales, that serve as faithful guardians and messengers of the goddess Inari Okami (稲荷大神). She is the goddess of foxes, fertility, rice, tea, and sake, as well as agriculture and industry. They usually appea... https://www.deviantart.com/taeliac/art/Kitsune-love-811289189
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3! 3 new designs done in less than a week! Holy hell, I’m on a roll! All Japan inspired, because I’ve come to realize that there is a lot of inspiration I take for granted being here so long. So, starting with my fav things - Shintō Shrines (and of c...
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Hope your birthday has been an excellent one. ^_^
Happy Birthday to you!!!! 
Kirby Icons (Cake!) Kirby Icons (Cake!) Kirby Icons (Cake!) 
Happy Birthday! :D (Big Grin) Party Have your cake and eat it too Party :D (Big Grin)
An happy Birthday to you :hug:Eating Collection.6 Eating Collection.6 Eating Collection.6 
Hey, just wanted to say thanks for your yukata tutorial. I wanted to make a nursing robe for a friend and I thought a yukata would be perfect because she likes Japan =). Your instructions are nice, so thank you!