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This is one of my favorite designs I did on the project, though the illustration itself is the least finished (since there's no environmental background). Even though these were meant to just be character designs, I may go back and add a real environment to the piece later, just so it doesn't feel so left out of the series.
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Hermes Messenger God of the Roads and all that travel them also apparently the God of awesome hats, staffs, and boots.

Great job on this picture really captured his traveler style.
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Wonderful! Just as I would imagine him.
Wonderful work!
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Great Drawing, nice touch that you include a backpack.
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Your art's been stolen.

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Love his expression. Very like all versions of Hermes I've read about.
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The cadeceus looks awesome..
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the shoes look different yet nice
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Excellent design (especially love the hat).
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I love this. 8D One of the best, I think. Great work.
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that's an uber hat :3
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Do you mind if I use this pic in an rp group? I'll totally credit you (:
his smile and the shoes are great!
Wohhooo - real cool man!
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This is spectacular! I love every detail of it!
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I like the smile on his face.
Dousnt he weild some staff Apollo gave him?
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Yes, that's the caduceus. It's the thing he's holding in his hand with the two snakes and wings on it.
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:dance: I can't even tell you how much I enjoy this. The Hermes character you have here has so much personality, it's incredible. You can definitely tell that he's a rebel, and a trickster. I particularly love the shoes and hat, and that sly smile he has on his face. It's great.
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