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The God of the dead and the underworld, as well as riches and material things. Pretty self-explanatory I suppose.
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Hey dude I find you extreme skilled.I with one friend have come up with a plot , however we can't draw so we are looking for an artist. If you are interested in making around 90 euros per chapter (1 every month) please contact these email adresses               or   

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Just incredible, especially the helmet, really good
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i get the feeling that this is one very troubled soul
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This is really incredible! Great work!
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I just wanted to let you know that this piece had been featured in my journal
Have a nice day :iconpinkballoonplz:
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No one knows what its like to be hades
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Really epic! :O
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I like his *awesome* helm of darkness
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it's helmet's cool
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I actually used this image awhile back in a school presentation on the Greek Gods (guess who my favorite is!), so while I was not actually able to give you the credit you deserve for this picture during the presentation, I just wanted to express my sincere gratitude for making it and my admiration of your ability!
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Your amazing Hades art is featured in my group Castiel And Friends journal: [link] Do join my group as well, thanks :)
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He looks amazing, his outfit is incredible.
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this is interesting
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Holy crap!!
amazing pic, love it and btw do u know this pic is featured in a book?
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I love how you included the two pronged fork, or Dikrannon. It's an often overlooked part of Hades' symbology.
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nice interpritation
loving the depictionof this god...
epic awsome great running out of words to describe it
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This is creeeeepy. Good work. 8D
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